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Ive decided I’m a tiktokker now x
So this is happening in the U.K. now! What do you guys think? wow they did it! Has anyone else got it? Mine is displaying mine but they are SIGNIFICANTLY lower than usual, I… @beautyjunkieldn I thought about Ollie and Ben fogle instantly 😂😂😂I was eating while I was watching @dragraceukbbc and I actually stopped eating with my mouth open in pure fear and…'s critiques are so ridiculously specific, I love it #DragRaceUK
Retweeted by Zoe London#teamthevivienne @TimHillierBrook Oh @georgejrockett does too hahaI got sent @hudabeauty for the first ever time in my life and I was so happy about it I put it all over my face and… taking life too seriously. 🧡 also this week I got gifted for the first time in my life by hudabeauty pr and h… is a celebrity that you just hate for absolutely no reason? for me it's Rita Ora I cannot gel with her I don't… @catrasmyth ahahaha maybe ILL THROW YOU IN FIRST CAT @RolyUnGashaa im good at this too can we play it soon pleaseI just realised this is the kind of thing I'd tweet if I was in trouble and signalling for help, has anyone been ro… @StephanieYeboah @luisachristie @people I think they just went the lazy marvel route tbh @CalumMcSwiggan Calum please you do not know what you are on about xx @only_for_mdl @CassieDisguised ahaha fair! cevans although muscly is the biggest softest sweater wearing dork in the world @only_for_mdl @CassieDisguised PRE SERUM?!?!? what @StephanieYeboah @people Im just like. CHRIS EVANS. wtf.OMG I didn’t even realise the spelling error and now I want the ground to swallow me up fml FEELINGThis is where I screencapped that shot of sexiest superhero from by the way looool good on you Dobrik @mikejhemsley Is this Carly logged in in secret, annoyed that it’s not Paul Rudd ?why do we as a society normalize hating your partner wow i am so bothered this morning
Retweeted by Zoe LondonAt this point I may as well just rebrand to a cevans stan account tbh @HannaaahRogers I have and it’s great but it’s the least sexiest thing soz 😂 people magazine feeing ok? friends. My band is not the kind of band that has many fans or big releases, so keeping things under wraps is en…
Retweeted by Zoe London @jossjocelynjoc Awww glad to have you never too late! 🧡Good morning women, you may as well stop working for the year today as yesterday was the last day you got paid beca…
Retweeted by Zoe London @kamcore Oh I’ve seen this band advertised on t shirts in topshop how cute xx
@_BEIpolar Last time I saw Diplo he did not perform and it was disappointing tbh 1/5 starsI would also like to clarify I am a serious house DJ xxxxxx get yourself a girl who can do both xxxNormal DJs: *plays Dillon Francis* Me when I’m DJIng: *plays Whitney Houston and pretends to be Sasha Velour* @robholley You’ll have to explain this to me cos I did notice the other day at the EMAs she won “MTV Russia” best a… @GastroGays I swear I will protest in the streetIf we don’t get Maruv for Ukraine at next year’s Eurovision, I’m going to be very mad.ITS STARTING @SeanSmithSucks Also a very good tactic for keeping away drunk assholes looking for somewhere to store their coat 😂😂 @SeanSmithSucks 😂😂😂😂😂 speak for yourself mate I am a lady behind the decksSushi before a DJ set I am truly living my best life today @ughbysmal It’s only a two hour dj set haha when it’s 4-5 hours I wear easy clothes to run 😂😂😂I’m wearing a sparkly long sleeve long trouser fully covered jumpsuit as I’m DJing later but have things to do firs… single time I’ve ever tweeted a cultural reference with a random year related to the tweet I get a thousand t…
@VerityAndCakes VERITY WHERE HAVE YOU BEENkids born after the year 2005 will NEVER KNOW the joy of dancing around your bedroom to Samantha Mumba - Gotta Tell Youomg. SASH ECUADOR. christ. this is gonna be the best DJ booking anyone has ever booked me for. @mermaidnxtdoor ngl I normally actually play this especially when I'm doing a garage set haha absolute banger @leytonb its absolutely getting played hahah complaints to the bbcNO NO NO NO NO NO NO, NO NO, THERE'S NO LYRICS!!!! @HollieAnneB it literally is ive just never found a club that would book me looool @leytonb oh my god I've been swindled!!!! IT WAS ON THE MINISTRY OF SOUND ULTIMATE 90S DANCE TRACKSI might entirely rebrand my life to being a euro trash DJJesus Christ SCATMAN JOHN HOW COULD I FORGET ABOUT THIS BANGERSee also Gina G - Ooh Aah.. Just A Little Bit damn why does ride on time still absolutely SLAPthis is gonna be as rad as when I did an 80s party for the actual Duran DuranI’m DJing a 90s party tomorrow and if you think I will not be playing ride on time you are sorely mistakenEXCLUSIVE: Twenty-five sitting and former Tory councillors exposed for posting Islamophobic and racist material on…
Retweeted by Zoe LondonIf you're about to text someone you know is prone to anxiety with the words: 'There's something I need to talk to y…
Retweeted by Zoe LondonWhy does this keep happening I wonder
Retweeted by Zoe LondonThis TikTok trend might be my favorite so far
Retweeted by Zoe LondonApparently Boris Johnson has said his favourite band are The Clash and I’m wondering if he’s ever actually listened…’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry xx @ Margot Los Angeles 2020 every body can join me in the house of lovecan't wait until I finish learning how to produce my own tracks so I can finally give everyone the east 17 house of… security guard was impressed by Megan Thee Stallion’s performance 😂
Retweeted by Zoe LondonSo many things make up how beautiful a person is, not just appearance but their energy, the way they speak to you,…
Retweeted by Zoe London @ginandconnick God I would have thought that would be the reason you went tbh !!!I just wanna snort whatever crack these bollywood directors do before they come up with shit like this LMAOOOO. thi…
Retweeted by Zoe London
Im sorry but WHERE are the numbers on this tweet god jokes are wasted on you lot I can’t @AustinDarbo As long as we get an aj tracey Jaffa cake ad I’m coolI’m not sure I’ll ever get over how heartwarming and wonderful @QueerEye Japan is. @ginandconnick You mean you didn’t go yesterday for Logan Paul v ksi?!?! @alice ahah I chuckled at that because yes it smells so damn good but also it's cos a lot of people are really seve… was shouting at the TV after clue two on @OnlyConnectQuiz and the team didn’t even get it right. honestly. That is truly a first.George has reviewed it as “without question one of the best lasagne’s I’ve ever had in my life” haha @Truman_Black oI no fUCkinG fiGhtING YouTuBerS at yOUr GIGs @RKELLAS 😂😂😂😂😂 dead. Instead of having to work hard on training and boring things can we just go out there instead?… @RKELLAS To be fair we both are quite skinny 😂 reckon we could fill Manchester arenaThis is my last album then I’m gonna get ripped to fuck and fight a YouTuber
Retweeted by Zoe London @RKELLAS Can you fight them for me too xAubergine vegetarian lasagne is the boi. Substitute for vegan cheese if needed! 🌱 are some wardrobe staples I could not go without. a mesh underlay for me is one of them - a way to layer a su… @Campaignmag haha oh hi @inthefrowA beautiful representation of what Boris is doing to this country.
Retweeted by Zoe London @RouReynolds well that's that on my Christmas listDoes anyone have 2x seated tickets for @PeripheryBand on Friday in London that they’d like to trade for our 2x stan… @fiona_day Of course people are human. It’s just very very coincidental it happened to be when he made several erro… you still think the bbc is unbiased? He actually looked incredibly scruffy and disrespectfully laid the wreath…
A black woman speaks out about a white woman’s documented anonymously posted racism and whose account is deleted? T…
Retweeted by Zoe Londonthis is for all the people who don’t feel like sharing their face. who don’t feel like they can take on the world a… *saving money* Anyone: wanna get a takeaway? Also me:
Retweeted by Zoe LondonI know sometimes it can feel like we are living in an awful timeline with the things happening in the world today,… pain of vaginal delivery has been described as equal to having a finger amputated. Menstrual cramps are worse t…
Retweeted by Zoe London @TimHillierBrook @Truman_Black Hopefully he might see and be able to help with some bands they’ve got on the label idk 🧡Omg it’s made our day tuning into @PlanetRockRadio and it’s a show with the hairy bikers ahahah we love them oh kingyAny one out there able to recommend and bands from London that no matter how loosely fall into the “indie” bracket…
Retweeted by Zoe London @TimHillierBrook @Truman_BlackHonestly I prefer #dragraceuk over the OG drag race and I’m not even mad. The British references are just making it so good
@leannelimwalker It came out so well! I particularly love the contrast of the black wardrobe!