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angelica ♡ she/her ♡ black & chaldean ♡ 27 ♡ artist ♡ i draw ocs ٩(。•ω•。)و ♡ dont use/repost my art or characters ♡ comms full

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Duemor and Mads, downtime means naptime!
Retweeted by 💜zombiebass @ comms full💜 @Alisa_Aydin duemors lil saggy sock 🥺💕"There are no stars in the sky..." A commission for the amazing @bogboogie of their characters in a story they're…
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VOTERS ARE BEING PURGED IN GEORGIA. This should be a MUCH bigger story.
Retweeted by 💜zombiebass @ comms full💜 @biggulppirate :’) @biggulppirate meyou peeps that leave little thank you comments on your orders are so cute lol.
@itskoob hmmm thats an interesting perspective! i dont even have a comic and i get scared someone is going to feel… @corpsecrow yessssss thats the aesthetic @WinceToldMe a layer modealso give everyone bedroom eyes. nice. @corpsecrow idk but its sexy in a very specific waykeep seeing ppl post the “draw in a mutuals style thing” going around and if anyone ever wants to draw like me just… @oopsalloppais i dont like star wars either lmao. its that barren wasteland low-tech type of thing that i dont fanc… @PHRAYA_NAK fuck i wish lmao @oopsalloppais i dont like any of that setting tbh. i always leaned into sci-fi more than anything so its honestly… @itskoob yeah i like that they like it but...damn there sure is a lot of tiefling ocs ppl want me to draw lol @yeselleyes me: i dont like thing ppl: BUT WHAT IF— me: *takes out the bat* @yeselleyes lolit just feels taboo to say it because every time i try to explain to people high fantasy roleplaying is something i… opinion: i dont like it*writes an opinion on high-fantasy roleplaying* *deletes it* i really hate having 25k followers lolwatching Boys Over Flowers & drawing my miqo'te yeehaw
Retweeted by 💜zombiebass @ comms full💜#lovelylandscapes is my kind of tag! Here's some interesting places in the world I've drawn- exactly opposite each…
Retweeted by 💜zombiebass @ comms full💜DRACULA 🧛 The count himself, from Bram Stoker's classic. This one changed a bit from the initial colour sketch, as…
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@yeselleyes LMAO NOOOOOO @yeselleyes LMAO i was like “thats genius” and then you reminded me that everyone is a child at cons @yeselleyes totally agree. even im like thinking about a way to have no one touch anything for future cons. have everything in plastic lmao @yeselleyes i keep thinking about that. how much money did they lose? BANKRUPT: con edition @yeselleyes so many friends at youma and now all of us are isolated across america & canada lmao @yeselleyes us not going to youmacon this year: F @yeselleyes YESSSS. like i dont miss the con merch grind but i miss suffering with my friends with a numb ass and hurting back lmaolrt: oh my god this is the feeling lmaoartist alley do you feel me
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i meant to post in private but w/e. point still stands. she’d make a great morriganwhen is megan thee stallion gonna cosplay morrigan i need to see it @Zoroko yeah im like— i dont want these comms to look as bad as i feel lmao @pepsirosiie aw thank you rosiie! @honicafe I KNOW LMAO. i ran out of orange charm straps because of that thot lol @honicafe OH FUCK lmao so i actually found 2 more of him...i'll just drop him in ur bag no worriesi am also aware i am totally behind on commissions and for that i apologize! not only am i going thru a ton of heal… guys! i'm opening up the shop november 20th - december 15th. all art books are restocked! and there's lots of o… not the follow button on posts so i accidentally click follow when im just tryna click share 🤦‍♀️ @maxbanshees oh this is nice
ocs for stuff
Retweeted by 💜zombiebass @ comms full💜Through doing this it gave me that Hades game vibes 😂 Maybe this is a sign I should play! #drawingwhileblack
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Hey howdy hey I've opened 10 more slots for villagers commissions, I could really use the help right now from unexp…
Retweeted by 💜zombiebass @ comms full💜I've been looking for a job for two months already, but I have to pay my rent in two days, and got no money at all.…
Retweeted by 💜zombiebass @ comms full💜 @lordpicklenips1 truwhy tf do we have instagram stories now @itskoob LMAO well by all means my dms are always open to you 😂 @itskoob gotta find some okonomiyaka sauce then @itskoob my condiment: when i mix ketchup, mayo, and bbq sauce in one container and my family looks at me like im crazy
i think the problem is that i have too many followers and i get way too many replies. any #Nativember threads alrea… thinking of making a new share thread but is it worth it bc of the way twitter shows replies now...🤔 @williamschurros yeah!! its a greek tragedy lmao @williamschurros me when i found out it was based on Iphigenia at Aulis by Euripides bc someone on twitter told me: 😲😲😲 @lunarsemaphore yesss niiiicesince its #Nativember be sure to follow some cool artists in this thread! y'all! I've made the Burning Bright design available for pre-order through @rawpawatx's Community Drop Ship! P…
Retweeted by 💜zombiebass @ comms full💜 @itskoob *cat yelling.jpeg* YOURE WELCOME and i hope even more good things come your way!!! @itskoob you also did some amazing commissions this year!! and the whole losing weight thing too. also this is more… @CoolOrbit OH MY GOD
@rinsux this is A Lot lmao thank you ill see...what the kids are listening to these days @itskoob why would you make me aware of this now @rinsux like...screamo maybe?? always preferred screamo lol. and damn i’d be mighty grateful if you listed some bands here @rinsux i need examples. i have no clue about any alternative rock bands past 2008 @rinsux lolall i know is that everyone pre-2010 looked like they got in a fight with dirt. lots of studded accessories & baseball-esque shirtswait i forgot about denim vests & jacketswhat does the alternative rock scene look like now? do they just wear black/flannel button-ups with slim-fit pants and beanie hats?this is angel, hes a smarty pants former attorney, theres a few years gap between these and the long hair look (he/…
Retweeted by 💜zombiebass @ comms full💜 @4LiamLlama2 awwwuwuw thank you 🥺💕I did it! (Krait for @zombiebasss)
Retweeted by 💜zombiebass @ comms full💜 @astriferious haha yeeeah. thanks! @rivvetgunn ty ty 🥰poorstacy is so cute...this look reminds me of all those early 2000 j-rock videos @zombiebasss These are some panels from my comic that I like a lot. I feel that my art has seriously improved recen…
Retweeted by 💜zombiebass @ comms full💜hello again #PortfolioDay! I'm Dominique, and I like drawing magical forests, black protagonists, and bright, glow…
Retweeted by 💜zombiebass @ comms full💜 @TabiusDoss sapphic @natetazewellart im super interested in that botw oc design 👁👄👁 @nebulotic lol well it looks nice! @lizkreates love your colors & gradients 🥺💕 @inverts oooh cute 😭 @bellaborealis nope! time to pimp urself lmao @inverts what if you did 🤔Nébuleuses
Retweeted by 💜zombiebass @ comms full💜 @cortomalalaise oooh nice. i dont really have any new art i just wanna see other peoples’ 🤣forgot to enable the limited reply function but mutuals only please lol@ mutuals: show me some of your fave “recent” art. i wanna see 👁👄👁
can i offer you a nice cosmic egg in this trying time #HadesGame
Retweeted by 💜zombiebass @ comms full💜 @bellaborealis oh dang all that huh lmaohey guys i’m opening commissions again :] rts are appreciated !! ^___^ dm if interested
Retweeted by 💜zombiebass @ comms full💜 @itskoob 🥰🥰🥰i also have a GI appointment coming up if there is smth ELSE happening in my intestines lmaoi have good news: i FINALLY got cleared for my meds and i’ll be starting my lupron injections next month so that wi… @itskoob you’re so sweet! thanks!!