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#VR streamer & critic (6+ yrs) | Live 9pm UK Tue-Thu-Fri-Sun | YouTube: 2.9k | Twitch: 14k | 1,000+ VR reviews | FReality producer | Email:

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On the rare occasion, Satan talks straight through me. Tonight's show is going to be FUBA… @MTakeshi763 Dude, I already bought several booster boxes a few years ago. Wasn't so bad, like. I mean, it's a… @AlzzlA @OXIOXIForever I felt the same at first sight a few weeks ago. But it's grown on me and in person it's actually pre… @AlzzlA Striking Vipers, eh. Sure, dude. What time? 😘
Karen had a baby and it inspired me. My delivery date is tomorrow. Nobody unboxes like el Zimmo! @JadeKVR @recroom No better gal! @worksalt They will get the phone number of your mistress and royally f*** up your life. (I don't honestly know th… @ninjaholic Cheers, Ninj! A fantastic little familiar and she's named after a Left 4 Dead character to boot. 😺 @VRBugStream @Buck3131 @germanrifter The Vive had a lunar appeal. @germanrifter If the force is strong with this one! @germanrifter If you've ever had a Vive arrive ... Like some unwelcome cousin who takes up too much room ... You'll… @Marcus_INVR It doesn't seem malleable like clay. Impressions aren't sticking. I may try an impression of my bust. @DanJosephsG The box is very uncomfortable when strapped to your face with a men's belt. I don't recommend that wa… @ParadiseDecay Ditto, PD! I had no idea it was coming this soon. Glad to see you got yours, mate. 🤘Hot damn, that's a cool box. So lean and smaller than I thought it would be! Zoey is gonna fight me for it.
For the record, @Emrayla veto'ed this image weeks ago. So, that's why I waited until now to release the beast. Sq… possibilities for Zoom calls is endless! Windows: Added Virtual Camera, allowing you to use the OBS output as… @Rowdy_Guy @vr_oasis Great shot, lads. @MartinRisbyVR @eminus @dr_oculus I'm still going through 15 rolls I picked up in a closing down sale 5 years ago.…
@dr_oculus @MartinRisbyVR There is no line. Blue Tack may or may not have significantly enhanced the delivery of o…
Let me learn you some education, wannabe #VR pilots: How to play VTOL properly, in 3 simple steps. 3 hours just sleeping tonight on stream. Couldn't be arsed actually doing anything interesting. I've offici… @Bounty_V Demo downloaded for next time, cheers Jon!The hunt for #VR indie gems ... is LIVE 🌋 @MartinRisbyVR to some Indies tonight! 🤘 @CMDannCA Nice one! @NathieVR If memory serves, in the U.S., that cloth had to be recalled/replaced because it was scratching DK2 lense… in the feels. must go back!! Jeez this sounds like a real treat. @firegold21 @SpaceBulletCorp Thanks a tonne!
@Buck3131 @vr_sam Compromise /ˈkɒmprəmʌɪz/ Verb To expediently accept standards that are lower than is desirable. @vr_sam I say compromise and go for Ready Player One.🚨 Join us on the #FReality VR Podcast live in just over an hour with special guest Shabby from First Contact Entert…
Retweeted by ZIM VR Live 🌋We just found the most compelling #Switch game I've ever played! CRAWL, a 3v1 style couch co-op. 😈 OMG, it's got… @CR00K__Gaming It's gonna rock with the aim controller! @AliciaMarieBODY I'm sorry for being a family or dorm room today from my side I have been cookin' I have been thoro… @adam_orth @CubismVR Cubism should come boxed with Quest as it's demonstration of hand tracking once complete. Not… @GAMERTAGVR @VRGameRankings Well said, GT. That's exactly how I'd qualify it, too. I would tend to say the average… @VRGameRankings First - You're an EVIL man, Anthony. Asking me to pick between my babies. Second - I love both on… @BillH23 @PhilRossi @Sennheiser_UK I've never had these shift on my head and I'm a jerker. For example, the Oculus Go used…
@anthony_steed @CubismVR User checks out. GG, professor. @yellowmello Sound wise, not enough contact time to give a verdict. I'd need hours. @yellowmello Very comfy! Just a little fragile for my liking but excellent ANC if you want to be totally cut off.… @PhilRossi Absolutely relentless!Need great headphones for your Quest or soon-to-arrive Quest 2? 🎧 The Sennheiser HD 450BT's pair masterfully and a… @GAMERTAGVR SO funny we ended up in the same match. @bmfshow @vrcover That's a good look for you, Matt. I wonder if you get thrown out of Walmart or they'd think it's…'m absolutely loving Solaris.All the Quest users who bought Solaris and are reeeally angry about the animated uncontrollable off hand : “Why wou…
Retweeted by ZIM VR Live 🌋 @Buck3131 Short as hell compared to Elite. @PhilRossi @TeeMonster @KineticGames Man screams make me salivate. @dr_oculus @valvesoftware @Emrayla 💯
@Zimtok5 I’m glad you mentioned Phasmophobia on @FRealityCrew But also not glad. I ripped my headset off during the…
Retweeted by ZIM VR Live 🌋 @PhilRossi @FRealityCrew @TeeMonster Hahaha, brilliant. We have that coming up for FReality soon (livestream)! Stay frosty. @OhShape Thumb is misleading. I'm actually on Rift S tonight, my dudes! But happy to take a jaunt again at the inf… goes BRRRRR. @vr_oasis
@MartinRisbyVR @NathieVR Easily solved. @Lonely_Viper @FRealityCrew @firstcontactent @Tyrielwood @PSVRfrank @GAMERTAGVR @Rowdy_Guy @vr_oasis @NathieVR @Zimtok5 @FRealityCrew @firstcontactent @Tyrielwood @PSVRfrank @GAMERTAGVR @Rowdy_Guy @vr_oasis @NathieVR This isnt over 😂
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2020 presents another true crisis. 😅 @NathieVR Lest we forget our angels... @bmfshow @Tyrielwood Not many people can make their brand so recognisable as quickly as you've done it. I remember… @misshabit Big high five. Shipping VR titles is like the Olympics. Few manage to cross that finish line. Be proud! @SL33PYcasts Cool to hear that, thanks SL33PY!Wow. I missed that Mike Shinoda (band member from Linkin Park) live streamed Numb on PSVR. Touching. Telling. A… @eminus @GAMERTAGVR That's some cool filter, you got there, Erik! It's looks fab coupled with REZ in your new vid… What kind of game brings out the devil in ZIM? A. SOLARIS Offworld Combat does! 😈 @FRealityCrew played it ear…
@OlivierJT_SU @UnrealEngine That doesn't say Episode 00! 🤯 @SupportStreamz Started yesterday. Burnout is real. Might retire early.BREAKING NEWS MICROSOFT HAS BOUGHT ZENIMAX MEDIA Bethesda. ID. DOOM. Elder Scrolls. Fallout. EVERYTHING to Xbox G…
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For those wondering, it's VOX MACHINAE. Amazing. Here's the playback if you missed tuning in tonight: was a ~fantastic~ series of mech battles. Hot damn that's a good game, @SpaceBulletCorp. This is what years o… ROBOT WARS have begun! 🤖😩🤖 @Therealpeterden Sir, I know that all too well! When I finally move to Canada we'll be time zone aligned. @crashorganism Oh wow, there is! That's epic. @crashorganism Is there non VR support!?You know what 2020 is missing? GIANT. KILLER. ROBOTS. If $25/£20 sounds like a fair entry price, come join us t… LIKE BIG BOTS AND I CANNOT LIE 🦾 Vox Machinae multiplayer tonight. @AnthokG Around 30 mins I show these off. Also on the latest model there's one in white which now I'm lining for… @ShawnDesign Yes. And the day after a few select patches are sticking right back up like a feeble yet defiant plant-based middle finger.
I love the smell of minigun in the morning
Retweeted by ZIM VR Live 🌋 this is why the Quest 2 is going to be so huge for VR.
Retweeted by ZIM VR Live 🌋 @AnthokG These come with an optional use wire that ends in a 90 degree connection so again a perfect match. @Anticleric WM2 was my last one, too. You're welcome to come if you'd like! Don't hesitate. @crashorganism The Last Of The Beerheekins. @Anticleric No, I don't think so. But most don't have a keen enough eye to realise this is a Mechwarrior image and…
@LilBagelVR Subnautica. Obduction. Westworld Awakening.Sunday will be fun. Been looking forward to Vox'ing it up. @NIGAUDLOTO I feel like we're agreeing and I'm confused. CV1 was great apart from being on ear.Friday is finally here. Time 4 Beer! @MythionVR Hands on Stick or Stick?VOX MACHINAE ~ This Sunday from 8pm UK time. Mech combat doesn't get better. No HOTAS needed... This runs with mo… @Therealpeterden @This_Justintech @vr_oasis From what I can see the XR2 chip supports Bluetooth 5.0. But no mentio… @Therealpeterden @This_Justintech I cable mine currently. The Bluetooth with Oculus Quest was experimental as of la… @NIGAUDLOTO You and I are very different people. Let me know if you ever come around to understanding the effect d…