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New Zealand Has Just 1 Death from Coronavirus After Quickly Enforcing Full Lockdown
Retweeted by Zhunnnastep 1: root chakra. repeatedly target compare & harass humans based on finances physical appearance & sex step 2…
Retweeted by ZhunnnaI wish grandparents lasted forever ....
Retweeted by Zhunnna @musicsince_1994 lol possibly. I’ve never beenThe vegan tacos I made were so good. Can’t wait to eat them again tonightI need someone to break down the Tarot cards from a bootleg reading I got from a friend a while ago lol @LDAWN1_ Damn I helllllla forgot 😂 we talked about that weeks ago.I feel attacked 😂 stop dropping opened/exposed food off on the corner as a means of distribution to the houseless.
Retweeted by ZhunnnaMy sister keeps making these bomb ass grilled cheeses 🥴 I just be tryna live a healthy, heavy on the veggies lifest… week, Oakland Unified teachers came back from their spring break without having a solid plan to support studen…
Retweeted by ZhunnnaMya is on live singing down.
Retweeted by ZhunnnaWhere are all these hiking tails people are going to? (Not lake Chabot)I made it to Trader Joe’s 😌
To summarize: We are in the midst of a pandemic. GOP wants to hold elections anyway. Black ppl are dying at disprop…
Retweeted by Zhunnna @NonchalantRod I was gonna say September 😂This isn’t gonna be over til like JulyYh he has PTSD, flinching when she moves😂
Retweeted by ZhunnnaSeems like all I’ve been doing is swiping up to clear these live notifications on Instagram🙄It’s easy to drink damn near everyday being in the house with nothing to do so I’ve limited to only drinking on the… everyone had their vitamins today?! I took my iron, probiotics, and B12Imma just focus on me
Retweeted by Zhunnna @TwanvstheWorld 😂 you don’t count, you’re fineI really don’t like living with other people lol
Hopefully I can make it to Drakes in Oakland this summer. I’ve been waiting to sit outside under some sun @emanisosa LitchrillyWasted Times is one of my favorite songs by The Weeknd and I think that’s why I like Too Late so much because they sound similar. @LDAWN1_ Lmaoo I know and I didn’t even think about it until afterwards @musicsince_1994 I know 💀💀💀White people get in a packed elevator and say “woah it’s a party in here” 😭😭
Retweeted by Zhunnnacan some romantic shit happen to me for fucks sake
Retweeted by Zhunnname thinking about all the trips i planned on taking
Retweeted by Zhunnna @NonchalantRod I swear 😂😂 @Nillabeanshawni I know that now 😂Still can’t believe im now an avacado eaterHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Retweeted by Zhunnnawhen i say “beauty supply store” im never talking about fucking sally’s
Retweeted by Zhunnna @A_Flawed_King Lol i would’ve loved to do it if I had it like that 😂 @__therealone_ 😂😂😂 can’t afford thatYes. This. At Dolores Park
@A_Flawed_King LMAOOO WHEN I TELL YOU THIS WAS MY EXACT REACTION 😂😂 the guy working was cracking upThe person in front of me paid for me and my sisters In n Out yesterday. It was so sweet and the person in front of… when the Black nurse said the same thing y'all wanted her license revoked 🙃🙃
Retweeted by Zhunnna @AlannaDoe25 Damn I know not to go in the morning now because I was gonna try that on like a Tuesday or Wednesday @nayloveeee Literally🥺 I pass by just to see the line and every time I’m like no.. and they close at 7 now so that’s even worse @AlannaDoe25 Seriously, and I’m not waiting in thatI usually go to grocery stores like 2/3 times a week but now I can’t go as often because of the obvious and it’s st… @musicsince_1994 Yesss I will!! @Nillabeanshawni I guess lol because my auntie drinks it and I think that’s all she can handle 😂 @BossShitKourt I did that last night lol because it really does taste like juice 😂 @Mr_GetFamiliar No seriously 😂 @musicsince_1994 Easy lol I made it. A little too strong 🥴😂 I didn’t have the correct bitters but I’m gonna buy some! Thank you!Who tf just drinks Stella Rosa on its own. It’s 5% ALC. Pointless. I need wine 13.5% or higher😂 @GoonboyJosh Lmafooo of course you would say that! @zhunnna Mix them all into a cup. Chug
Retweeted by Zhunnna @musicsince_1994 Lol A regular. Idk if I have what I need to make it spiced @musicsince_1994 Yes walk me through it lol @revaewzil I tried it but I only had Stella Rosa Black and it’s actually pretty good but I’m gonna try it again wit… @musicsince_1994 Lmao that actually sounds bomb @l_monay That’s Definitely going on the list! Thank you @revaewzil That sounds a great! I have Stella Rosa which I believe is semi sparkling wine ?🤔What kind of drink should I make tonight? I have Patron, Jameson, Tito’s, Grand Marnier, and other off brand liquor… @musicsince_1994 💀💀💀 @musicsince_1994 I think I’ve had it lol just not sure if I liked it or not @zoo_los510 Where do you buy them? @musicsince_1994 I’ve had Casamigos it was kinda strong 🥴 I’ll have to revisit it and the other one you suggested @musicsince_1994 That basically what I did today 😂 @musicsince_1994 lmao so the age group?! @simply_saucey I’m deadass 😂😂
I know we're facing particularly tough times, but I wanted to briefly share some good news about our campaign: The…
Retweeted by ZhunnnaI’m trying to figure out if 8-11 year olds are annoying as fuck or is it just my moms bf 2 sons 🤔#Libras live in they're own world�
Retweeted by ZhunnnaI don’t get it where is this money going? Who’s pockets ? People are loosing jobs by the millions why don’t they g…
Retweeted by Zhunnna @musicsince_1994 Lol still wasn’t about to wait😂 I was hungry @zoo_los510 I like that one @emanisosa Best aisle lol. An unorganized, lopsided stack of amazingness. I miss it dearlyAri Lennox is the best lol
Retweeted by Zhunnna106 & Park should be on streaming servicesWhat’s y’all favorite tequila?I made a tequila sunrise and fucked it up lolJust bought all the shit to make my dinner just to realize it has to go in the crockpot for 4/5 hours🙄🙄🙄 I’ll be making that tomorrow
Happy I forced myself to wake up before 9am. These past couple weeks been getting up at 11/12. Definitely not the habits I want rnI was wondering why all these soulful ass songs were coming from my neighbors house and I forgot he got a new black… utilizing Disney plus and watched Tangled and Big Hero 6 for the first time. Both were goodCapitalist logic is so engrained in some of your personalities that you really think people need to be finding ways…
Retweeted by ZhunnnaThere's a speed camera lottery in Stockholm, Sweden where drivers who drive at or under the speed limit are entered…
Retweeted by ZhunnnaI haven’t online shopped in about a year (Amazon doesn’t count). I think it’s timeBrent Faiyaz’s voice vs his lyrics
Retweeted by ZhunnnaI want some ice cream cake 🥴Ok THIS IS EVERYTHING ❤ My heart can't 😭
Retweeted by ZhunnnaLol now why would they put Kim and Kourtney in the club like this 😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by ZhunnnaI love going through my snapchat memories lmaoooo, always wild and they’re like never ending. I see new ones, some… @A_Flawed_King 😂😂😂 get it together!All I wanna eat is cereal and top ramen, but I haven’t been.....Ive been making sure to eat freshly cooked food....
Florida's Stay-At-Home Order Exempts Public Gatherings for Religious Services
Retweeted by ZhunnnaThe first person in Britain to be arrested and convicted under the Coronavirus Act is a Black woman. Arrested and f…
Retweeted by Zhunnna @allmightykait Omg noooo 😭By the time we’re able to really go out again it’s gonna be getting dark at 4pm lol
So NOBODY told me that @charlidamelio went on @FallonTonight teaching MY dance challenge incorrectly. NOW this is C…
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