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Never playing inferno againSay it all, say it now, or don’t say anything
Retweeted by zinkky💯 @CSGO @RyanAtRBM AGAIN HES 2 FOR 2 @RyanAtRBM *developer account, Ryan.
Retweeted by zinkky💯CSGO taking multiple lives tonight 😭
Retweeted by zinkky💯 @YikesGaming_ *starts cumming* @RyanAtRBM Stop getting baited by likes and replies to ancient tweets, Ryan.
Retweeted by zinkky💯 @CSGO @RyanAtRBM HAHAHAHAHA HE WILL NEVER RECOVER FROM THIS @GaminReveche @JadeCSGO Thats the set number not part count smh fake fans @YikesGaming_ *starts dryhumping you*
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Retweeted by zinkky💯 @CSGO PLEASE @ryanstoptalking U don't need a gf broJets have not won a game since posting this 11 months ago
Retweeted by zinkky💯Idek what to say its not happening either way:/ @LucasJrgensen6 @Iam_Arth36 Why? Kreig was fun @NoahKaai @gusfolger OG is terrible and ENCE dropped off for more than just the roster change lol @_AKASOR @neLendirekt What did you do lmao @gusfolger @NotChaseyb @ez4josh The ground shook for miles bro @NotChaseyb @ez4josh If only you felt this nut bro... @ez4S101 I'm not even home LMAO @ez4S101 @ez4S101 @BarackObama Ok this one gonna get me @ez4S101 Buddy steel pates can take that too LMFAO @ez4josh It happens bro
Retweeted by zinkky💯 @FranKCS_ Changed my mind @ez4S101 That .45 ACP aint doing shit to my plates @ez4S101 U right I gotta work on the viscosity and quantity of it tbh @ghostballss @KamiRetard @Soul_Jeda @selenica101 @GizzleCS @Fraqzy_ @FranKCS_ @ez4josh Two @ghostballss @KamiRetard @Soul_Jeda @selenica101 @GizzleCS @Fraqzy_ @FranKCS_ @ez4josh Too @KamiRetard @Fraqzy_ @GizzleCS @FranKCS_ @ez4josh cum @duhdaff Buy me thing @ghostballss @KamiRetard @Fraqzy_ @GizzleCS @FranKCS_ @ez4josh @GizzleCS @Fraqzy_ @FranKCS_ @ez4josh @KamiRetard WTF JAHAHAHAHA @Fraqzy_ @GizzleCS @FranKCS_ @ez4josh @KamiRetard BRUH HAHAHA @KamiRetard @Fraqzy_ @GizzleCS @FranKCS_ @ez4josh MF U KNOW I WANT IN @FranKCS_ @Fraqzy_ @GizzleCS @ez4josh @KamiRetard Don't worry gimme like 10 min and ill probably tweet it @Fraqzy_ @GizzleCS @FranKCS_ @ez4josh @KamiRetard Reading this makes me want to never be horny againFOUND THIS ONE IN THE VAULT. SHITS SO OLD STILL GOLD THO
Retweeted by zinkky💯 @FranKCS_ @ez4josh @GizzleCS I got sources right here wym @ez4josh @FranKCS_ @GizzleCS Sure @ez4josh @FranKCS_ @GizzleCS Don't ask dont tell @Fraqzy_ @FranKCS_ @GizzleCS LMFFFF @jleibachphoto I MISS THOSE DAYSThe zoomers don't realise how privileged they are to have fresh memes every weak, when I was growing up this was th…
Retweeted by zinkky💯I owned every single cheezburger meme book available
Retweeted by zinkky💯 @ez4josh @FranKCS_ @GizzleCS @FranKCS_ @GizzleCS We:know @FranKCS_ @GizzleCS FU:CK YOU WE CAN DREAM @gusfolger @selenica101 @macindaw37 @Ep1ph1ny @zmpXneon NA dead but not OCE imo, all our teams are gone but we stil… @gusfolger @selenica101 @macindaw37 @Ep1ph1ny @zmpXneon Bro NA just dead asf rn.@ez4josh
Retweeted by zinkky💯 @selenica101 @macindaw37 @Ep1ph1ny @zmpXneon This is facts @tam0w @jronimoman155 @SigDoKari_Brick I hate that people insist that hes so shit, navi's playstyle is difficult to handle as an igl and… @gusfolger @macindaw37 @Ep1ph1ny 3 hits MAX tho.. @selenica101 @macindaw37 @Ep1ph1ny @zmpXneon Its not slander if its true, just cus they smurf in OCE doesn't make them T1 lmao @gusfolger @macindaw37 @Ep1ph1ny Facts💯💯 @_AKASOR Like the m4 and famas buff they added really didn't do much to even it out. Needs something more @_AKASOR My only reason for wanting medium range is because imo the CT side needs a bigger buff to counter the shit economy @KamiRetard Honestly I'm just tired of mfs swinging tcon and 1tapping me @jleibachphoto Don't need to lol @KamiRetard Ikr like if you wanna cuck the CT economy at least give them a gun that works nearly as goodIn this economy the M4 should be a 1 shot at short/medium range against helmets @gusfolger I feel like we all just accepted that hes a top3 igl without really looking into why, tbh as much as I h… @duhdaff ???Csgo is shit
Retweeted by zinkky💯 @ZinkkyVEVO Kreig meta should come back
Retweeted by zinkky💯 @wizardthedon Mf got MOVES @wizardthedon DAWG LMFAO @jleibachphoto Absolutely love how they frame it out to be a mass shooting and then add in 1 line st the end "oh ya… @jleibachphoto It was an altercation between some teenagers in a fucking mall, I actually hate American media @wizardthedon Ohhh still scummy tho tbhBased on this title, what do you think happened? @wizardthedon Oh shit he cheated??? Get that mf outta here @macindaw37 @Ep1ph1ny These are all T2 and teams I have never heard of @macindaw37 Mp9 objectively better deagle fine and does asia/oce have any Tier 1 teams left??? Also @Ep1ph1ny get this mf for CZ slanderAmazing Reverse Sweep in the @ESLCS Final between @TeamVitality and @natusvincere
Retweeted by zinkky💯 @dxrksunday Omg i hav no clue!My biggest fear is that the dumbest mfs on cs twitter (that deserve the bullying they get) become pros or some shit…, I am WEIRD: (W)onderful 🥰 (E)xciting 🤪 (I)nteresting 🧐 (R)acist 👨🏼🤜🏼🤛🏿🐵 (D)ifferent 🔥
Retweeted by zinkky💯Need to revisit where it all began
Retweeted by zinkky💯 @ez4josh @selenica101 Balls of steel brother @selenica101 Ah the corma vairus @selenica101 Oh the can of cer?.@JACK TRANSPHOBIC POS #FREECHLOE
Retweeted by zinkky💯Hello! How’re you?
Retweeted by zinkky💯CHLOE RESTRICTED REJOICE JN THE STREETS!!!!CHAMPIONS! @JonjiJlc @Xeppaaa @vanitycsgo @leaf_cs @MarkeCSGO @MatthewCElmore @ChaosEC #IEMBeijing
Retweeted by zinkky💯 @BeZo Ya its just such a simple pug map this is a very valid take imo, its fun to play if u aren't going in to swea… @jleibachphoto Mf ofc are u flying an A320 NEO? Cus im hearing retard sirens