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Why @jamisonoht got me listening to that Trenches song from Monica now 😭 @flocko_508 😂🤣😭I think merging two peoples life experiences together in every aspect and spending everyday with them would be a bi… could literally listen to Yara Shahidi && Tracee Ellis Ross talk ALL DAY ! 😫❤️ @djordxc Her speaking voice is literally one of my favorite things. There’s something so serene about it. Her red… @imakeelit Yeah this is lowkey creepy @beaucoupbougee Lmfaooo sounds like getting sick to me @beaucoupbougee Absolutely not 😂 Beach me please😍😫💕 😍 AF 😭😂
I am so WEAK at my friend telling me I can feed my dog hamburger helper 😂😭🤣Whew! Squats will be done today 😭 Williams referring to Blac Chyna as “Blac” during hot topics will forever be funny af to me... yes. I used to love her freckles and big hair 😫😂❤️😍 @diettrade It’s essential for homosexual’s mental health.. 😂 @eyeofscottie Priority frenn! Self care is key 👏🏽😫 @wilcg83 Sooo cuteee 😍😂I have a Chris Brown joke that will take you down... haircut, skin care regimen, and bomb workout always gets me together... @Djarodski Glad you’re ok! @Boobi_F😍’t no way in da fuck we still a couple after you pull this shit with me ... @jamisonoht I would never leave the house 😭Not yet... *waits for bae to get home*’m tryna get into meal prep but I’m truly not about that life, I don’t even like leftovers..
@dannylord21 😂 @rxmsxy 😂😂😂 @kaydenmk I don’t deserve your kindness.. but thank you frenn 😂 @rxmsxy Here you go 😭Y’all really be out here being this fine... 😫❤️ this with a black & white pic of you... @rxmsxy 😍😍😍Aweee this is thoughtful af feel attacked because I really don’t like leftovers nor eating off paper plates 😂 never have... but I do like kis… @beaucoupbougee Only millennials & Gen-z would try this, we are a new type of BOLD 😂🤣😭
I fucked up the sentence take “being” out 😂 but you get the pointI don’t think y’all understand how many relationships (friendships, family, romantic) can be salvaged with being pa… @mlcjr_ This level of self care >>>Lmfaooo exactly why I refused to cook anything.. 2020 is gonna have to be a regular thursday for those of us who are actually practicing social distanc… think I’m the only one realizing that this year isn’t a typical thanksgiving 😂! I swear it’s not personal 😭’m the worst at Holiday/Birthday text. I be feeling so bad when I receive them, like damn I truly wasn’t gonna rea… @wilcg83 @TheJessieWoo SameeeeAn entire workout 😭!!!! this the one.. you wanted to share the same message with your followers on each platform.. @_JustDenver Lmaooo ok sounds safeThese damn comments 💀💀😂 why are me and my bf going for a hike later too 😂😭 but I think we’re starting the tradition... @_JustDenver I would’ve ended up doing something crazy like fucking the boss in the employee break room after drink… type of romance 😂🤣😭 @jamisonoht Yall so dumb 😂I wouldn’t even complain because these shits SLAP 👏🏽 app is outta control 😂 @kaelinwilliamss😍✨💕 the one.. finally did my 300 pushups today, I hope this gets easier each day because baby I just —
@imakeelit Still one of my favorites 😂This is so unnecessarily mean however I’ve also seen multiple streams on my TL of him going in on people for their…😍 this was such a moment @_JustDenver Same! And I love it😂😂😂 😍 hate y’all 😂😭😭😭😭 need the link. I love them both so whatever this is I’m in 😫😍❤️ @LEVIMARSMAN It’s the thigh ratio for me 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽Me AF 😭😭😭😭 am screaminggggg
One of my goals in life now is to build a home gym incase of a global pandemic in the future... Because I literal… @imakeelit Same sis, same comments are sending me Somebody said she living in an unfinished coloring book 😂😂😂 ok ok I’m done lmaoOr until their not nominated 👀☕️ promo shot even looks boring af @bebejmartinez Get it frennn! You look bomb ! @rxmsxy Lmaooo ok I’m done. I started blocking and stopped playing with the barbs awhile ago @rxmsxy Well y’all need to be about moving the hell on. She need to go feed that baby and get off Twitter venting lmao @devintoowoke As an album it was pretty solid. She totally could’ve got a nomination for best progressive R&B albu… @rxmsxy Childish, all of y’all lmao @djordxc That part! Especially because she continuously did the opposite for him, constantly feeding his self estee… @AuntyTare I’m not shocked although it wasn’t a great song I remember it being every damn whereNot to mention her “Over It” album is perfection start to finish..Wait, Summer Walker didn’t get any nominations? She’s literally ONE of the best girls doing R&B right now.. @djordxc I only listened to that song ONE time, the night it released... nor have I heard it played anywhere else!… @joethebody1 Thanks man 🖤All of em actually