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Storyboard artist at Netflix on The Cuphead Show! Co-creator of @pizzadaycomics. She/Her. The opinions expressed here are my own & do not reflect my employers.

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i was today years old when i found out that pictures from the Civil Rights Movement were originally taken in color…
Retweeted by Zoë Moss 🛸Mark Zuckerberg created a website to rank his female classmates by their appearance and it ended up destroying demo…
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We need MORE BLACK VOICES in the animation, illustration, kid lit, and comics industries and you can help! We’re a…
Retweeted by Zoë Moss 🛸 @jakestrick and I were talking abt this: when the Riots took place during Obama, you know he wanted to talk, but he… your privilege. I have privilege to even go on an angry rant on twitter from the safety of my home. I ha… hey, last I checked there were also immigrants still locked in fucking cages because the GOP's collective boiled… is not the greatest country in the world, but it sure is one of the greediest. And cruelest. And so ingrain… week is a nightmare. I'm mad, I feel powerless to help, I want to scream, but I also feel ill-equipped to do s…, cop lovers/pro bluelivesmatter, those against blacklivesmatter, fuck off, unfollow me
Retweeted by Zoë Moss 🛸Racism is NOT politics! I repeat, Racism is NOT politics! Stop thinking that agreeing that unarmed Black men/women…
Retweeted by Zoë Moss 🛸#BlackLivesMatter As a one person buisness I have the unique opportunity to brand myself/my work as I see fit, and…
Retweeted by Zoë Moss 🛸A THREAD OF WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by Zoë Moss 🛸#Blacklivesmatter
Retweeted by Zoë Moss 🛸2020 is probably the clearest example of a world I don't want to live in, for all of its incredible injustice and t…
Retweeted by Zoë Moss 🛸 @jakestrick wrote up a template you can use to email Burbank City Hall with! city must put Konstantine's measure on this November's ballot and hold it to a vote. Thousands signed his rent…
Retweeted by Zoë Moss 🛸My name is <YOUR NAME HERE> and I have been a renter in Burbank since <20??>. I am writing in support of Konstantin…
Retweeted by Zoë Moss 🛸Read on for an e-mail template to help you write Burbank City Hall ( in support of a cruc…
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YO, BURBANK! If you live here and you're mad as hell about the recent bullshit re: City Hall actively trying to fig… info and context in this thread:
Retweeted by Zoë Moss 🛸So please, just take a moment to e-mail and tell them you support Konstantine's petition…
Retweeted by Zoë Moss 🛸If we can get this measure on the ballot and it passes then there'd be caps on rent inflation, no-fault eviction pr…
Retweeted by Zoë Moss 🛸Konstantine Anthony (@KonstantineinCA) gathered thousands of signatures for his petition, but City Hall is choosing…
Retweeted by Zoë Moss 🛸If you live in Burbank, CA and have a moment please join me in e-mailing the Burbank City Council (CityCouncil@burb…
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@CainDraka @Grind3h @Bunnynaut To ask for a partial refund not because the art didn't meet your requirements, but your concept of how long it s… always gets brought up, but it's crystal clear here: You're not paying for the time spent on a piece, you're… is an asshole with lame expectations - they didn't care about how efficient or talented the artist that THEY C…
@grind3r0rk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Cruel Angel's Thesis is the Centerfold" –@zoemossart
Retweeted by Zoë Moss 🛸 @genegoldstein THE FACT THAT IT MEANS THE WORLD TO YOU MEANS THE WORLD TO ME! @genegoldstein Gene, I don't know how to tell you this, but you've been surpassing Gene Starwind's coolness since the moment I met you.Happy Itchy Tuesday, here's a Tito Scaggle scratching compilation (every time he scratches from episode 8-14)
Retweeted by Zoë Moss 🛸Why does that one lady sound like a peacock? you ever go on online to say Wreck-It Ralph is a big fat turd
@aalong64 This is the content I have prayed every night for. @bitterkarella I learned what Bisexual was and that it existed thanks to Sabrina Online 😭😭😭😰😰😰Nostalgia Critic and Cinema Sins ruined the way people view film criticism
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Hey friends, I'm between adventures aka jobs right now so if anyone/any show is looking for a writer, let me know!…
Retweeted by Zoë Moss 🛸Playing a maze game on the Animorphs website. Also The Animorphs website was the first one I ever visited! @Sakarisingh @bigbudpress Absolutely AMAZING!!! 🤘❤️🤘
@nsumida Seeing you say, “my sons” makes my heart burst with joy. Also, good tastes!I got unfollowed today by someone who I once picked up from LAX. Do you even realize how fucked up that is?
Retweeted by Zoë Moss 🛸 @mfisherdraws Does anyone know how to curse an asshole through Twitter? Because I feel this would be a very useful… @jakestrick This is the hottest thing ever, oh my godLabyrinth promotional phone card (1986)
Retweeted by Zoë Moss 🛸 @LuciusHargrave I hear that 😭 @Jpolgar1 Special place in my heart for these ❤️❤️❤️ @Postmates_Help my driver brought only half my order and I haven’t been able to get in touch with anyone! Please help?the five stages of grief: featuring the elephant watering can
Retweeted by Zoë Moss 🛸 @_tamlu Hands down one of the best moments of the season, if not the series. I still get chills thinking about Syph… avata—SYPHA action I animated on Castlevania S3 episode 10
Retweeted by Zoë Moss 🛸The vibe at all the restaurants reopening
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Let the party begin. A new season of Tuca and Bertie is coming to Adult Swim in 2021. @aliwong @TiffanyHaddish
Retweeted by Zoë Moss 🛸 @MrJeffTrammell Same time! Same time! @GoodSmile_US How can we get customizable head parts in the U.S.? I would buy these immediately if I could also buy…
@jessiejuwono Hell yeah! @TikiMachine Thank you so much! This crew is definitely one for the ages, everyone's doing some of the funniest and… @dbexrealinsane @StoopidDrawingz AAAHH oh my god this is perfect @misterkachur Oh very! Mwahaha! @Zambicandy Thank you! @thelfr AAAAAAAAWWW!!!!!! Thank you so much!
#sailormoonredraw Been meaning to do this all week! WAHAHA! @bignosebug @jakestrick I am a hot sleeper too, so this was a huge concern for me! We rearranged the bedroom last n…👏YOU CAN👏 SEE WHAT👏 WE'VE BEEN👏 WORKING ON👏 IT'S GONNA BE👏 SO GOOD, Y'ALL!!! 👏👏👏 I am so excited, you have n… @korybing @jakestrick HOLY SHIT @potatofarmgirl This is so cute and good, I want to look at this forever ❤️❤️❤️Me: Finally, the weighted blanket I couldn’t shut up about has arrived! I can’t wait for the amazing sleep I’ll fin… @Sean8UrSon @ProjectENDO now that yoU MENTION IT AAAAAAAAAHHHHH @TheRealSibsy This is friggin' magical, oh my god <3<3<3 @Winnstinn Yo, this is awesome! I could and will stare at it for hours now. @myanimewaifu Super huge kudos! Sincerely hoping they help you and that adjustments are minimal. They can seriously… @ArtsyPabster “Those props are an insult to the source material!!” And “This special effects design is pitiful, rea… a board artist really be like
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@ProjectENDO AGREED! @glamdoodle Your nail art is always so pretty and mindblowing! This is a gorgeous set! @ProjectENDO There is a very powerful energy emitting from the open mouth Sheen that I wish to harness. Also, these are KICKASS!
@kgCannarile So I can’t stop screaming, “WHAT”. Further proof of god tier talent!!!
@Izaart HELL YEAH!!!! So proud of you, Melody! <3<3<3 You absolute hero, you <3Btw, since finishing "Phantom of the Paradise" last night, I can confirm it's skyrocketed to one of my top favorite… @Sean8UrSon aaaaAAHHH?????? NOOOO!?? I'm so sorry, Sean, that's fucking awful. Please practice some safe breathing! @MerriMonster Aaaahhh, thank you and sending you super focus strength! If you're able to start talking to a profess… @ProjectENDO Oh no! Sending you productive vibes and the hope that we can survive this week and many others! @Smellestine Thank you! It'll be tough, but luckily this week should have a manageable workload (in theory)!Currently having to ration my ADHD meds while I wait for the refill to come in later this week. So believe me when…
Retweeted by Zoë Moss 🛸 @otherlile @jakestrick My life is CHANGED!!!! @jakestrick and I are treating ourselves to a pizza and movie night with #primepizza and “Phantom of hut Paradise”.…
Retweeted by Zoë Moss 🛸 @annagracehill1 Timeline mode! I being able to see how long something will be on screen for helps me plan things ou…
Any other millenials out there messed up because you thought maybe 9/11 and its aftermath would be the most histori…
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@its_Shenanigan Yes please yes please yes yes yes please 🙏🙏🙏
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@mondomascots Oh my god!! I was wondering who this was when I saw him in Japan back in late Feb. It’s really cool t… @jakestrick and I made a really kickass curry tonight, not gonna lie. Yeeeeee
@Bunnynaut GUH BAH BUH Thank youuuu!!!* fact that I am cool.. aw jeeeeeeez*Me: *spends 45 min doing makeup that's inspired by my new green shirt and Beetlejuice, complete with purple blush.*… @jakestrick That's so fucked up, why would you say something so controversial yet so true?