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zibi @zibijamal Bangalore, India

“Let us temper our criticism with kindness. None of us comes fully equipped,” Carl Sagan

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@leofsaldanha Little hard to miss! 😄 @fayedsouza Editor’s Note on Kerala. 🤣 @chaturap It’s a good reminder.Had a very touching experience this morning. Pranav, a painter from Alathur, visited me in the Legislative office t…
Retweeted by zibi @Shayonnita15 @opdroid1234 The world is cruel enough, need to escape once in a while. :(. Looking forward to her side of the story now! @theBekku Also, had to bolt after your session. Again, missed saying hi. Next time. @theBekku It was! Got the last 15 min of the session. Well done, your excitement & passion for SFF was palpable :)I’ve seen many interviews with billionaires about the candidacies of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Has anyo…
Retweeted by zibi @Shravanbhat @richardbranson @BransonCentreSA @virginactiveSA Have seen this GIF often, this is one of the most appropriate times. 👍🤦‍♀️ yes.
"However, lest I be cast as a meek housewife who cannot speak for herself, I would like to make the following state…
Retweeted by zibiDear @Twitter, @TwitterIndia, @TwitterSupport, @jack, and whoever else I may have missed out: Either suspend this…
Retweeted by zibi#mistake the questioning is tough and on point. The answer, terrible. This will not be forgiven or forgotten. Ful… @Karan_Singhs @WSJ @nytimes @nytvideo Congratulations! @boschindia hi! I bought a washing machine on Friday. Was promised delivery within a week. Since then, I have had n…, surprised & amused to stumble across this word in @thenewsminute. Growing up, the adults used to… @saffrontrail Ah. I had to google #opos. The argument is bizarre. @leofsaldanha The ad makes it even more surreal! @saffrontrail 🤣 that's a new one. Man, the intolerance is real. @Aritra_7 Darn. And of course, the murdered person brought it on themselves, the students said.
@sidin Udayan Mukherjee, Death in the HimalayasWant to make people care about the climate crisis? Stop using images of dying polars bears
Retweeted by zibiFascinating 1993 interview of former court-appointed priest in Ayodhya's disputed site (and one of VHP's fiercest c…
Retweeted by zibi @akm1410 Fascinating. Lays it bare.Picked this up from #blrlitfest yesterday. Something I could do, given what is going on. #OCI #PIO @AatishTaseer #whyilovetwitter @WengerYears 😥 it did seem too fantastical for a whale to play fetch. #HvaldimirThread. The biases that creep in, stay. And credit. code bias. Tech isn’t gender or color blind.
@saffrontrail Why not I say. There is so much negativity, at least this is brainless fun. Also, that sriracha sauce must have burned!!! @tarauk The more important question is, why. @theBekku Ayyo yes. Will try for sure. @theBekku Yet to decide. Too bad I missed saying hi!Ornit Shani wins the Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay NIF Book Prize 2019! Here's Ornit with the members of the jury…
Retweeted by zibi @meerak Clearly 10 are not enough. Nobody knows what’s happening ;)PHOTO GALLERY: Fires that started in coal pits in eastern India are still burning after more than a century, spewin…
Retweeted by zibi @WengerYears Perspective :)Full house at the #BlrLitFest2019 Sultry day, interesting conversations. @Utopiandevil @vidya_balan Indeed! Do share after you find out. @Utopiandevil @vidya_balan Puri powered! 🤣 oh man, the famous jugaad. @Utopiandevil @vidya_balan Does seem surprising, but one never knows what the final movie will look like? Want to g… @malabartearoom laughed out loud at some points, & also imagining the hilarity that ensued after this pronouncement…
Don’t miss the bus! If you want to fix Benglauru - insightful thoughts from a veteran bus user and civic activist…
Retweeted by zibi @Sayroy @Utopiandevil The women of ISRO deserve a movie in their own right. They are such trailblazers. Wish they… @Utopiandevil That bad huh. What a wasted opp. @amithpr 😂 didn’t read too well 😬 @amithpr Bhutan? @Utopiandevil Was worried about that, stayed away. :)Google "Who discovered Ebola?" and you get a bunch of names — all of them white Western males. Dr. Jean Jacques Muy…
Retweeted by zibi @noorainee @HRDMinistry Regressing fast. @BLRrocKS @pushkarv @Ananthaforu @AshwiniMS_TNIE Too fast for them ;) @pushkarv @Ananthaforu @AshwiniMS_TNIE @BLRrocKS What happens when someone takes out all the 8 screws? @elangk Mastodon, Telegram afaik
@vmvignesh How cute are they! And the meeting, democratic, respectful and full of dignity with everybody who wanted… @elangk Which does not have any sizeable followers as yet. For folks who need to get big numbers, problematic. @tarauk I think he is brilliant. He is literally telling them to prove it by giving him a gold loan. @WengerYears oh this is a self goal. @murali772 @srinualavilli @BSYBJP @BBPVedike @citizensforblr @BMTC_BENGALURU @tarauk @vinaysreeni @yogeeshgp the science also says it’s better! Take public transport! low cost #airpollution measurement network ( was critical is gauging the situation at G… @tssridhara @srinualavilli @BSYBJP @BBPVedike @citizensforblr @BMTC_BENGALURU @tarauk @vinaysreeni @yogeeshgp @srinualavilli @BSYBJP @BBPVedike @citizensforblr @BMTC_BENGALURU @tarauk @vinaysreeni @yogeeshgp @Suraj__Chhabria @tinuroy @helpgnrgarden @BMTC_BENGALURU Same!
@umaramaiyer @BMTC_BENGALURU Hear hear. The bus is cool.This is pure evil. Xi Jinping is an absolute monster and must be dethroned.
Retweeted by zibi @saffrontrail Powerful writing there! @razic333 @WFRising @BMTC_BENGALURU You miss the point. We can all be. If we start using public transport & reducin… @rkgarg9 @WFRising @BMTC_BENGALURU Why? I don’t need to convince :) @hemmigepura Domlur to EPIP / Whitefield. 335E route. @KrisBglr @WFRising @BMTC_BENGALURU It’s a chicken & egg situation. Imagine if the #BusPriorityLane works, more peo… @Mailpradeepks @BMTC_BENGALURU 335E @imharsh It never lasts, does it. @HennurBlr @WFRising @BMTC_BENGALURU @bounceshare Yes! That’s a good one. I have done the metro feeder / bus too. Worked really well. @vishyns @WFRising @BMTC_BENGALURU Yes! Rs 63 for me, as opposed to Rs 350+. And got little bit of walking included. Win win.Is she like the #Rasputin of the Trump presidency. @Bhawna_Sharma :). Today is the day. @WengerYears @BMTC_BENGALURU Whitefield to Domlur. It’s not near. I make it work. That said, it possibly will not… pitch for public transport/@BMTC_BENGALURU Am a fan, & it’s my preferred transport from Whitefield. Today. Le… @saffrontrail @Mint_Lounge This is the secret I was waiting to find out :) @bharathjoshi @siddaramaiah @BSYBJP So much shade. 😂Eyes also. need not be one or the other, can have both. @EnvDefenseFund One of the oft repeated excuses given during the… @Joshi_Aar @BangaloreMirror It’s bewildering, the near constant urge to destroy & build over whatever little open s… can you make a career in social impact? Here @careersinimpact (a Sattva initiative) breaks down the ‘Whats’ –…
Retweeted by zibiPls help find Copper. #MissingPony @Mo_Nash_ 😂 @imharsh How long do we allow us to be taken for a ride?
How fragile is the ego. One wonders. @saffrontrail Looks like there is a competition going on in the world. @tvmahalingam Woah! All the best! :)
@umaramaiyer @NPratapneni Super! @umaramaiyer Got it. Would be great to get it signed by your dad, when he visits! And a discourse if possible! Mayb… know this. For sure. The perfect semi stretch cotton T. Not too clingy, but yet does not ride up when you are exe… @imharsh Yikes, how can one be so tone deaf.An ode to experiences. Nostalgia & romance of small spaces. Thanks for sharing @nmenezesET! best time for suburban trains in Benglauru, was 30 years ago. The next be…
Retweeted by zibi @srinualavilli @citizensforblr Aye Aye. The city desperately needs this. Astonishing that in spite of having a rail… @shahnazb Haha! And a teeth guard ;) @s_cidambi @saffrontrail 🙏🏽 The website covers the Whitefield area pretty well. 13 sensors here. @shahnazb So much, I understand. With a wince.