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@annabdemented Can’t wait to read your essay!
Fuck yesssss @EvolutionPod YAASYYYYYI might cut myself a fringe this weekend... Because you know, lockdown 3.0 and all thatReally enjoyed chatting to Mike & @13fingerfx about @tom_six's awesome HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2. Never thought I'd laugh s…
I'm homeschooling my brother today and top 10 theme park rides on youtube deffs counts as educational, right?NEW episode of @bloodybluntscc continuing a month of J-Horror w/ writer & @WeAreHorrorZine editor @TheDaniBethea; w…
Retweeted by Zoë // Zobo With a ShotgunOne of my favorite films + the banter b/tween myself and @_daddydisco was sublime. Now, do yourself a favor and get…
Retweeted by Zoë // Zobo With a Shotgun @PhilNobileJr Omg please
Got this cool headshot by the photographer I’m working with for our work magazine & I feel like I should be a CEO n…
@ellieswaffield Ellie 😂😂😂😂 deadRewatching DONKEY PUNCH and Bloc Party is the soundtrack and I’m getting all nostalgic for my teen years. Didn’t th… @b_rollbanshee Absolutely!
@b_rollbanshee I absolutely love Excision!
Such a great article from @AcidGothForever! Very interesting and raises some really good points. Definitely worth h… @AcidGothForever @AFizgig This piece is absolutely incredible Jessie and I love it a lot!Someone very very kindly gifted me ko-fi gold (whoever it was, drop me a DM) and now I'm using it so one-off suppor… @RosarellaFletch @SarahDobbs Happy birthday Rosie!!!! Hope you are having a fab day xoxo
@Andrewsian2015 @EvolutionPod The first one isn’t that bad, not much happens @Jabbah2000 Horn because with a tail, trousers are difficult! @Katie_Cakes I turned Hate Crime off because the rape felt too gratuitous @Jabbah2000 Thank you Andy! I hope you do too 🖤 @slackermanbo Hahaha that’s amazing @slackermanbo More than once! @Dug_McFarlane Hmmm maybe @barbaracrampton because she’s just amazing in everything @Andrewsian2015 @EvolutionPod That’s a fantastic question! I would suggest maybe starting with something more physi… @AdeMitchell Hannibals for dinner but only if he feasts on me @London_Lou Genuinely probably just take coke and drink and become a nude dancer 😂Following on from my boredom tweet... Ask me anything? And make it fun cos cba with like directors from 1923 @WillChich I will I will! Still thinking of going one for my birthday @TheTripp21 Honestly... I’m loosing my fucking mindBoredom is getting to me now. SO BORED. @lucybug27 Punch them directly in the face @WMMAMM Me too :( @Tessicat BIG MOOD @EvolutionPod Hahaha i think you should recommend that people watch it!Watch the exclusive trailer for Barbara Crampton-starring horror movie 'Sacrifice.'​
Retweeted by Zoë // Zobo With a ShotgunToday I'm rewatching INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE for a few reasons but the main one being that I'm in a strange erotic… @EvolutionPod @Shiny_Demon Happy birthday Louise 🖤 @London_Lou an absolute blast on @StrongViolentPC with Mitch & Andy chatting REPO: THE GENETIC OPERA. Yes this musical hor… @ReelBrew This episode broke me. The chat at the fire had me feeling real feelings
Zoom catch ups with @PendlePumpkin are my absolute fav 🖤🖤 @Colak @cosmicraygirl @StrongViolentPC I WILL NOT HAVE THIS SLANDER @LGTHBlog Me plsI’m only making time in 2021 for awesome shit. That includes films. Fucking masterpiece. Hard to watch as it reminded me of personal shit but GOD DAMN. Shivers and tears were… @whoops1974 Not really.... I’m by myself and tweeted once @JHandorf Happy birthday Jen! Have a great day 🤘🏼 @whoops1974 Why? @AdeMitchell Happy birthday 🥳 ❤️ @PamSandwiches This will probably be one of my tamest 8am watches hahahaI'm 7 minutes into PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN and I already know I'm going to fucking LOVE this film. @lucybug27 Personally attacked 😂
@lucybug27 I superglued my breaking gel nail 😂😂😂😂 @Jfcdoomblade Happy birthday 🥳 x @justahiddenjem Jesus ChristMads Mikkelsen as LeStat and Yahya Abdul Mateen as Louis. (This gonna be even sexier) P.s Interview With a Vampi… @ryanlarson Mads Mikkelsen as LeStat and Yahya Abdul Mateen as Louis. (This gonna be even sexier)
@CopnallBryony YASSSSSSSSS you know the truth x @FilmFanStevie Oooooo nice and heavy ahahah @trekofthetour I love it so much @darklightprods Right? Super therapeutic @joesydev I'm so sorry to hear that. You are very strong and thank you for your kind words, it really means a lot! x @TreyHilburn Hahahaa mmm that noble rot @AllesKlar71 @EvolutionPod I'M GONNA COAX YOU INTO IT @AdeMitchell Boooo fuck our lives @Kenny_Onions Accidentally?! @lucyamclaren Hahaha I was I was as positive! @chris1noise I can't party with my pals though :( It will be fine I guess! Thank you Christian, I will certainly try. Hope you do too! @flunkyfly That does sound fun but I love dressing & leaving the house haha sooooo I think I will struggle! @MattQuinnMusic I'm actually getting bored of films... @AllesKlar71 I'm not even sure what emotion is what anymore @RussellKubrick Aquarius :P @Katie_Cakes That does sound pretty fun! I'm not really a home person so I guess the prospect of a birthday at home kills me haha @EvolutionPod @StrongViolentPC @PointHorrorPod @TheFinalGirlsUK @throughscifipod @ArrowFilmsVideo @ProjectionsPod @guenwyvharr Ahhh sucks! My birthday is 27th so little while to go but I'll be 28 :) @SethMetoyer It is surprisingly so soothing @Ken_Wynne I'M SO HAPPY I'M NOT ALONE @PendlePumpkin @Ken_Wynne @attackplanetb @TheMovieMike @EvolutionPod My pleasure! You are AMAZING! X @lucybug27 I already cried about life twice but I don't even have mcds breakfast to wipe my tears with @TheMarkASimmons Happy birthday!!! @SaraSorrentino I’ve just messaged lots of writers about writing for something. If an editor likes a writers work,…
I think I am going lose my mind in another lockdown 🙃🙃🙃 I’m also having a lockdown birthday 🙃🙃🙃 WOO 2021I do apologise to @EvolutionPod & all the listeners. @EvolutionPod It does feel like you chose to cover all my fav films 😂 I’m sorry Mike! @EvolutionPod I LOVE Hostel! So much fun!Also Matt Dillon is so hot with his moustache and as a serial killer...I am re-watching THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT to calm my anxiety today because that's totally normal, right?Decided to get up early and blast NEKROMANTIK theme tune because that is the Monday vibe🎙MINISODE 133 IS LIVE🎙Topics include a first look at DEATH BECOMES HER for Mitch, Netflix Original SPREE and also W…
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@DirRobSavage Omg @louistheroux is my fav person and I’m so excited for youFriendship with @LGTHBlog summed up @scoutthehorizon Okay now I have to see it! @scaredsheepless I like to pretend there isn’t a remake hahaha @Mtltranslove @scaredsheepless Glad you loved Possessor, it’s sooooo good! 🖤 @VenetianSamnite Thank youuuuu! @bloodygoodreads Thank youuuu, adding to the list! @joecsmitty Yeah he’s not a cute son 🤣 @TheTino04 Okay I need to check all these out then! Thank you