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Figure out who you are. Then do it on purpose. -Dolly Parton He/Him/His

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@a_simple_tailor Love SCOTT PILGRIM!!!! @a_simple_tailor My second favorite movie is DANCES WITH WOLVES. @JohnnyAReed Ooohhh.....I didn’t even think about that!😮 @a_simple_tailor I am like an ogre...I have layers. Honestly, it is my favorite movie of all time!!!! Love love love love it!!!!The Person / The Favorite Movie @TeltheTrekkie 1 hour walk at lunch 30 minute elliptical (Was going to use rower but couldn’t social dis… @j_alan73 @JulieAnn718 @blakeussery007 Sounds great. About to post mine. @forschungstorte @semperpho @blakeussery007 @DadBawdd @JulieAnn718 @LizLowey @MickyTennico @MMidlander @ShelfNerds Count me in!!!OK, this is not intended to be a slam, but I thought it was funny my phone wants to autocorrect “asshat” to “as Sha… @StarfleetQueen1 What I do your your thirst!!! @StarfleetQueen1 Here you go then... @StarfleetQueen1
@MMKhorshidian Me too!!! @archer_general 😂😂😂 @MMKhorshidian I do!!! Loved that!!!This would have been the crossover that would have got my brother & me to watch TV together in the 90’s. Beavis &… @kam_stephens @AaronBossig @rashiduzzaman82 @MarcieStarfleet @Larkistin89 @MattVsSelf @mattkmcguire @GeekToyLove Th… @AlexOnPatrol I have never in my life felt this emotional.Almost daily, I cry these days. I try to keep a brave face but, that just makes me break down more. @dave_phantom @hereonmars_ @FromTheWastes Good morning. I feel like the poor Enterprise in BEYOND this morning. @benntaylor712 @trekcatcatcat @Tyranicus According to @LEGO_Group, we are both wrong. @ItsSeansTweets Here’s some of my GG memes I had saved on my phone. Thought you might enjoy. @florenceiow I went through and deleted all my Bernie memes yesterday or it probably would have been 4 of them. @Native_Orchid Totally stole that last one!!!Your last 4 saved memes are the 4 aspects of your personality @ricadink I missed it. I should have stolen it from you.😂😂 @butchermaid @TheRealAlienTwo @InsiderFood Interesting. @nujcooper @Bums01L That is great to know!! Thanks! @Bums01L Thanks. I am super interested in this show.
@TrekkieCJ Love these pics!!! @GarrAarghHrumph @TheRealAlienTwo @InsiderFood I don’t like corn anyway, so putting it on a pizza was unique to me. @Ery_Max @TheRealAlienTwo @InsiderFood Never tried band. @jrthornton27 @TheRealAlienTwo @InsiderFood It’s the best!!! @Bums01L can you buy it in the US? @jrthornton27 @trekcatcatcat @Tyranicus I always say legos. I had no clue. @FrostyFeast @ryan12985 Someone in electronics tried to get someone to sporting goods. No one came. So, I was not… @FrostyFeast @ryan12985 I mean literally no one would assist me. If they ended up not having it, that’s one thing.… @FrostyFeast @ryan12985 I just wanted someone to assist me. But, no one would. And, supposedly they had 2 brands i… @rebootingme @semperpho I definitely plan on doing more. @rebootingme Thanks. @semperpho told me to go legs first then arms. This was my first time on it. @Ginger_Trekkie 😂😂😂#FitFederationChallenge 45 minute treadmill 5 minute rower 15 minute elliptical @blakeussery007 @MMidlander @M_Irvine89 Hey!!! You’ve gotta get a new pinned tweet! That’s a great thing!!!Inspired by @seanferrick & @M_Irvine89 on @YoureOnCrackPod, my Disney Renaissance movie list based on the years 198…😂😂😂. Poor Betty! @Tyranicus @trekkiesplorer @annaonthemoon @TheRealAlienTwo @InsiderFood I do love finding out these differences. @EvilGMetalRules @TheRealAlienTwo @InsiderFood Not judging...much😉 @AndorianSoup @TheRealAlienTwo @InsiderFood I’ll take your word for it.😂😂 @lha_again @luffdee @TheRealAlienTwo @InsiderFood Looks delicious. @annaonthemoon @TheRealAlienTwo @InsiderFood I grew up on the Tennessee River and hate catfish as well. @luffdee @lha_again @TheRealAlienTwo @InsiderFood I love pineapple pizza!!! @socialsoprano @kay_tee_79 @TheRealAlienTwo @InsiderFood I love chicken...but not on pizza for some reason. @NottingHillNerd @TheRealAlienTwo @InsiderFood It is a Domino’s UK exclusive topping. I found that interesting. @annaonthemoon @TheRealAlienTwo @InsiderFood I don’t eat any fish. @DanieI_lreIand @TheRealAlienTwo @InsiderFood I don’t like corn anyway so on a pizza it seemed weird. @annaonthemoon @TheRealAlienTwo @InsiderFood No, no, no, no, no! @kay_tee_79 @TheRealAlienTwo @InsiderFood Ham & pineapple is my favorite!!! @Dzghozt @TheRealAlienTwo @InsiderFood Yes, corn!!!!! Corn!!! @annaonthemoon @TheRealAlienTwo @InsiderFood We saw the tuna option as well.🤮 @socialsoprano @TheRealAlienTwo @InsiderFood We were shocked watching that. 😂😂OK...UK friends...who puts corn ON a pizza? And, my pineapple gets grief!?!?! @TheRealAlienTwo 😂😂 Love this seri… @dave_phantom @Walmart @BestBuy My $300 one lasted 7 years. I was happy with it. After going to Antioch and them n… @dave_phantom @Walmart @BestBuy The prices were a lot higher. 😟 @Rebell117 @TMLO @RexDartEskimoPi @CsonkaTroy KOM disappointed me so much. But, I am excited for this one. Maybe… @TMLO @RexDartEskimoPi @CsonkaTroy & anyone else @semperpho @MickyTennico @blakeussery007 @MMidlander @jillmwoodman @JulieAnn718 @exodus803 @forschungstorte @MickyTennico @blakeussery007 @MMidlander @semperpho @jillmwoodman @JulieAnn718 @exodus803 @forschungstorte @semperpho @MickyTennico @blakeussery007 @MMidlander @jillmwoodman @JulieAnn718 @exodus803 @forschungstorte @semperpho @MickyTennico @blakeussery007 @MMidlander @jillmwoodman @JulieAnn718 @exodus803 @forschungstorte @Crochethookfan @MickyTennico @blakeussery007 @MMidlander @semperpho @jillmwoodman @JulieAnn718 @exodus803 @forschungstorte @rashiduzzaman82 @dandeckr @tvdvdguy @blakeussery007 @MMidlander @semperpho @jillmwoodman @JulieAnn718 @MickyTennico @exodus803 @eric_redhawk I still had to get it! @MacTavish14 @markberkins @StarTrek Honestly, either. Watched those episodes a lot. But, TOS probably more because… 53 minute walk on the treadmill before it died. Then, walked around 2 Wal-Marts hoping to… @markberkins @StarTrek @c3nric Howdy!!! @ryan12985 @Walmart I was surprised to find my Mego Picard at the first Wal-Mart I went to. Wish they had Data. Or… @ryan12985 @Walmart Someone in electronics called for assistance for us in sporting goods. We waited & waited. Be… @jono_hayward If I opened him up, I would see, but, I am THAT nerd.😂 @seanferrick “It’s the worst” & @m_giacchino. @M_Irvine89 I may be a lot of things, but I don’t lie. You ARE the best!!! tweet is to let everyone know @M_Irvine89 is the best! @GarrAarghHrumph It just stopped. It had a burning smell. I lubricated the belt before I used it this morning. A… @amdiranifani @Walmart Wasted the evening going up thereCame home to no new treadmill. Ended up driving to a @Walmart an hour and a half that said “in stock” on line. Cou… @hereonmars_ @dave_phantom @Last_Librarian @AMGC369 @mechanical_meat @Sev3nSeven @sw_entropybitch @ZombieSexbot @portlandjulian Way too late. @jono_hayward And, it is 17+ for some reason. @jono_hayward
@Vulcanlovebot @StarfleetQueen1 Here’s what I had already. @FrankMcRavall @CaptAnth That would be awesome!!Out looking for new treadmill & to get a few essentials. This was a major essential!!!! @robPointSeven I would never!!1. Discovery 2 2. Discovery 3 3. Lower Decks 1 4. Discovery 1 5. Picard 1 @pmc871 I am heartbroken @AttyLori I am....poor.😂😂😂