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Zaire @Zlanier21 Land of Cheese and Beer

Writer. ‘Ope, Midwestern narrative designer. IGDA Scholar 2020. Dream job: TLOU3. Bi. (she/her)

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@coyotehackles Idt any piece of media matches the way I feel in those last few minutes. I’m simultaneously at peace… @jesawyer I don’t think any other movie makes me feel the way those last few minutes do.Sometimes you gotta watch the last six minutes of Melancholia just to feel alive. @quinnHPM This is stunning @AshtonHerrmann It suuuuucks @qorquiq Jesus fuck. @SamMGreer Right! Plus it gives me a chance to figure out what kind of design and where.The weekends don’t hit like they used to. Saturday and Sunday go by fast af now. @axl99 @kungfusquirrel True and it’s the middle of a panni so. Def can wait. @pocttrpgs That’s true! @kungfusquirrel I think it’ll be fine but I could be surprised @joemag_games I don’t wanna be salty in the final moments. Lol @kungfusquirrel Ooooh. Thank you!!I kinda want a Belter style tattoo, but after so many people got Daenerys tattoos and named kids and pets after her… @annacwebs Wow this is crazy
@BuffTuffKRuff Presentation on point, but the answer is still no. He got drip that's it tho @VividFoundry this looks really cool! @dirtbagboyfren I'M SORRY WHAT? How??? @sonybaloneyart A+ gifIt's very obviously white voices coming out of bipoc mouths. It's very frustrating and not at all subtle when it h… just know not a single drop of melanin or color contributed to this script. Imma go fight Netflix for greenlighti… @docsquiddy both of these options are fucking legit @Charalanahzard @ArkaneStudios Deathloop has been on my radar forevs. I am beyond excited about it. I'm very confus… @Christoph_Means This is legit one of the scariest games I've played. It hits the primal fear so well. @itskindred @Christoph_Means ayyyooooo! I really hope you like what we did. @sarahlongthorne Aaaaye at this compliment for my crashed ship logs. @Keith_Shetler @virtual_don AAAAAAAH. That's quite the compliment thank you! @sarahlongthorne yes maam. I DID THAT SHIT @jeeyonshim This is cute af. @sarahlongthorne :D. You helped a lot with this! @BrittneyMMorris @UnknownWorlds @gamedev_fitness Ahhhhh. I'm so excited. @virtual_don @UnknownWorlds You too! Me you and @DamJess gotta Stardew again. :) @Gamedev_Rose You’re too kind. @_emnays @UnknownWorlds Thank you!!I can’t say thank you to everyone individually, but thank everyone for their kind words and congrats. It means a lo… @gamedev_fitness Thanks Jill!! @ThatSamWinkler I really hope you like it! @annacwebs Aw. Lol. @Christoph_Means Me watching you use console commands to hop immediately to the crashed ship: @kiana_hamm Hell yeah. @kiana_hamm Samesies. @kiana_hamm Thank you. :D @kiana_hamm I should. I only got a little into collectibles recently with tlou2 and honestly they’re cool af. @MSwampcroft I’m so excited. I loved writing these!! @kait_zilla I hope you like it! @Eldaros35 I did! @CobTheCreator 🥺 thanks cobIf people don’t like it imma cry and eat ice cream. @jscoble :D I wish I could. @ManyEyesDesign 👀👀 @SamMGreer :D hell yeah indeed! @bogboogie I’m hyped!!I’m like vibrating with excitement!! I loved working with @UnknownWorlds and y’all are in for a treat!Omgosh. I wrote the Crashed Ship audiologs for this update. They’re my first bit of voiced game writing that I conc…
@jeeyonshim Hell yeah!!! @six6jiang Hmmm yeah. @axl99 I think Arkane always had those kind of options with Dishonored. I’d be surprised if it didn’t. I hope it does for ya.Don’t get me wrong at all. Arkane is a GOAT. @axl99 I kinda want the collectibles, but also I realize they usually have those editions well after release.I almost never preorder games, but Deathloop has become a bee in my bonnet and I can’t stop thinking about it. Do I… @ManyEyesDesign Saaaaame.It’s stylish and I won’t get over Deathloop having two Black protags. I hope it’s as good as I hope.Holy fuck. Every thing I see of Deathloop makes me so excited. I was grinning watching the new trailer. Ugh. I can’t wait. @wjlanier :D @dirtbagboyfren Good vibes, and good luck @AshtonHerrmann Ugh, it's my faveI'm still playing this broken ass multiplayer eight years later. It's glitchy and people cheat, but it's my favorit… of Play, please! 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 TLOU Factions… @animtree I love this!! @WakingOni Well aren’t you just the absolute worst. @wynrush I feel this, but the phrasing of the second half of this is killing me, because I am secretly a middle schooler. @dirtbagboyfren goddamn @WakingOni both of yall are killing this pic!? @AC_Revolution This is cute afI’ve got two modes. Glam and not glam. Glam happens maybe four times a year. @StillNotSam :D thank you. @Asante_Lanier Don’t even lol. @Asante_Lanier The pic is supposed to be me, not my little sister who is considerably cuter. :PI guess these will have to do. 🙄 @hexsenketel Adios, have a good lent @nessathewriter I might reread it tonight lmao. Bt yeah. The creaking sound and the mental imagery had me scared at night for weeks. @nessathewriter Omfg. In a cavern in a canyon is an amazing short story and it fucked me up so bad. @nessathewriter Favorite story in it? @youmeyou Honestly this should be at the top of my list. I haven’t read nearly enough Baldwin. @DevinJohnDoyle I’ve got that one too! It was my first book about writing. @annacwebs I’ll check this out :) thanks for the suggestion. @BMCarbaugh That’s good to know. Do you have any other scripts you’d strongly suggest I read? Also, do you print th… @Zlanier21 Honestly the #1 thing I always recommend for writer/narrative folks is to get into theater. Lots of clas…
Retweeted by Zaire @alisontheperson Will do! Thanks :) @BMCarbaugh Oh shit. Thank you! I actually didn’t know that. I always assumed scripts were guarded and honestly, I… @annacwebs What theater should I start with? I know the like. Basics, but there’s so much out there that I get wholly overwhelmed. @MSwampcroft Ty! @Zlanier21 If you’re like me and are nervous about starting any writing project, give the essay “Shitty First Draft…
Retweeted by Zaire @MSwampcroft I’ll check these out for sure. @JoshMLabelle Oh man. I love this! @BMCarbaugh Where does one find this script?? @MSwampcroft I’ll add it! @alisontheperson Adding to the list :)