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Compassion: that’s the one thing no machine ever had. Maybe it’s the one thing that keeps men ahead of them. — Dr. McCoy

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@RedBluBlkSilver @RocketCityQC @Conblob Still cannot get over it!! @NottingHillNerd @scarlet_trekkie @SUSIE1932 Jealous of most of those, my friend!!! @NottingHillNerd @scarlet_trekkie @SUSIE1932 8 Bands/Artists you've seen live in concert. Tag whoever you like to t… @rashiduzzaman82 @NottingHillNerd @scarlet_trekkie @BZimora @SUSIE1932 @CreatorSirius @MrsDSS199 @datsme4sure1 @TrekkieJim @Trekkiedaniel @RogueMogh It truly is! @Halcyon92Og It is. @Halcyon92Og Love this movie!!!Hey @Tyranicus - the #StarTrekDub was one of my favorite things ever done on Twitter!!! Too bad we never continued. @StarTrekTimmy In my 7 and a half years, that was a first. @DrVries Of course. @RogueMogh @Trekkiedaniel Ha! Had to find this tweet! @DrVries Yes. I give you HEART @Trekkiedaniel @RogueMogh The addiction has begun!!!! @Trekkiedaniel @RogueMogh Awesome start!!!!I got “love”. Reply for a word. @nujcooper 👍 @DerekLawrence73 @Trekkiedaniel @FanSets My current collection. @DerekLawrence73 @Trekkiedaniel @FanSets Definitely not an expert, but, I say find out what you want to collect. T… Rainbow = Double the amount of Gay Pride!! 🌈🌈
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@PaulFitz1983 @jillmwoodman @seanferrick @HeyStevieLee your cares away? @PaulFitz1983 @jillmwoodman @seanferrick @HeyStevieLee Love the Fraggles!!!! @jillmwoodman You too. Have a great weekend!! @jillmwoodman @TrekkieRob @HeyStevieLee @AgentSeska @rebootingme I was trying to do a non-Trek theme just to be different.😂😂 @MarkFloydThaut @PaulFitz1983 It was what I needed last night. Need to watch again. @PaulFitz1983 I enjoyed it. Has lots of potential. @iangwhittington @FrankMcRavall He is!!!4 characters I love; 4 tags Dr Alan Grant Kermit as Bob Cratchet Lancelot from SPAMALOT Liz Lemon @PaulFitz1983 @Nerdygal33 @thejonconn Just weird talking about hockey in August!😂😂. @thejonconn I feel the sympathy.😂😂😂. I was refreshing Twitter watching the score. @OverlordLocutus Not even a foot drop. @FabulaSagitt It was very humorous. @RScootman Of course not. @Tyranicus It would be mine!FUN AT THE FOOD STAMP OFFICE- A guy just got arrested in the lobby. He went to his ex-girlfriend’s house & knocke… @KrisPlaysKylie This might seem blasphemous but when it comes to “Love At First Sight”, I like the Abbey Road versi… @AaronBossig I haven’t had anything carbonated in 3 years 3 months now. It would burn if I tried one now. Ha! @geekyguy977 @FrankMcRavall @Pyro_boro @dandeckr @seanferrick @Ed_Brewstie @DerekLawrence73 This is even better.☺️… @AaronBossig Looked like a Mountain Dew type drink. I cannot have carbonated drinks anymore. But, looks refreshing. @AaronBossig What is that drink? @mnrmg @KrisPlaysKylie I listen to the “Blue Monday” remix more than the original. @jimnnicksbbq I need some Jim & Nicks soon!!!#StarTrek “It is FRIDAY!!!” 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🥃 What are all you guys and girls up to tonight?
Retweeted by Sorcerer Johnny #WeAreStarfleet @Spookyladyyy Thanks. We may get criticized but we are staying in the mountains a few days & going to Dollywood on… @FrankMcRavall @Spookyladyyy We had 2 Disney trips planned. California in April. Florida in September. Both cancelled. So depressing. Hopefully next year.Oh my! I got serenaded to! It was beautiful. Thanks @FrankMcRavall!!!! @Spookyladyyy That thing that was supposed to have happened in April. 😭😭😭. Got pushed back basically 6 months. Sti… weeks, 15 working days, 112.5 scheduled working hours....til vacation. I think I can make it. I would jump ou… @TrekAntics @SpacePotatoZero @Tyranicus Hopefully soon!Love it! Is it November 5th yet?!?! @LJSavage Great song!!!! My favorite is “Keep Holding On”. Bought the ERAGON soundtrack for it back when it was out. @LJSavage I love Skater Boi!! @StarVOY95 I was out of college when it came out.😔 @StarVOY95 Shania is today!!!! @StarVOY95 Still a great song! @NottingHillNerd I don’t care for the self titled album. Listened to it again yesterday. @Trekkiedaniel I like a little bit of everything. But, I really like her first few CD’s, the last one I have not so much though. @aileronrollgame I will need to give Disney Springs another chance. @aileronrollgame I just feel it lost it’s charm overall. I do want to eat at some of the newer restaurants but I d… @KerrBearLib I know. I cannot hear “Angel” at all now! @MattVsSelf I told ya, I will be your promoter & model!😂😉 @DoctorLongscarf Thanks. I realize season 12 blu wasn’t out yet when I took the pic as well. @MattVsSelf That’s awesome!!!! @Trekkiedaniel @RogueMogh @New_Mercury @randomgotham @ShelfNerds @NottingHillNerd @dxndeliions @ZaneBrumley @johnnyp_1975 I wanted you to get your credit for my listening choice today!!! @DoctorLongscarf That is beautiful!!!! Here’s mine (well, I haven’t put the new Tom Baker blu in & taken the DVD’s… @zoidberg95
Retweeted by Sorcerer Johnny #WeAreStarfleet @nerdyscott91 Week, month, year, decade (I guess😂). I empathize! Me just about everyday: @johnnyp_1975 This is what shows up. @DoctorLongscarf Got a pic of the whole shelf? @TomCase147 @ShaniaTwain @DerekLawrence73 She’s so great!!! So many awesome songs!! @KerrBearLib Oh no! I will think of those sad animal videos. 😂😂😂 @vectorpicasso @james_the_fifth I may tweet if I like something but so details. I want people to experience it like I did. @TheyMightBeGeek I do love those books & movie. Will have to give that a listen! @KerrBearLib I thought abought buying that cast album. @johnnyp_1975 - couldn’t tag ya in the pic.It’s time for a @ShaniaTwain listen. And, no I don’t have 2 copies of COME ON OVER, the second is the international… @FrankMcRavall @Pyro_boro @dandeckr @seanferrick @Ed_Brewstie @DerekLawrence73 Frank, you are so awesome. If I a… @Crochethookfan @exodus803 @TakaakiMasuda1 @FrankMcRavall @pranakasha @BatlethBabe @chrisstough1 @Dinraal_ @KerrBearLib I did! @DerekLawrence73 @johnnyp_1975 I have a copy of COME ON OVER from Israel with different versions of the songs. I l… @james_the_fifth I asked that earlier this year about Doctor Who (since the UK got it hours before me). This 20 yea… @Ry_Feathers I enjoyed it. After a stressful day at work, nice to end the day with something funny. @johnnyp_1975 My CD’s I have at work are Celine, Alanis, Avril, & CRJ. 🇨🇦 So, Shania needs to be next, I think.7 people followed me // automatically checked by @tammid73 He just kept going. @slnelson77 @StarfleetQueen1 I love that movie. @StarfleetQueen1 Unless it is Pizza The Hut, that is not acceptable.
@StarfleetQueen1 Did you see this asshat? (Not me, but, I guess I am a bit of one😂😂) @cam_junge I hope not. My theater was playing TROLLS 2 so I hope they get MULAN. I want to see it theatrically. @TheyMightBeGeek I so loved seeing it in theaters. A fantastic experience!!! @WarpSteve1701 I reported so many of his tweets. @Starwmn84 @AvalynAphorisms @astrodust1 @aurora113311 @scarlet_trekkie @ghostfleming @lowertrekkers @Ma77yDel @StarfleetQueen1 Blocked. Thanks for the heads up! @B_thetechgeek @stephen_pastran @SpacePotatoZero @Tyranicus I know. It’s an illusion. The top shelf is curved and… prefer the old Downtown Disney to Disney Springs. @MarkFloydThaut @JBearCA1 Ha. I can see it. @butchermaid @SpacePotatoZero @Tyranicus That’s awesome. I would fanboy out so much!!!