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@SURGEcs @CSGOSEAN Wow hot @tresnocs @F1icktv @gvivdeo @hasertv come back also gheo and iez I miss themfr gonna kill @hasertv fuck that guyimagine saying ur gonna kill someone on the internet and then like the next day they’re just dead and the cops knocking at ur door @R1FTT_ you’re next @R1FTT_ just ran over her in my Range Rover sports truck soooo @CarbynVAL thank god 🙏 @R1FTT_ I just kill that bitch an hour ago why is she back @hasertv caught my opps lackin @GavCSGO bro who said I didn’t win I just said he tried to murder me @Shad0hw @Ethexfps @nbgee12 nah yours was ruined to begin withmy cat just tried to murder me @BazonBTW I survived The Apocolypse ! 💯💯😶‍🌫️🙏😎 @nbgee12 @Ethexfps ya he fr look like a mopforgot to take my schizophrenia pills @focaIin I read coochie doughbring back the homies this shit don’t feel the same no more @Solidadgg slide @Solidadgg Yo u gonna eat thataccidentally clicking the like button is the worst thing that can happen fr need a confirmationbut it's ok apparently they're fixing the pug system soon at least so that'll be coolgood client great things happening reminder that fizzy, vaffe, eternal, and vendaces are still not banned :D @nicxCS @F1icktv @_LOBOTOMYtv it was more than a few days
@F1icktv you weren't sane then you aren't sane nowno sane human plays apex 170 past 2 @calamity852 cheater manI wish I could add up all of the tweets that I deleted into one big total to see how many stupid things I have said @NoahFrench_ quit Jesus and do pot drugs with mebro the next time I see mommy dommy on my timeline I swear to godpink Floyd fr predicted the future me to 300 because I love big Twitter numberwhat if theres a colorblind rapper and he sings "all my hunnids red" then everyone in the comments is confused and…
Retweeted by brycen @MistorBot nah pretty bland actually kinda annoying 😒 @hyjinxVAL no ur trying to improve mouse control using a different sens is actually beneficial provided that it is higher than your VAL sens @SURGEcs big things @freshiecs How do u know I'm older than 3 🤔🤔 @F1icktv Bro Why Do You Type Like Thiswhen they get angry at business meetings they just throw shit at the big bald man giving the sales pitchimagine one day monkeys integrate into society and you see a bunch of little 4ft tall chimpanzees walking around in suits on Wall Streetone day I will walk around in insanely oversized clothes and have a big tall hat like cat in the hat @_novaVAL fr abt to be throwing my shit like a monkey in a bitjust swallowed every piece of this that choking hazard ain’t shit did I spell immediately so wrongyou are all undercover federal agents I will be ceasing communication imemediatsely @sh0pguy @subihighwaters fuck I was tryna finesse some mcdonalds @sh0pguy @subihighwaters McDonald’s value meal and I can make this happen @TwitchyTalks dude yea I was abt to say this ain’t even close @hasertv should have been like Drewpeacock this shit light
@800daemon Hey bro I don't gotta do me like that @SURGEcs Trust the processthey fr getting smarter @CarbynVAL i got the perfect video for this
Retweeted by brycenwhen r ppl gonna realize when everyone call u weird u r prolly weird n should shut up @MistorBot bro he is not sick he has been doing this for like 4 year he’s just fat @hyjinxVAL good morning Greg @akasyns @Dykaz_ synical global esports organization @1treythun I think they give good benefits and stuff but overwork their workers and give minimal breaks if I rememb… @hasertv My cock hard too @hasertv Thought It was my Cock but my Glock hardBeefing Wit u all We are all enemies now @INVADlNG Whathow come when a girl buys a vibrator it’s cute n shit, but when a guy buys a fuckmaster 5000 pro latex blow up doll…
Retweeted by brycendude my cat is gonna freak me the fuck out he won’t stop meowing and going to the food/water bowl and rubbing his h… @thekingkaih ironic @shadereplaycs why do u switch ur hands like an ape in this clip n like shake ur mouse back and forth like a parkin… @tdapart thank you for forwarding me this information testing new settings come tlak or something @nbgee12 help medoes anyone know how to setup obs and shitguys it’s 2021 how are u still short just get taller @1w0wzerz Netflix was the culpritI’ve been up for like five hours now too that’s the funny partfr just got out of bed at 12am my life a movieok what timeshe gets it @TwitchyTalks Hey Bro chill out Don’t gotta do me like that…findhelp @kasuiwnl What they block u for
@hasertv U Can get My number 🙄 @RemValorant remcoin going up @zionxiv
Retweeted by brycenso tired @weLLyCSGO they don’t wanna see bachunga free @E141X want nothing but success for my friends @Adachii___ does wonders @aliascs_ wholesale ear wax candles @BazonBTW this just gave me an idea @C0J0M0 @tresnocs @FurtherCS we love bebo @aliascs_ or is it like the thing where u get water in your ear or like pop your ear weirdly or smth like that @aliascs_ is it like an issue with your ear canal being too small or somethingbe happy @aliascs_ what happenedChris Hansen @graphuu @Fraqzy_ you heard me @Freydude1999 @graphuu @Fraqzy_ NUts @ReapersRed What the fuck @abbyisqueen_ Nice Thank you! @_LOBOTOMYtv @BazonBTW fucking liar