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🔥 Snark, movies, books, and of course ramblings. This is used to document random moments. I rant about Harry Potter, #MentalHealthAwareness, & adulting a lot.

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@thattinywebsite @EveyJacob I attract people surrounded by asshats who didn’t get kicked in the teeth at the right time in their lives @thattinywebsite I felt like I was peak #Millennial tonight on tick tock for one day algorithm: this bitch is gonna love this tutorial on how to pick up a sheep
Retweeted by Dem डेमोनRaise a glass to freedom. Something you will never see again!
Retweeted by Dem डेमोनYeah I 100% marched back in, in my yoga clothes, and for more wine. I got cheers. matter how fun the wedding, there is nothing like sitting in your car, changing into yoga clothes, and eating po… Out of the jail air awkwardness, I befriended the entire serving staff and the drunkest girl at the party. Don’t judge me!🥄 okay. We have the seat ribbons, but where are the seat covers? 🔥 I ate them 🥄 ... 🔥 ... :D I’m not helping 🥄 but… @voidspacescream As a philosophy person: It’s not always about understanding, but it’s always about experiencing @voidspacescream We all have weird “I attract this energy that I don’t emit” things and it’s just fascinating @thattinywebsite As someone who couldn’t love anything else once philosophy got involved... I’m down to help
@EveyJacob SILENCE ...I got her number and she misses me...Everyone else: MATH. SCIENCE. ENGINEERING. NASA! Me: *majored law for 2 years* *studied for philosophy for 4* The c… always attract soldiers... or jailbait... at weddings... Go ahead. Guess what she was. @OlliCrusoe @TheDaboosh This 18 in the last decade for me...but I still don’t wanna dress up because dressing like a girl makes me feel like I can’t fight! #Stubborn
Retweeted by Dem डेमोनIt’s official: only people who are friends with @TheDaboosh can expect me at their wedding. Apparently his friend… 23 - Spirit Don't angry pandas and soft cute boys, my friends. #atlatober #AvatarTheLastAirbender #inktober
Retweeted by Dem डेमोनFever dream?’ve been awake for two hoursHey Arnold!
Retweeted by Dem डेमोन @EveyJacob Dammit. My best couple costume and NO ONE KNOWSLeo2020: atop trying to murder me and let me sleep! @EveyJacob ...we didn’t take any pics from when I was Sergeant Barnes and you were Winter Bucky, did we?Daughter: Michael said he’s mad at you. Me: who’s Michael? Daughter: my imaginary friend. Me: lol. I had an imag…
Retweeted by Dem डेमोन @thattinywebsite The bride and groom are INTENT on everyone having fun Like What This is great If only I we… @EveyJacob As your confident not-wife Are you tho Because Success is all you do Sooo... @EveyJacob You need to share thoNo one has asked but This is top 3 of weddings
@EveyJacob it never fails, at weddings I'm either making the men feel weird, or bonding with the most powerful lady… to a wedding tomorrow, rehearsal dinner is tonight, and I'm planning to upset all the men by asking them how… galore! 🐶🐾
Retweeted by Dem डेमोनI put this show as 2nd to Avatar: The Last Airbender. It was amazing, only three seasons as well, and just sublime.… finally free, she is no longer bound to the earth. She is out for blood🩸 I decided to draw a vampire with a s…
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@NeilaK20 See, I was always warned about that, and when I was younger it would delay like crazy just to be evil. Bu… @richardmleano @EveyJacob I'm going with yes? @EveyJacob okay, it was only 8days turns out #MathDisease still tho... this is a record for me.Tim Burton is bringing The Addams Family to television.
Retweeted by Dem डेमोनTOM HOLLAND IS ALL OF MY FICTIONAL MALE CRUSHES APPARENTLY AND JUST UNF @OlliCrusoe a woman, there's one extremely specific, obvious, bloody way to see how stressed you are... Apparently I'm 1… @jenniebreeden're definitely our children ❤️
Retweeted by Dem डेमोन @OlliCrusoe It's time to finally reveal that you're a bear. Do so by eating someone's head. Like a raptor. @voidspacescream Claim you're being blackmailed by a ninja @OlliCrusoe @OlliCrusoe @MLouring I found a lovechild of the two... @MLouring honestly, I read about them as a tiny kiddo and NO ONE had heard about them, so I convinced myself I made… mean, it could... bump into you... and then become a delicious pie. That's... like a Halloween Halmark movie or s… is unprofessional. Send a reply. Even sending a "No, thank you" is better than ghosting! For more informat…
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The world needs more stories like this my friends remember that I only treat them like idiots when they’re being idiots, and otherwise I’m encou… do #asexuals need representation when they do…nothing? Rebecca Burgess @theorah dispels the myths around #ace
Retweeted by Dem डेमोनMy name is Zuko. Son of Ursa and Fire Lord Ozai. Prince of the Fire Nation, and heir to the throne. 🔥 #Avatar
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Retweeted by Dem डेमोन @TheBertShow What they say: it means you've stopped valuing yourself, and that'll mean a change in mentality that I… @EveyJacob NO ONE CAN TELL MY SEXY ROOMMATE ABOUT THIS, HE'LL HURT HIMSELF @EveyJacob 21 - "You can't knock me down! " Katara doesn't tell you she'll kick your ass. She's doing it immediately. Jus…
Retweeted by Dem डेमोनtrying 2 get over weird anxiety abt posting art..,, heres some animation heh
Retweeted by Dem डेमोन @OlliCrusoe There are legit third party prank places that will do this FOR YOU, so they can't trace it back to you. @OlliCrusoe GLITTERY VENGEANCE SHALL BE OURS @korndiddy Can't you settle for being the world's cutest Zac? @OlliCrusoe mail them glitter bombs @voidspacescream If you can, allot yourself a two-day segment of "just sleep" as soon as you can. I know that's kin… @KrisKling Same. I'll pick or chew myself bloody if I'm really stressed. The best thing I've found to stop me is Ro…"Why don't people like me?" Growing up with undiagnosed #ADHD, I struggled to make friends. I was always "too much…
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What heteroNO is this??? don't know who needs to hear this, but in the immoral words of the first comic character I ever witnessed as a co… 17 states require Sex Ed be medically accurate, allowing value-based lies be taught. One student was told "I…
Retweeted by Dem डेमोन0_0 to pushing the food that’s so “good”you took it out of your name. My grandma has more heat in her roasts.
Retweeted by Dem डेमोनThe second gunman on the grassy knoll💩 I'm looking for a free lance boat designer in FL 🔥 we don't have that information 💩 so you'll sell people softwar…😴 #clipstudiopaint
Retweeted by Dem डेमोनtrying to draw with capitalism whispering in your ear 24/7 is a fucking nightmare.
Retweeted by Dem डेमोन @EveyJacob You: I am 14 and keep up with every adult at every red carpet event ever Also you: I must shove my best…'s pitch dark, lashing rain and blowing a gale here just now – sure signs that winter is on the way... I'm away t…
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Retweeted by Dem डेमोन @JustKevG @BertShowBert Finding someone who shares your culture is the best way to feel validated when they tell yo…
This sucker just agreed to let me live in his new bought house forever, and this is how I show my affection.“Her light guides you through the road of your harsh fate, you never feel lost again.” Day 16 #inktober #linktober
Retweeted by Dem डेमोनPeople: omg I love this restaurant, the food is so good Me, 6hrs later: why the fuck can I still taste that food an… @colevanders @EveyJacob I don’t have references so much as I just have items my grandmother and mother passed down.… @EveyJacob @thattinywebsite Ten year old me is full of demands of this 31 year old me says time is a construct an… @colevanders @EveyJacob Most consistently, I’ve found information about attempting to put crystals within the wood… @ebthompson93 That is a horrific mental image and want a horror story about this now @EveyJacob Pics or gtfoTo people who buy calendars: What did you do with your 2020 calendars and how quickly did they burn? @EveyJacob @colevanders It's not something written out and shared. It's like a martial art in that not all the secr… @EveyJacob To me: 1. Because adorable little noodle To others: Probably 9 because dragon To T&A: -100 because aw To… @EveyJacob I'm dying for it. She has an amazing voice but I don't like the style of almost any of her music, and I… SMALL
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Retweeted by Dem डेमोन @thattinywebsite @EveyJacob @thattinywebsite @EveyJacob “How much have you written?” “...” “Exactly” @rmacceile If only. So much time and font saved.I worked hard in #ACNH for Halloween and it TOTALLY paid off!!! Once more people have experienced what I did, I’ll share :D