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Illustrator since '93; clients/media wide and varied.

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@ArmyCoreyTaylor That’s a good one!
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @TheRickWilson Even if this stupid ass does pull off a minor miracle & get reelected, he's going to get himself imp… if he does win, this stupid ass is going to get himself impeached all over again if he keeps running his yap.…'s are complicated but the bottom line is at a minimum this is a monumentally badly managed foundation and at wo…
Retweeted by Richard P Clark @PaulaDunnBrown1 Kentucky has Rand Paul & McConnell. TX is close, no doubt, but KY is brutal. @ronmarz @AH_AdamHughes @DarkHorseComics @artofmmignola Right around your birthday, as coincidence would have it. @xeni Is this a Jeffrey Toobin zoom call?And THAT, ladies & gentlemen, is the winning answer to @JoshCrewsReally's question: what's the most '90s show you e… @nachosarah zoom dick lawn-shits all over Michigan, coming soon from Vault Comics. And I wanna draw it.This #Foxconn story about how Wisconsin got absolutely rolled by charlatans and politicians eager to boost Trump is…
Retweeted by Richard P ClarkAttn: @deadredfred @swierczy I'd go make sure Mr. White & Jesse weren't up to no good under that tent….
@TheRickWilson Does this mean Florida finally looks truly promising? 🤞 @duckduckgorilla Well, we know what's going to play on the big-screen TV when we all are able to get together for a… @duckduckgorilla That's incredibly cool, John. I can't believe the choreography in that scene–it's crazy bananas. @Popehat The burned hand teaches best and all that. @morninggloria Browns have played scared against the Steelers from about 1990 onward. Even when they were out of th… IS THE GREATEST FILM SEQUENCE EVER covered field #Watercolour #art
Retweeted by Richard P ClarkI know it's a pipe dream, but I long for the day in 2021 when Stupid gets a grilling exactly like this one. it started. How its going
Retweeted by Richard P Clark @beckyjewell I vote Becky Jewell for Best Tummy on Twitter. 👍🏻👍🏻 @alex_segura Giant congrats, good sir! @HardingArt Cottonmouth.
@nachosarah Is that still a problem now that you're lawn-shitting all the MAGAt yards of Michigan? @JonMassCasualty PT Barnum really knew what he was talking about, didn't he? 🤣 @DeWayneFeenstra Right? The balls on this large adult failson. @JonMassCasualty So this is all not new then, is it? ;-)Now do Mitch McConnell. Hashtag: hypocritical asshole get some interesting overlaps when sketching in layers in @Procreate while watching TV. Well, interesting to me,… @jasonshawnalex @philhester I have a really interesting story about the origin of Batman: Black & White that I'll h… @ronmarz You & me, both. Heartbreaking loss–still feels surreal. Sending virtual hugs, man.The reason I want people to see the content is that I want Americans to see, up close, that this past four years ha…
Retweeted by Richard P Clark @AngrierWHStaff If Stupid resigns & gets a pardon from Pence, doesn’t that put him in jeopardy with NY State as par… @MattMinerXVX He is fond of Evita. @philhester An extraordinary draftsman. Criminally underrated.The @nypost smirking at Biden telling his addicted, despairing son he loves him reminds me of @mercedesschlapp’s Mr…
Retweeted by Richard P Clark @TheRickWilson This ad was so moving that my sister-in-law texted the link to my wife. You folks are really moving the needle. @TheRealHoarse Dramatic change in weather in less than 24 hours does it for me more often than not, & we got a massive drop today.
@beckyjewell Goodness. And it’s not like there’s a lot of oxygen to spare at those heights to begin with.Hey, friends & neighbors–I have friends who're a part of this and we're more than 1/3rd the way to getting a short… through some of my mom’s things and came across this letter @JoeBiden wrote to her 18 years ago, after my d…
Retweeted by Richard P ClarkI can summon the feeling I had watching this for the first time almost immediately. It's certainly not a pleasant f… @JD_Oliva Oh, yes-first & foremost is vote them out into the hinterlands.One week after a plot to kidnap and murder me was revealed, the President renewed his attacks. Words matter. I…
Retweeted by Richard P ClarkI'd only add this thought: if Orangina did, indeed, have a case of The 'Rona, he might not be well enough to screw… @TheRealHoarse Not complete unemployment–wouldn't want them living off the taxpayer, after all. Oh, wait…. ;-)I think a lot about what Mr. Rogers said and did when he accepted his Lifetime Achievement Award at the 1997 Emmys:
Retweeted by Richard P Clark @HackinTimSeeley Well, Sarah WAS just bragging about lawn-shitting yards with Tr*mp signs in her new neighborhood t… marks another reminder of everything this horrible year has taken from us. Joe Sinnott would have been 94 tod… @PeteRogers If anyone can figure it out, it'll be you Brits. ;-) @PeteRogers Fingers crossed, good sir. And goodness knows the British are legendary for tenacity, so my money's on… @PeteRogers Putin really, really got his money's worth out of those cyber attacks against the US & UK, didn't he? It's astonishing.Actually . . .
Retweeted by Richard P ClarkThread about the implausibility of Rudy Colludy's latest scheme. It's really quite something. Herald says that Nodding Lady is a Trumpkin who ran for Congress and they're doing a story on her. You're we…
Retweeted by Richard P Clark @nachosarah Testing? Did you pass or fail?Is it OK to publicly solicit campaign contributions while on Senate business in a federal building? Or is there s…
Retweeted by Richard P ClarkIf your vote for Biden hinges on any answer he might give about fracking or transgender issues or, really, any answ…
Retweeted by Richard P ClarkWasn’t your account suspended? Shut up. @patrickzircher account is hacked. Do not pay this person or give him personal info. I am trying to get Twitter…
Retweeted by Richard P ClarkConfirmation from NBC that the FBI is investigating the Hunter Biden laptop story as being part of a Russian intell…
Retweeted by Richard P Clark @SpiroAgnewGhost @realDonaldTrump Crazy that the EC imbalance won’t be anywhere near a corresponding number, isn’t it? @AtomicPulp Wow, man. I am so, so sorry to read that. I think your dad is going to have a lot to be disappointed ab… @jpalmiotti @JoeBiden Same, smart and considered. Actual plan & policy delivered with dignity and decency. Am so gl… @garychun 🤣 If so, he’s going to be on the hook for another $400 million at this rate.The NBC News town hall is trying REALLY HARD to MAKE NEWS. The ABC News town hall is trying to INFORM the public.
Retweeted by Richard P ClarkStop NODDING, you boob. @MMahoney224 @RadioFreeTom Ok break- they really should switch her out. This looks bad for NBC
Retweeted by Richard P ClarkOh, poor Kavanaugh is the excuse for hypocrisy. FUCK these equivocating pieces of shit.I HATE THIS NODDING WOMAN! @RadioFreeTom She HAS to be paid to be there. She is too in-sync with every perceived point he makes.“I will let you know who I owe” is the new “I’ll release my taxes.”Who is this woman behind Stupid nodding at every crazy thing this asshole says?! @MattMinerXVX Dude, this is watching a monkey fling poo at the zoo. It’s hilarious!Just did a channel flip from Biden discussing racial inequality in sentencing to Stupid yelling about Pelosi. The contrast was startling.Biden talking to a real person about a real financial issue. The choice could not be more clear.SCOTT ADKINS. @RadioFreeTom Ballots standing in for “strawberries,” of course.I think you’re going to see a red wave. OK, Stanley Kubrick.Travel ban was suggested by everyone in his office–he agreed after being lobbied to make that move.Ballots. Standing in for “Strawberries.”Then he’s not doing a very good job?!?! Holy deranged bullshitWho is this woman nodding in the background at the craziest shit he’s spewing?“Ha ha, so cute.” Yep, that’ll win surburban women.People are leaving New York because the tax law your asshole party passed double taxes due to eliminate SALT exemptions.
Well, that ought to do it, then. 🙄 @OhNoSheTwitnt Also: when Republicans pack courts, are they PACKyderms? 😛 @blambot I still wear mine all the time–that is a great shirt.The gem of Hummingbirds: the Red-Tailed Comet. Featured in National Geographic Shot of the Day: Dec 11, 2018.…
Retweeted by Richard P ClarkAwkward
Retweeted by Richard P Clark @kylegriffin1 they were literally saying they had it contained the next day lol
Retweeted by Richard P ClarkBreaking NYT: On Feb. 24, Trump's economic team privately addressed the Hoover Institution and implied that a COVID…
Retweeted by Richard P Clark
Maybe I'm getting a little sentimental in my middle age here, but this one hits every note exactly perfectly to my… @GreggDoyelStar Durn tootin'. :-) @GreggDoyelStar Not only do I not think you’re weird, but am similarly borderline OCD about packing recycling efficiently. @SpiroAgnewGhost I would love to know what this is all about, but I have found myself blocked for some reason. She… @blambot I tend to agree with him…. 🤣I am, in a word, shocked. Shocked, I tell you.