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There's so many different worlds, so many different suns. And we have just one world, but we live in different ones ~Brothers in Arms, Dire Straits

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@confused_bookat Well said!I personally bank with them and can say that the service provided by Seylan (especially the Wellawatte branch) is p… @mannallity Which is the best brand of local chocolate ice creams (including the variants such as chocolate chip and so on)?y’all know this stance, what are we naming him?
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Reminded of how painfully beautifully articulate this by @RudyFrancisco today. #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by Zalmi FazeelPoliticians who invest their #Black Money for propaganda during elections will help boost the ailing economy says F…
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel @aisha_wut Oh. Hope it’s nothing serious.Reminder that if you are facing harassment or violence online (or even offline for that matter) you can reach out t…
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In response to an incident involving an employee on May 25th, Franklin Templeton issued the following statement.
Retweeted by Zalmi FazeelProud to have this in my front yard
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel @dialoglk Yes to both questions @dialoglk since your system upgrade Geni has really slowed down - both on WiFi and 4G. What’s happened to your app that worked so well.Verified ✅ Need A+ blood on 27th May 2020. An elderly patient having an open heart surgery on 27th May 2020 tomorr…
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel @mannallity There weren’t any three wheelers in 1983 were there?
That time a white American conservative was put back in his place by Nelson Mandela after asking a stupid question.
Retweeted by Zalmi FazeelThis brother helping his sister get buckets is definitely the Twitter content I’m here for...🌎❤️🏀❤️
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel @carlwheezersbby When Steven Colbert visited New Zealand she herself drove to the airport in a Hyundai to pick him… do people hide love.. but express hatred so openly?
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel @munza14 @Shan27960472 @MarianneDavid24 Ideally the funds should be placed in a fixed deposit. She will have some income flowing in from it @cabinetofficeuk This one?
Retweeted by Zalmi FazeelMedia in #SriLanka named & shamed a poor village girl who tried to commit suicide. However, the same media decides…
Retweeted by Zalmi FazeelThe best view ever ... Credit: NASA/ISS
Retweeted by Zalmi FazeelPls sign up for eye donation 🙏♥️ #lka
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@FriendsSriLanka Watch live: PM Boris Johnson hosts the daily coronavirus news briefing, as a growing number of MPs…
Retweeted by Zalmi FazeelArchie Williams served 37 years for a crime he didn't commit. Exonerated due to new evidence with help of…
Retweeted by Zalmi FazeelWe've crossed RS. 1 MILLION! UPDATE: Total raised so far: Rs. 1,049,900 #everylittlecounts ♥️🕯
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel @MarianneDavid24 Yes!!! Was waiting for this tweet!!!! @SriLankaTelecom Can you please allow Extra GB purchased data to not have an expiry date. It’s not fair that we buy… want this lady as an MP of our next parliament please!! @MarianneDavid24 This is amazing Marianne.This is Archie Williams. I will never forget this audition for the rest of my life. And I’ll never listen to this s…
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel @aisha_wut Wow! This brings a tear to my eye and also memories of a different life my mom, sister and I had after m… now we've crossed 900k, in the last hour or so! UPDATE: Total raised so far: Rs. 911,900 #everylittlecounts ♥️🕯
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@elonmusk And see if you can spot the moon so that we can celebrate Eid on Sunday in Sri Lanka @TheGrumpyLankan Love this. Gonna copy it!! @KumarSanga2 @AzzamAmeen @MarianneDavid24 The amount raised so far is now over 750,000!!!!! @zafran_z @munza14 If they did that we all will have Eid in one day!!😂 @lnwsrilanka Some statistics on the people tested will be useful. For example age group, localities etcUPDATE: Total raised so far: Rs. 543,500 #everylittlecounts ♥️🕯
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel @AriffShihab Is this true?? @LalSiri @ItsYakin You might be able to order it where you live. Ask for Kidu @ItsYakin Totally agree!!!! Far better than biriyani!Please start buying. Veg and fruits from thelas. Ice creams from mobile carts. Subscribe to Newspapers. Even if u d…
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel @RT_com @washingtonpost In 17-year-old Sri Lankan housemaid Rizana Nafeek's case, there was no such pardon though a…
Retweeted by Zalmi FazeelWould like info on Sinhala n Tamil speech to text apps & screen readers - What are they? how well do they work? Wha…
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@NASA More pics like this please!!! 😀UPDATE: Total raised so far: Rs. 403,000 #everylittlecounts ♥️🕯
Retweeted by Zalmi FazeelAlteration of the Sri Lankan flag in this manner where they cut-off the stripes that represents other religions is…
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel @KumarSanga2 @AzzamAmeen Might help a lot @KumarSanga2 if you could retweet this. @MarianneDavid24 has started a fu… want to take a moment and thank all those private businesses who have paid their employees in #SriLanka with zero…
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel @Shan27960472 @MarianneDavid24 Yes @MarianneDavid24 Thanks so much for kicking this off 🤗. Would love.It's a welcome relief to hear a field expert like @MahelaJay speaking with facts and figures and makes one wonder -…
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel @aselawaid 😂😂😂😂A 28 year "Muslim" boy jumped into the Kotmale reservoir and saved the life of a 22 year old "Singhalese" girl. The…
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel @AzzamAmeen And then we have an island wife curfew on Sunday and Monday?Rizwan lays down his life in an attempt to save a person from drowning. Can we please recognise him as a hero. Or are we shy to do so?
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel @Nikshazz This is a very powerful message. :( @Pineapples_xxx One way to avoid this is to get every single adult to have a bank account. @dialoglk hi. How do I change the language of the sms I get from you? I get them in Sinhala and would like to have… the first time Hiru TV didn’t mention the ethnicity. Was it because it was a heroic act? Would they have d…
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To everyone who loves cricket. It’s a couple of minutes. And Stephen Fry narrates it. The Wait via @ECB_cricket
Retweeted by Zalmi FazeelI think Apple Music should be free for Apple users....
Retweeted by Zalmi FazeelThis picture is for those who are planning to build a fully-fledged International Cricket stadium with a view to ac…
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel @Avishkaper8 @nimalhperera Noooo. They should retire when 50 and let the younger generations take over. We need to… @Avishkaper8 @nimalhperera A politician maturing? That’s an oxymoron!!! @nimalhperera We need a mandatory retirement age for politicians!! This should be 50.Which swab was it @NYGovCuomo ?
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This pandemic will hopefully mark the end of the perversion of higher education. Since the 1980s, kids and parent…
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel @notpotbrownie Try shutting down and restarting the phone @MarianneDavid24 Sadly this is the standard of education we have at our schools today. We churn out people who aren… #TAIRP
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel @schoonerz @Hiracious Ask Trump. He will say China!! @JoeBiden He does doesn’t he? He has the space force 😛 @nuuuwan So true but sadly this is not the case. See the status of the preachers no matter what the religion or sec…
Dr Bandula and @OfficialSLC better clarify this. Bandula said at special press that “Not a cent of tax payer money…
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel @aruni_t And sadly this all starts from grade one in school. If only our schools weren’t segregated by religion or… says hackers have accessed the email and travel details of around nine million customers and the credit car…
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel @saasha49421061 @AzzamAmeen Then why do we change the workers the insurance payment? We harass the workers at the a… @AzzamAmeen Is this being paid for by the SLFEB or by the Kuwaiti government?
@AzzamAmeen Here is your opportunity PB to send a “ Official” request on official letter head to donate the entire…
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel @AzzamAmeen The government should impose a massive tax on Sri Lanka cricket that case!
@JimKilbane I’d use a better quality camera.Damn. The Prime Minister of Belgium visited a hospital, and was greeted like this 👇🏻
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@RachelH94559094 That’s an amazing pic. Loved it.I am the Democrat running against Republican Kevin McCarthy. I am a United States Air Force Veteran. And I am answe…
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Nas is Muslim. Just saying. You know, to remind you to be consistent in your Muslim hatred.
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel. Still on legal action, how many #lka racists who attacked Muslim shops, homes & mosques in broad daylight (often…
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@Roseandfalcon @munza14 @Facebook @Roseandfalcon ❤️🤗THE OFF SPINNING BALL OF THE CENTURY 🎾🌪️ I bet you haven't seen this before! I have got many request to upload this…
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel @milindarj @munza14 @GotabayaR @PresRajapaksa @AFPFactCheck @RajapaksaNamal @charith9 @amilaik @AzzamAmeen needed Urgent: There is a need for O negative blood for surgery tmrw. pls contact 0777660402. Thushi.
Retweeted by Zalmi FazeelA thread on the arbitrary enforcement of the law. When regulations are not specific, not from the proper authority…
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel @NASAhistory @Flickr Would be great to see the entire globe covered with pics like this
@welikalaa @ChandaniKirinde 😂😂👍👍 @Cokroach I talked to a three wheel driver who operates in Wellawatte and he said this morning police came to their…
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel3/When he was asked who had authorized him to do this, he didn't respond. We then called MOH who said they hadn't a…
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Defense Ministry warns of ransom demands taking place using mobile cash transfer systems specially using the Easter…
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Today we saw the highest number of CoViD recoveries the country had seen in a single day. I've been working in a sp…
Retweeted by Zalmi Fazeel[Not a paid endorsement] Thank you @PickMeLK for stepping up your home delivery services in recent wks as #lka was…
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