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@surelynotsi happy now @fitboyfranco im in camden on sat but if u wanna go tennis on sunday then go gym we can @fitboyfranco u got a spare racket? @fitboyfranco when do u finish work tday @fitboyfranco its 8 in the morning franny
@wyruei @surelynotsi im wearing a vest everywhere i go nowdo
Retweeted by max🕊Earth signs
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Retweeted by max🕊 @harmoneeyang AND A MFING 14 YR OLD HAS CATFISHED ME AS HER BF ON A FUCKING FRIENDS APP LIKE BRO @harmoneeyang i got called frank. @harmoneeyang its so irritating when they give me shit names too. @5itto these caption ideas bro @layinginthedirt @ow_lore LIKE IMAGINE IF HE HAD SOME TAN ON HIM OR SOME SKIN EXPOSURE @ow_lore if u went outside ud be so attractive @cupkatez lift weights n shit @OWJaeger @surelynotsi im probably an 8 idk maybe a 9 im not sure tbh, most ppl who r conventionally “attractive” a… @OWJaeger @surelynotsi or erm henry cavil @OWJaeger @surelynotsi eh vinnie @ow_lore @surelynotsi meet me in the middle 6.5 @surelynotsi im a solid 7.5 sierra @amzstrawberry i hated it after a second @surelynotsi LYING IS BAD @snowiexo i have shaky hands always4 fingers :) @surelynotsi im offing myself @surelynotsi U HOMIED ME @surelynotsi im studying my friend @surelynotsi bye @surelynotsi yooh hey it’s me
Retweeted by max🕊nothing more unnerving than being stared at by a group of ppl lord christ @222GenTle evilim a 66s across the board, @surelynotsi <3 @surelynotsi hi my lovehi’t no regular F-150 this a fkin Raptor
Retweeted by max🕊 @travisscottsgf @zefiyy 96???? HOLY FUCK @minbin_07 IS EVERY1 THAT READS BOOKS INTO BAD BOYS OR LIKE ? @envysJPN @ahhjem @kevsarchive @surelynotsi ngl shawty your ego is way too high for a mf that cant even reach the t… @layinginthedirt my girl jokingly tweeted shes single now and this lil dude who she used to talk did her so dirty a… @layinginthedirt im pissed @kevsarchive @envysJPN @surelynotsi its a common variable for him thats why ngl @kevsarchive im a lil mad rn @envysJPN @surelynotsi i think u might be a lil mental dawg hop out of these comments
@Nighty10k @surelynotsi lmfao @wrathofmiki IT IS? @kevsarchive @Nighty10k @surelynotsi YO KEV HIIII HIIII @surelynotsi @Nighty10k nighty do u need a boyfriend @surelynotsi @Nighty10k U TELL ME TO SHUTUP OR STOP SPEAKING THE MOMENT I EVEN TRY N BUY U ANYTHING @ZCZCZCZC16 @Nighty10k @surelynotsi bet @ZCZCZCZC16 @Nighty10k @surelynotsi @Nighty10k @surelynotsi i do have her but this girl doesnt even let me get her food without throwing a tantrum @ me @rxhtra jaw muscles comin through bro is lean lean @westjett1 someone who actually understands the point of this tweet, ty🤝 @glittereggo 😭 @Saulsrevenge saul bro u r one of the few ppl@in this community that i genuinely look up to @lnnocennts @BlingCakess i assuming u declared that shit right😭 @lnnocennts @BlingCakess bro was the carrier for 600k @lnnocennts @BlingCakess u should probably get a safe… @lnnocennts @BlingCakess why do u have so much money in cash kev😭 @miinieie oh trust me, me too - i jus find twitter ppl to be a waste of energy @miinieie i jus wouldnt respond to the man hes jus farming impressions @ZCZCZCZC16 to think sex n gender r such complicated terms to understand @ZCZCZCZC16 yuki franchising wilding @ndbtway this gotta be for interactions right @lnnocennts @BlingCakess ik u aint dumb enough to be keeping that much money cash bbg @lnnocennts maybe 845 is not a good investment when jobless kevy @lnnocennts bro how much do u make a month dawg. i thought i spent a lot. @spookyaddison there is a difference between ppl actively trying to make a career out of something than degeneratel… @spookyaddison if its a job and makes u money then i think its fine😭motivation ig @johnnyyswrld my inspiration @ofintels_ qing a game everyday for 16hrs straight is not a hobby or a goal, thats an addiction shawty - unless its a job then fuck idc do u @Cazzyqc LMFAOgirls get yourself a man who can cook, dress, work, socialise and has life goals. i promise you, your dream man does not q val 20hrs a day. @kaitoxkaito_ honestly i forgot i probably jus bought it online sonewhere, ill check when i get home @crashiesfangirl is it a twit boy or irl @AK_valorant DOES@KEZ HAVE A GIRL??? @divorcexo congrats brother @kaylahlx my brother has arachnophobia hes gonna kill me when he gets hone
@kevsarchive nah hes dying @layinginthedirt his eyes holy shit @hitscanWISP love bro @wyruei ty i love it @BlingCakess serpent on forearm next then butterfly on chestbetter photo but fuck me this hurt @cestarri even satan dont want u no morehow are we gatekeeping the word partner now, bro what. @Nighty10k @1shwwn control yourself. @Nighty10k @ @suyki_6 @KnightAlexC @Cazzyqc @bunnbunn_15 @Furifys fair tbh i have on girl friend who is 4’10 and she looks like my daughter next to me @suyki_6 @KnightAlexC @Cazzyqc @bunnbunn_15 @Furifys idk if height makes u more or less ugly😭 @Nighty10k unrealspider done :) to self shading on your rib is painful. @sh2dee rib spider