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Retweeted by ZIM VR Live 🌋 @StefKeegan Best UK stats resource I know is buried on the official page, scroll way down and click on this link an…, you continue to be one BAMF. @Zimtok5 No doubt about it. From Other Suns. The warp back home only to bring a new threat. Awesome kick off to a g…
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@Therealpeterden @vr_oasis @bmfshow It doesn't seem in any way practical to connect those dots. Just ask… @meishtified @SideQuestVR Thanks, seen it! Considering. @Therealpeterden @vr_oasis @bmfshow A gentle reminder that we already knew that since OC6. @ham4tw @VRBugStream @skeeva Yes, but it doesn't pick up audio off the Quest (but it will detect desktop game audio).I'm feeling feckin' nostalgic AF right now. Let's do some vanilla #DayZ Mod on Twitch, shall we? Not been back in… @bmfshow Anyway the best bit is that periodic blurb blurb sound that comes every 30ins or so. Mesmerising. @VRBugStream @skeeva Sorry, I have never used Link. All my Quest stream info is here (including audio solutions I…🤣🤣🤣 @SerHidal All I'll say is I cannot wait, Sergio. Dreadhalls still stands as one of the true (not cheap jump scare)… to make it through this one without screaming; brand new gameplay from Cosmophobia debuts at the Upload VR Show…
Retweeted by ZIM VR Live 🌋 @SerHidal Oops, misread in haste. If it's part of the Upload reel then no bother. I'm tuning into that. I didn't… @SerHidal Oh man, I am jealous. I'll not watch, but good luck to Upload! Hahahaha. Bring a change of clothes, guys. @bmfshow Damn man. Shake it. Does it come with HLA liquid physics? @shawncwhiting Feck, Shawn. It reminds me of the London looting we went through. This is the part of our society t… @DanielBellian I love that you and the others here are taking the time to inform me of the origins. Thank you! Dam… @sarahcrafter02 High five to Sarah's mom! #MILHF
@germanrifter @drsallans 2nd better video got nuked due to music copyright. :( Oh well! @drsallans @germanrifter Yes sir. @germanrifter Not yet. Might try. But more likely will wait.Now, I'm getting fed GTA VI teasers: @traveltrousers Yeah, I saw the first successful landing mid ocean but that was unmanned and I had no idea about these awesome names. @Therealpeterden I never made it that far! But a great co-op game. @germanrifter @skeeva @dr_oculus You did the work. Now, you take the credit. It's fun! @StefKeegan I'm just being a friendly troll. Hope you're well, Stef. Say hi to G from ol' ZIM! @Calypsia6978 Thanks, lass. And oops. @StefKeegan Pro Tip: Blender has 3 settings. I recommend putting it to High and you'll find your work is done faster.From today's podcast. Here's Taffy! Thanks to Meggles for sending me this.'ll be honest, I was very confused with the #SpaceX launch today when that lady kept saying 'I Still Love You' ove… damn, lads n lassies... Watching back the @FRealityCrew podcast chat stream is as much fun for me as talking t… @FRealityCrew This new nick is going to haunt me for years...Interesting choice of pillow, doggo. @vr_oasis MIKE, what have you done? 😝 @FRealityCrew I hate all of you.Feeling so much F.Reality love right about now... FREE HUGS. 🌋 a #VR room escape game to play with friends? Most are designed to be dark & scary. I don't like that much.… @Blissgig @vreducation Today's mission is awesome to watch. The coverage is insane to see it all happen live in so… @HanneyChris Mom sure is strict. 🤷 I better take up chess in the park, now. @synthridersvr @FRealityCrew I socially distance when I synth! 😷 But I'll still kick yer arse. (Unless you're tha…, Riders!! We are so excited that we are sponsoring another episode of @FRealityCrew 🔥👾 To celebrate this aw…
Retweeted by ZIM VR Live 🌋It's 2020. Press F to pay your respects. @Blissgig Was tearing up at parts of that one on my first run; the combination of JFK's words and that feeling of b…*ding* I've officially played too many #VR games. So, I snuck a 2-min short onto YouTube earlier in the week but… @supamario171 Looks like fun, alright. Traffic management could be fun.If there was one #VR game that you could launch for the first time again, what would you choose? @Survios Sprint Vector. It's fast and took the most risks for its time, design wise. I want it on Quest! @germanrifter @dr_oculus Legit looks like a paid Nintendo advert. @jeriellsworth Blue Tack
If you made it into tonight's thumb, you're going to live a long and happy life... ... FILLED WITH ZIM. So, have… @sarahcrafter02 Best not watch tonight's show, then.EPIC Games Store + GTA V working and easy... just 2 ZIPs and you're set. ~ 3 minutes to install. It actually work… @RayM93938976 You probably don't know that I did some growing up on St. Croix USVI. (10-15 yo) Damn I miss me a go… @JGVegaware Yes!
@RayM93938976 At least now I know what it's called! @RT3DTech Aye!Speaking of immaculate timing... I didn't believe YouTube chat when they said my wife @Emrayla had come in right…💋Confirmed! GTA V's Epic Games Store version (FREE earlier this month) is working in VR, with the new script hook…'s for the LADIES ! GTA V in VR my friends. New script hook is out - testing it live. <D <D <D… @Buck3131 @TheFluffyNope Some grown men cry. Deal with it! @John_Westra It was 24 C here today. Scotland doesn't normally get so warm so we got inspired. Funny the slide fa… @TheFluffyNope Hahaha. I should do a stream of me just reacting to the glittery trilogy and pretending to be excit… slides are fun'll do something tonight but currently enjoying twilight. Note: Not to be confused with that awful glittery zombie flick for teens. @NathieVR Sharks... Of Mars. It's love at first sight.
@robyescombe @gunfire_games Doesn't work with @VRDesktop just yet but I got to play the Tutorial that way, tetherle…'t worry. We've all been there. #ED Porn!
@TJStudioYT Thanks, TJ. I know about it, but I'll wait for Quest++ Not much of a modder kind of fella. I prefer vanilla gear.I played 13 hand tracking games and apps back-to-back tonight! The net quality of @Oculus Quest hand tracking has…! ~ Oculus Quest Hand Tracking BONANZA ~ Going for as long as we've got battery left ... 🔋…
@runevision Extra points if you do it with a goldfish in there. (Please don't do that - but a Photoshop would be welcome for the lols.)
Tetris Effect is awesome. 2 hours flew by and I flattened my Quest battery. The visuals take a minor knock (almost… @VRchazen @dr_oculus Oh it's there and so is Space Station Zemo (from Inquest magazines which I loved years ago). @dr_oculus Dude - could we do Forbidden Island on this? I was pondering the other day. I'd play that in a heartbeat on stream that way.Slight timing F'up. Pushing le go-go button now.'s show will involve LIVE fireworks and ladies jumping out of cakes for your entertainment. Oooh la la. 🤟🤑… @VrGal2 @germanrifter @GAMERTAGVR @GetToDaChoppaVR for a 24/7 flavour of what you're in for… hours in Skyrim #VR is a feat itself. But this is the first time I've seen a chat cheese survival experience.…, please stop feeding me Black Mirror IRL.
@anzukaii When you need some ideas, try and filter for Quest.2020 is getting complicated ...
Fun night. PEACE OUT! to New Zealand in #VR tonight ... 🍹🐠🥭😍 This is a quality #VR title and FREE is a fab price. If you liked IEYTD, pick this one up! Similar gameplay. <…
@germanrifter @OculusGaming Haha. No lie, I've been asked. But I've consistently said no. My current mission i… @germanrifter @OculusGaming That horizon detail is sweet. First headset that does it right. DK2 was a teaser. CV… seem to understand what went down with the @DOOM Eternal OST ... Messy situation. @NathieVR You clearly forgot the "wrong answers only" part of this Tweet. That'd be way more fun to answer. Hell,… it's not until year end, at least. I see why he moved and I'm not against it - he and his team earned it - bu… miss those @joerogan podcasts. @kimpall Right answer! 😘 @Therealpeterden I want Echo Combat on Quest so bad. As much as Echo Arena was fun, it's zero G basketball and I p… @germanrifter @OculusGaming Grats! Two tips: Remove top strap if it's pissing your hair off. Easy to take off or o… is hard for me to describe SoundSelf but a free trial happening right now can show you what it is and what the p…
Retweeted by ZIM VR Live 🌋Nice spot, Eminus. This app is weird (in a good way)! Suggestion: If you do try it, do the 20 min one (minimum).… Vector was worth the 2.5 days of muscular suffering that followed. I personally find VR exercise games with…