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ADHD, cats, plants, shitposting. Sometimes I paint things! Paintings, mostly. She/her. pfp by @itsdaneesaur. yes I look like Jessica Hynes I KNOW

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@howlieT @itsdaneesaur Some more than others :p @itsdaneesaur @chton @howlieT Why wouldn’t you have a drill @itsdaneesaur @howlieT I literally googled “Pinterest diy soap dish” and, well, here we are @itsdaneesaur @howlieT There’s gotta be some kind of Pinterest diy soap dish hack @RRowanOlive Haha, no problem! Good luck! @RRowanOlive (Like, this is just a description of Raff. He’s a massive tart who loves car rides) @RRowanOlive (Also, please keep me updated if you decide to go through with the process! I was looking at it a whil… @itsdaneesaur @z0mbee Omg when they tuck the tail over their little nose. I get so jealous. It looks so cozy @tindsaylue Perfect cat eye every time @herder_of_cats @HorzaEdeo Ahahahaha my entire family have specifically been calling him louche since the very begi… @z0mbee @itsdaneesaur That’s some fucking good content right there @RRowanOlive OH and there’s a third option - with this style, you only have to do up a single clasp on the back to… @RRowanOlive It’s probably easiest to start with a simple strap harness rather than a mesh vest one - but the vest… @RRowanOlive And make sure to provide lots of treats and fussing when they have the harness on or nearby, so they a… @RRowanOlive I introduced the harness when they were kittens so it was pretty easy - as an adult, I’d say to just d… @RRowanOlive Heyo! My boys are fine on the harness - I don’t take them for long walks or anything, but they’re usef… @itsdaneesaur @Beardynoise @CharlTaylorPage Wait isn’t this the WOMANS LIKE PINK BECAUSE BERRIES IS PINK bullshit? And it’s being… FINE Catzenberg stop seducing my timeline this instant @Atunci_CoV It’s pre-sauced @chton I’m imagining a nightclub bouncer type, with absolutely no facial expression @wordymelt I volunteer @BootsMcGoot Dust my danglesAnd then, my children, you feast like kings of old Big Chef comes out with a ball of sopping wet noodles between his broad meaty hands and holds it over your headordering your spaghetti arabbiata & they shout back into the kitchen for the Big ChefSssssmush if they served spaghetti like this at Italian restaurants“Stop sharing my shame on the internet, möther” brother can make this jump but he can’t and it eats him up inside @BootsMcGoot 1. Hooray! 2. Oh my god these look delicious
@halkyardo An emotional journey @itsdaneesaur It’s true regret to inform you all that Maxie has been transformed into a little goblin man @BarbiturateCat “This is a very good place to sit. I am very smart.” @BarbiturateCat Ahahahahah his FACE @Mish_in_London @soapachu Sure thing! My cactus one is just bedding in, but here’s a humid plants one, and a pitche… @soapachu @Mish_in_London Aaaa this is so cute!!!Demented Nude Girl's Extraordinary Adventure. (Middlesbrough, 1925)
Retweeted by Katie @sazza_jay A fancy little man with his bow tie!!LOOK AT THIS ANIME-EYED CAT did a study on this and you can tell it’s accurate because it has the funny weed number @Beardynoise we need some Karl pics on this thread ASAP @sarahdal I did a very scientific study of it once need him to know that I love him the link for a whole thread of dumb ginger boys. Magnificent. relevant: This is INCREDIBLY PURE 2. This ginger cat has classic “stupid ginger cat” face & I am delighted. What a dummy.…
@Beardynoise Oh shit i need this
Retweeted by Katie @halkyardo Witchcraftsmiling serenely as I begin to ascend into the heavens as I hold myself back from responding to a stupid take on this web site
Retweeted by Katie @llamalluv Haha, I’ve never seen one outside of work, for what it’s worth! @Wangleberry HE SMELLED SO BAD @LizWainright BUT! You get raccoons! And they have little hands!! @MusingMaggs Ahahaha he is being kept WITHIN an enclosure WITHIN the kennel, we’ve learned our lesson!Satisfied that the hoglet had eaten, was alert, and knew where his food bowl was, I popped him back in the kennel f… highlights: - the world’s messiest eater - cat food stuck to roof of mouth! The drama! - licc - when the… YEAH LIL DUDE FUCK YEAH CHAMPION THEN about 10 minutes, he suddenly starts licking his lips and snapping his jaws a little, and eats the dab of cat… should mention that for p much all of these pictures I’m sitting underneath the table he is on, using my front ca… made him a little cave/burrow in his fresh new bedding, and tried gently offering him a little bit of cat food of…’s our spiky friend not enjoying a towel very much while I cleaned out an industrial quantity of piss and faece… are domesticated hedgehog species (legality depends upon what area of the world you’re in!) but they’re usual…, wild hedgehogs (European Hedgehog, Erinaceus europaeus) are SUPER FRIGGIN CUTE but they’re not pets!!! For on… @SuperRetroid Yeah, even for pet birds you’re looking at having to go to a specialist vet - for wild ones there’s r…, this lil dude was found out during the daytime (hogs are nocturnal), and though he seems healthy (no obviou… @Johnmacadam7474 Put it back in the tree, or as close as you can get to it, and keep the cats indoors for an hour o…, if you find a wild animal: - leave it the hell alone (esp birds) - if situation is clear emergency, tr…, sadly, a lot of the time wild birds that are moved & are not swiftly placed with a specialist rehabilitator… a lot of veterinary practices DO NOT HAVE THE EXPERIENCE, EQUIPMENT, OR RESOURCES TO CARE FOR WILD ANIMALS. Excep… leave wild animals where you found them!!! Esp. baby birds. Move them to a spot of greenery if in the street/road… quick psa before I post hog pics: - I work at a veterinary practice & am feeding & changing bedding on Sunday b/… HAVE ANOTHER HOGLET @WearyWithToil @Baron_Susu_Binx @Bishop_C_Binx For reference I am used to these profiles! @WearyWithToil @Baron_Susu_Binx @Bishop_C_Binx Baron!! Why is your nose so long Baron!!!! @Ilseee_interest I know right D: @Ilseee_interest In my experience: heating pads, time, NSAIDs, and physio if you can get it :/ @danieljmckee Oh man all my body is just aligned badly @Wangleberry WHO IS THIS, WHERE IS THIS, HOW MUCH, my spine is bad @CosRyan @crispy_bart Haha, it’s just so expensive for something I’m not sure will work for me! I’d like to get ahold of a s… red bit is more of an achy stiffness, and the green/yellow is hard, grindy, nauseating pain when I make a movem… morning to everyone except the locked-up facet joints in my lower back, whom I hate @Beardynoise @philford They cannot be dissuaded @kteamarsden Winter people definitely have more yellowy than pink undertones, but in photos & when people are weari… @Beardynoise @philford Ah, I sleep like the dead so I just let the cats onto the bed with me - I don’t have much ex…
@kteamarsden If you are a Pink Person, like me (ie foundation always looks yellow/orangey on you), then you’re likely a spring or an autumn!"PATHETIC"
Retweeted by Katie @AnnaSavory That line did nothing to dissuade him Anna @Luisfius Ajajjfhfjdhf I’ve seen toddler harnesses before but that is a WHOLE different situation @KittyDorkling By god, the dark power over him you now hold Imagine dropping that into an argument with a teen wh… @bookiesnacksize You can only care about one vulnerable population at a time, and exclusively whichever one that yo… @Beardynoise @KittyDorkling Oh no you’re living my nightmare