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Zach McNees @ZMsuited Brooklyn, NY

Inventor of Ben & Jerry’s S’mores. Poker player. Engineer/mixer for TV/Film and podcasts @westwingweekly + @vmipod + @heresthething

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@RobTVLA Thank you! That’s incredibly kind 😊
@BunkerGraeme @WestWingWeekly wow that made it’s way to facebook? I took that haha. @ramondeocampo @WestWingWeekly @JoshMalina @HrishiHirway Yay!! ❤️🛫More from last weeks @WestWingWeekly reunion ! Here’s me and #jimmysmits , Matt Santos and Otto, onstage at the ace…
Retweeted by Zach McNeesThe plural of Attorney General isn’t Attorney Generals. It’s Attorneys General, like courts-martial. 🙄 at the @westwingweekly live podcast Friday night...audience was expecting only 2 more actors on stage for the 2n…
Retweeted by Zach McNeesMy heart ❤️ @FriendlyBoat Thank you! ❤️❤️ @nocontxtww It’s true ☺️
@marjohn626 @WestWingWeekly @skywalkersound @EdwardorEddie WILL respond!also I’m available now, hire me 😂PSA to take the leap and reach out to the people that you admire, even if it’s a cold email or DM. It’s how I got t…! One of my new projects starting this spring will be mixing the @lgbtqpod hosted by @jeffmasters1 on the… @knightley_emma @EdwardorEddie @WestWingWeekly Aw!! Thank you! I’m really sad we didn’t meet in LA. @AbdullahAkilah @HrishiHirway @WestWingWeekly Check the website! All the episodes are listed there @ajscafeflamingo @WestWingWeekly wasn’t she great? I loved that interview @EdwardorEddie Thank you! 🙏 @PJSActor @WestWingWeekly Honestly!! @TylerTankersley @WestWingWeekly @AllisonBJanney YesThe penultimate episode of @WestWingWeekly 🥺
@WordOfScott @WestWingWeekly Edited the hell in a good way?...At its heart, #TheWestWing was about the enduring value of public service and the pursuit of truth, justice and com…
Retweeted by Zach McNeesI had a moment backstage with Leia Organa’s dad where in passing he said “What’s up Brooklyn?” to me when we passed…
@sharpenorah Holy shit YEP. 🙏 @AlexForPete YES. With handsome ad spokesmanAn app that I can input my destination into one time and it’ll give me the ride share price for all the different apps
@IslandGirlLBI @WestWingWeekly @JoshMalina @HrishiHirway I had a similar delayed reaction yesterday 🥺❤️ @mradamscott @nocontxtww @WestWingWeekly Wish you’d been there!! @knightley_emma @nocontxtww @WestWingWeekly @BradleyWhitford 🥺 words have never been more of a question today in any aspect of my life. I’m excited to see what happens tomo… @Nidocamen H4, H6, F8 😂 all the Zoom devicesI am sorry to not have made it!! I live in NY and have been traveling so much and I have these two young boys...jus…
Retweeted by Zach McNees @PJSActor @WestWingWeekly is always an adventure with this one. #HappyBirthdayPete
Retweeted by Zach McNeesOk that was solid. Need to sleeeeep wanting to sleep. Everyone at the Bike right now ^ @winterknit @WestWingWeekly I thought your Q meant you were gonna be there last night Priya! 😭Now back to our regularly scheduled poker content. @Elvaphant @katelizabeth144 @WestWingWeekly 😂 @katelizabeth144 @WestWingWeekly Thanks a lot! ❤️Omg 🥺 @katelizabeth144 @WestWingWeekly Only audio, sorry!Thank you @Karis_Campbell @maffyfitz @ramondeocampo @EliAttie @nocontxtww @PJSActor @BradleyWhitford a magical evening last night and a fantastic day in LA today. My friends have left and I’m having a very delaye…
not since Jed Bartlet dined alone... an extraordinary end to an extraordinary podcast. and a special thanks to ever…
Retweeted by Zach McNees❤️🛫 @maffyfitz ❤️’s taping of the last episode of @WestWingWeekly was surreal. Thank you @HrishiHirway & @JoshMalina for the…
Retweeted by Zach McNeesHaven’t fully processed last night yet. All I can say it a magical, perfect evening with so many amazing people. Th…
First one here. Who’s ready for this? Come say hi to me if you see me tonight @WestWingWeekly friends! 🛫 @still_Jeff @JoshMalina @WestWingWeekly @BradleyWhitford It’s from the set of @PerfectHarmony @Stapes @WestWingWeekly @JoshMalina Stapes Lol @MrPraxMath22 @HrishiHirway @JoshMalina @WestWingWeekly Omg what dedication 😩It’s a day of Jubilee and celebration for one of these guys. Happy Birthday @JoshMalina! 🎉 We celebrate tonight at… @winterknit @WestWingWeekly Correction I’m a carry on person haha. See you tomorrow!! @winterknit @WestWingWeekly Of course!! 🙌 @marjohn626 @RBYapok @nocontxtww @WestWingWeekly @HrishiHirway Hi, I love her
@alieward It’s so brazen I kind of respect it tbh🤔 I wonder who’s going to be there? 😉@WestWingWeekly @JoshMalina
Retweeted by Zach McNeesIs it okay if my new favourite movie doesn’t ‘technically’ exist? #WestWing @WestWingWeekly TOBY - Movie Trailer…
Retweeted by Zach McNees @akellyucc @WestWingWeekly @YouTube oh my god this is incredible @winterknit I’m just a check bags kind of person, and I hate having to wait on the other end for them / am always n… is, maybe the best idea I’ve ever heard. 100% hell yes please make it so. mean, drinks first tho right? @jeffschmidt YES FINALLY. I also got avid to create favorite / recently used timecode locations in the spot dialogu… amount of personal shame I feel for having to check a bag for my flight to LA is overwhelming @TDidzOfficial Thank you!! ☺️ @winterknit Yessssss omg @kassoday @WestWingWeekly @RobTVLA @ccgrumpyboy @HrishiHirway @JoshMalina As far as I know they will be available for quite a while
😭 Brooklyn County Clerk’s office is a hell hole that doesn’t accept debit cards. @julieafielding1 @WestWingWeekly BartletTHIS IS GETTING SO REAL!! 7.20 “The Last Hurrah” with Mary-Louise Parker and @TeriPolo1 🛫 @JoeMeehan Thank you! That’s so kind ☺️ @PlayoffsCanes20 @WestWingWeekly Yes
@mikegentes @WestWingWeekly Yes definitely!48 hours from today I am on a plane for LA for the @WestWingWeekly finale! 😭🛫 Hope to see many of you there!Imagine anyone willingly getting on a 737Max in the future... me baffled that Sandler wasn’t nominated and that Uncut Gems wasn’t acknowledged at all.
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@RobTVLA @warnerbros @JoshMalina @WestWingWeekly @HrishiHirway 👀 do you know how much money they make? You’ll actually puke 🤮ONE HUNDRED PERCENT THIS FOREVER every month for the last eight months’s midnight. I can’t sleep. So I’ll do what anyone else would do. Pick a random #WestWing episode and get re-inspired about my country.
Retweeted by Zach McNeesI will say, however, that I’m thrilled for #Parasite and #BongJoonHo for their recognition. (I also think it should…
Retweeted by Zach McNeesI’ll join in the chorus of voices expressing how disheartening it is that only 2 of 20 #Oscars2020 acting noms and…
Retweeted by Zach McNees @AGoldmund TravestyDamn yo.... Sandler gave a stellar performance in Uncut Gems—-I swore that was a shoo.
Retweeted by Zach McNeesWhen you see the Oscar nominations
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Planes Drop Thousands Of Kilograms Of Carrots And Potatoes For Starving Animals In Australia
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I was an ENORMOUS FAN and it was a dream!
Retweeted by Zach McNeesIt’s 63 degrees in NYC right now 🤯🛫 this can’t be a good thing 😬
@lizzieohreally My cat does this semi-regularly. I’ve made peace with the fact that there’s something under my stov… @PJSActor @BradleyWhitford I love #otto appreciation tweets from @PJSActor ... definitely could use more #westwing
Retweeted by Zach McNees😭😭😭😭😭
We all just want someone to slow dance to Billie Holiday with right?Steve ruins a photo.
Retweeted by Zach McNeesLuna, Sato mix (6 m/o), 3rd & Sullivan St., New York, NY • “She’s terrified of one of our best friends, which is hi…
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@KateCBA @WestWingWeekly @BradleyWhitford Thank you!!