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Zane🏄‍♂️ @ZMrotek Kingsville, TX

R.I.P. Mac. I'm adamant and you inadequate #TAMUK #ΚΣ Snap-zanecuh

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👻👻👻 ATTENTION 👻👻👻 We will be raffling off spooky baskets for you and your boo this Halloween season, if you have…
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️Facing a dive in profits from fracking, a Texas chemical co. boosted sales elsewhere. Now Colombian cocaine barons…
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️Wei Zhongxian😭😭🤣 this is great to his legs
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️ just finished two quizzes and assignments in 20 mins💀Chosen 1’s will run the 2020’s
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️Kyler Murray special
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️This girl posted on her story "its cocktober so that means swalloween"💀💀
“Telling the truth is crazy in a world full of lies.” - Kanye West, Joe Rogan Experience, October 24th 2020
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️Denzel curry has one line verses that have 4 meanings, this is mid never saw people get dressed up to go to the store til I got to south texas😂 quick to call someone a simp but look at you now love the dbacks but dog wtf🤣😭😭😭
Nice you're 25 stop with the "relatable" tweetsKhabib showing his extensive knowledge of extreme twisterKΣ 1990 at Mississippi State.
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️ @pulte $zanecuhI was outside and saw this weird ass long cloud rolling in fast af and tripped out, turns out it was just the cold front😍
I've been searching for awhile, and compiled a list of replacement/upgrade parts for my truck and now all I need is… devin booker is an 88? Gotcha @cheremateng @eric_gaona Its not your fault you don't know karate🤷‍♂️If anyone tryma buy some beats hml😂😂 got paid yesterday and im broke because of my truck insurance and phone bill lmao
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️If you preach hate you’re apart of the problem
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And she still don't want me😔 anyone ever questions why I hate alice... this is the current mayor lmao and the homies groupchat💀 made his career debut at 5 years old. Legend've been interviewed 5 times by them I feel like they should slide me something🤣
You said De'Aaron Fox was better than him lmaoo play wasn't going to change the course of the game💀 although this definitely should have been called
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Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️The packers lost by 4 touchdowns so the cardinals could win by 4 touchdownsHey gang! Tomorrow morning at 11 AM PST 🕚 You asked for it! You got it! 👀 Introducing Pink Underbill 🌸 Minor Leagu…
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️Exactly while ill never get an std test or an eye exam, shits corrupt
This shit had me dying😂 or treat
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️the weirdest thing that happened to me this month was when i got sent a counterfeit pizza hut coupon
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️So did they accidentally add all students into that email thread?😂Favorite memory of tamuk? Always family weekend or homecoming weekend with the bros @tamukkappasigma @adolfsworld, he'd be calling people out and saying their opinion was shit 🤣 I had such great foresight that I never got into a relationship then u play some KPop around me imma BTS outta you😭💯
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️ @mikal_bridges 😔Leading the @Suns to 8-0 in the NBA Restart... watch the TOP CLUTCH SHOTS from @DevinBook's career thus far!
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️I didn't know @TheoVon was in the game really just be 6'4 for no reasonWhen white people see someone they havent seen in forever they always say some outta pocket shit like "Well bend my… when you thought 2020 couldn't get any worse trash at work rn and found about 7 empty 18 packs with cans and 2 fifths of jim beam black empty🤦‍♂️Denny’s gotta go.
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A note from the editor: Just to clarify, I know the packers lost. Thank you for your time -ManagementFelt this x100*psp picks in a game for rodgers? Its gonna fucking snow tomorrow👀
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️I spoke to Dave Chapelle for two hours this morning. He is our modern day Socrates
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️ @andres_q_ You should've said "I can lose weight, but you can't get taller" @Thelma_LeeH It still makes me cringe that people would order undercooked pizzas lmao @ZMrotek Little Caesar’s gang 😎😂😂
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️I shotgunned a crawford bock pint on memoriam of the Astros loss😔Fuck the raysI’m actually pretty excited for this Lopez and Loma fight
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️Deadass like 20 people I have on snap were at six flags today. Pain😔First time I heard sneaky link I thought yall was talking bout a torrent site💀
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️her: “how do I know you’re loyal?” me:
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️This the one
Jarvis Landry will be honoring Mac Miller with his cleats tomorrow versus the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️“Who’s better? Klay or Book?”
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️Robbing a home run and pretending you didn’t is more disrespectful than any bat flip, great addition to the game
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️Mad props"Fuck Tampa we came to play, got the rays cooking sprinkle old bay" im saying is 95% of the time the cheese looks like that the dough isn't fully cooked @AlexxMedia @HatClub Just hope you luckier on the drops than I am😂Nice!
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️Prove 👏 Me 👏 Wrong 👏
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️crazy how all of these things rhyme
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️"Yeah, just bend my knees backwards and call me cricket"How do women have so many best friends, I hardly have friends period
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Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️Did it work?
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️Know he's been dreaming about it years ago today we lost John Dunsworth. He was such a brilliant and generous guy. He was always doing stuff to he…
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️Yooooooooo live 04🥺 miss that shit @Ronnie2K
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The power to do whatever I please because I’m the only one who can make decisions for myself is everything.
Retweeted by Zane🏄‍♂️Summoning circle, hope this works 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯…
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