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Z @ziqqix United States

Illustrator x Concept Artist / Illustrated for Metallica, Adobe, Warner Brothers, Black Dragon Press, Mondo, DC, etc. /

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Joined Twitter 1/2/14 @vvolvesmouth I swear................. I'm taking up the task of trying to recreate the Aloha salmon poke bowl like… @celineorelse SAME....... the first time I tried it, it felt like a religious experience........ I have not had po… @SuperGamerCody Hmmm. @jennayow Yesss... Idk what it specifically was about their poke but I have never had poke as good as theirs, and I…’s been a few years since I’ve been so I’ve forgotten a lot of what they put in but I frequented those places a b… anyone who lives or used to live in Baltimore who happens to know the ingredients to Aloha Sushi’s salmon poke b… I’m glad people think it’s great but my cooking should mean I deserve to save an extra round for myself......... no? 😒Ok this was delicious but I went upstairs for more and EVERYONE ATE THE LEFTOVERS..... WTF @tracieching Oh no.... should I be worried. I just installed it @SmellyCandle42 Yeah I’m just playing color version with Japanese audio! I figured it was just a gimmick as it woul… @sanfordmay I have purposefully avoided any talk about this game because I was so engrossed with yakuza. So now I g… KUROSAWA MODE??????, I caved and got Ghost of Tsushima. Time to see what the hype is all about 🙂
@JenMillsArt PENNE FOR LIFE!!!!!! @JSwayArt Me carrying a plate of this for next NYCC when we can meet again 🥳ALSO NO ONE MAKE fun of me for making a simple dish...... seriously the only thing I could cook before was Chinese… 4 of trying to improve my cooking skills. Pasta with sauce, broccoli, bacon, and spam 😉 part of me is like I really don’t have to do this I can just upload it and not redraw elements I didn’t like/repa… today updating portfolio..... Rerendering my Peking opera sci fi robot 😜 @devin_3z Thank you :-) @henrahmagix Thanks so much!No arguing or explaining. A simple but effective statement for an opinion that probably took 2 brain cells to put together.From now on whenever I see a silly opinion on this website I will just reply “u r wrong.” @jerrysaltz U r wrong. @littlecharhar Happy bday!!! @I_AM_JORY Thank you Jory! @ThatStephC Thanks Steph! I do too ^o^AH! I found the digital file! Old piece I did in 2018 @AmalasRosa Yayyy congrats Amalas!!! @ewlookatsal Thank ya! @jelloween INDEED @lucas_peverill @PosterSpy @altmovieposters @PosterPosse @PrintedinBlood @Frangipane13 WONDERFUL! @JusticeKazzy_ Wowww congrats that’s incredible!!! 🤩 @HolBolDoTweet Omg yay! Yea, c’est moi B) @jmawork Oh absolutely! Flamingos are an essential ingredient to colorful sci fi :PDon’t have the original file on me anymore but I still do like this piece, I think I drew it while I pulled an all… lost piece of mine from back when I was featured by Imagine FX in January 2019 - I’ve been wanting to go back t… @jbellecake YESSS @monwinvo I think my favorite part of this is how she dresses up her incredibly bad argument with “social justice”… crave milk after soy sauce, such is the enigma of my mind and gut.Tonight I ate fried dumplings and then right afterwards I had the biggest craving for Cookie Crisp cereal. So now I… @Grantva1 @stevereevesart my tip is worn down from it + pressing hard on the screen yes, but it still works fine an… @stevereevesart Yes, try PaperLike ! I can't draw without it now, it feels even better tha… just watched Uncut Gems..................... I feel so overwhelmed
@Antonjorch That was incredibly unprofessional of them, I'm so sorry. Ghosting is never ok, if the project was not… the beefy man can calm him down using the power of weight + touch. I am thinking about itFav ship dynamic... thin manic knife man squished between two calm beefy man... @roodleypoodley ................................... @FreddyUlateArt moon sign @bRakustar01 @sititamreD @TheAmandaGorman Wonderful!!!Amanda Gorman. @TheAmandaGorman #dailies #amandagorman #poet #badass #brakustar
Retweeted by ZWe need to rally everyone against antiporn activists, or we're going to be screwed--and not in the fun way. Read th…
Retweeted by Z @quibbed :,)People comparing toshiro mifune to markiplier saying the two look the same... I’m sorry WHERE? 🤔Sometimes I think I should maybe be anonymous and not post pics of myself or talk about my life or whatever but I t… @Doaly Yeah totally! I’ve found I am the exact opposite, a part of me has to make sure others know me fully outside… @Doaly I think an anonymous logo and not uploading any pics of yourself and a gender neutral name/username tends to… @nicodelort Yea I heard! Tbh any famous European actor over the age of 70-80 I just assume is probably an asshole w… watched Bee Movie as a kid during that period of life where you first come into awareness about certain media fig… when they bee-ified Larry King (RIP) in Bee Movie? @etherforth Omfg same, been sayin this for ages but they look real similar! It’s the angry eyebrows + blue eyes com… @krisandrus I have no complaints; Jude looks great in gattaca @dioyasu Lol it came back cuz I saw that post talking about the best looking cast in a movie and people kept mentio… Nothing but LOVE to Matt Damon and Jude Law but you just cannot compare. whenever I see people talk about how hot the cast of The Talented Mr Ripley is but they haven’t seen Purple Noon… immense waves of hopelessness and exhaustion fueled by the current circumstances of the world/the US 😏I am fine but wow we just gotta hang in there until this thing is over huhGoing through a bout of life/existence fatigue ☹️ I am so........... tired......... @dioyasu I think so, yes! @Gothsalts Yes. I love her. I wish more was explored with not only her but also her interactions with Emily, being… @FreddyUlateArt Yes. One of my faves lol @NicRNack Yes! @AkhosArt Oh I’m way ahead of ya, I LOVE red dead redemption 1 and 2! Some of my favs of all time. @katlyyons Hmmm. @axl99 Deus Ex and Dishonored are my favorite games of allllll timeeeeeee theyre the reason why I love stealth, hot guys, and sci fi!!!!! @katlyyons Persona you say? Mmm perhaps... what is it about @BleepFox PS4!Looking for recommendations on a new game to play. 🤔 I like stealth, hot guys, sci-fi... but am open to anything. @DanSPrestonEsq That is correct, Dan.OH MY GOD I AM SO CLOSE TO OFFERING FULL SCHOLARSHIPS TO 60 BLACK ARTISTS! I just need 9 donors of $25 each and so…
Retweeted by Z @aemuuu ALKSDJKALSF I ACTUALLY DIDN'T NOTICE THAT until others began pointing it out and I'm like wow.......... sel… @DrooliaSnott Never. He was the most handsome man to ever grace this planet................................ .I finally got a tiny desk heater and put it near my feet. This + the electric heated socks I got for xmas means tha… @thegnarlyghost ye
I think I ruined the experience for myself. I heard "Route E" was an entirely new game where you play as someone el… I finished Nier Automata. @AmanCreates OMFG WHYYYY 😰😰😰It’s been 3 daysI saw this today and I groaneddddddd @keegan_chua She put MILK in SPAGHETTIOS @keegan_chua THIS CANT BE REAL WTFFFFFFDD @Ashe_Samuels I love how they hide the mistakes made by turning the paper by making it into the loop of the dragon. It’s just *Chefs kiss* @NeilDaviesArt Yea. Another fun fact: in the original script for the Matrix, the character Switch was supposed to b… of course I wouldn’t do this if it’s a real situation, but what does it say about myself if dream me did witho… afterwards I woke up and I felt so disturbed and unsettled - mostly because I had committed this atrocity in th… house ended up being cleaned by the end of the weekend - the final robot was just wandering around while I clea… it was only then that I realized what I had done, and I remember feeling so bad, and I started cleaning the hou… the last robot turned her back to me and I saw that she was so shaken up by what she had done and what I had o…