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Ham @ZombieHam Tasmania, Australia

30. Technically a game dev, but still learning. Sometimes I do writing for Evil Brain. ADHD + Space Ace! (He/him/whatever.) 🖤⬜️💜

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Visited @syucake's cute island, and got a sweet new hat! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @Jyrkface I'm not familiar with Pikmin, but I wouldn't be surprisedAnimal Crossing is good, but the "WAHOO"-like sound whenever you craft something or catch a critter is really getting on my nerves 😐 @The_IrishDave Ugh, why even BOTHER with those situations though?? @heyvalpetrone Harsh, but fair. @sneakpreaview Looking at twitter makes me think that the state of things has pushed everyone into one of 2 categor… @KikoCupcake Hahaha! Or even just body paint. @AGeekwithaHat I love that!!!Only a fool would print this shirt for their naked gang to wear. @queersugar Oh wow!! @AGeekwithaHat Yeah!!! And I'm not even sure what the differences are between the styles? I didn't notice any diffe… the quiet defeating of gender in #ACNH. Gender isn't even called gender, it’s called style. Villager dialogue…
Retweeted by Ham @queersugar Powerful look!! @hanaphylaxis I forgot what I had been trying to say and just for a second thought I had tried to type "Horny shit".HOW YOUR ISLAND GETAWAY GO, THE NOOKS? PRETTY GOOD IT DOESNT SEEM #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by Ham @hanaphylaxis Just noticed this typo, whoops! @SaneCharlie I don't know enough about computers to give any advice. Good luck! @SaneCharlie Wow, what?? @bbboar I hope you enjoy it!! I find it very relaxing, just playing for like an hour each day. @bbboar Accurate. @thrstymangotwts Souds like a good day!🦉 🚫 🦋🐝🐞 #ACNH #AnimalCrossing #AnimalCrossingNewHorizions
Retweeted by Ham @hanaphylaxis Homy shitSo I’m on a walk in my neighborhood and no one is out, not a soul. Except THIS PERSON
Retweeted by Ham @momdadlovi Which one is this?what the fuck is this. i’m losing my mind.
Retweeted by Ham @hanaphylaxis Wait what??? @momdadlovi Oh they're cute!! @bbboar These are great! @Looking4Alicia Honestly, mood. It's 11:30am where I am and I just want to nap all day. @RaeDeAnneR Your villager is so cute!! @KarLeia The world would be a better place!!
@kateleth Haha just kidding. Unless...When I told my 4yo that I’m not a medical doctor, but doctor of philosophy, he retorted with: “is philosophy an illness?”
Retweeted by HamDonation 🦉
Retweeted by HamLittle did we know we'd all soon be Alucard, making dolls of our friends and drinking alone for a month.
Retweeted by Ham @okkatiemae Everything is fine. @rifflesby Maybe a shapeshifter?adriannnnn
Retweeted by Ham @momdadlovi I haven't had one fir years, but yes I remember. I love them though. @Addison_Peacock Ooooohhhhh!!! @momdadlovi Glad he's okay!! @ethandobbs @IDK_MiaJ Where you gonna put the fish though? @elizabethdanger Fuuuuck @thrstymangotwts It's hard. Depression sucks, and this is a weird time that makes it even tougher. I love you frien… @NikPantis I can't even imagine. I'm sorry ❤❤❤30 somethings in tinder pre coronavirus: i don't have time for games 30 somethings on tinder now: i have approximately 3 months for games
Retweeted by Ham @AGeekwithaHat I started with peaches, but now I have a couple of trees with apples, pears, cherries, oranges, and coconuts too! @nikinapalm Heck yeah! @RaeDeAnneR Yes good! @AGeekwithaHat Please move to my island!!the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit
Retweeted by Hamanimal crossing but with cryptids
Retweeted by HamDo you know how much bridges cost #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons #ACNH #tarantulaisland
Retweeted by Ham @starlightfruit Favourite way to spend an evening?I'D LIKE TO REPORT A CRIME #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by Ham @kaldrenon A good one! @elphia_hv @bbboar There are 24, hour comic days.REMINDER: The #reliefjam starts soon, but lasts all weekend, and is looking for any creative contribution (jam gam…
Retweeted by Ham @thrstymangotwts 😮😮😮 😉😉😉 @thrstymangotwts Yeah!Anyway Return of the Obra Dinn is a really interesting and good game, but also pretty frustrating and makes you fee… @aimeeclarke So strong!Got 18/60. Getting there, but it's slow going! @rifflesby Probably... I wanna give it another few goes, but I may hit you up later if I still need some help, thanks! @sunlitcoral This is delightful, thankyou <3 @rifflesby Yeah that's what I'm trying to do. It's hard, but I'm making slow progress! I just wish you could re-wa… @sunlitcoral 🔮 @rifflesby I'll double check when I'm at my computer next, but I think so. I'm at the point where the rowboat guy i… Good Place Island got a new flag and airport welcome sign today #AnimalCrossing
Retweeted by Hamthis image came to me in a vision and i had to draw it #fe3h #acnh
Retweeted by Ham @AGeekwithaHat Holy shit.Everything going great over here #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by Ham @TopicLords It's the new handshake! @sugarqueer A+, thankyou for sharing. @aimeeclarke Not with THAT attitude!!admiring the moonlight
Retweeted by HamBack at Obra Dinn. Seen all the flashbacks now (I think), and have correctly entered 12 fates. 12/60. Hoo boy. @bbboar 😊😊😊 @tessa_sticks Holy shit @AGeekwithaHat *Chanting* Ace in space! Ace in space!!Must literature be "good"? Is it not enough for the characters to be queer, and in space?
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Retweeted by Ham @drbuttocks Wow, yeah that's ridiculous! Sorry you have to change your routine because other people are being fuckwits.The final boss: @Kate_Biscuit Fuuuuuck!! I hope you're okay! @bbboar We can have loud conversations too just to get back at him. Reay though, that sounds so frustrating!!It's that time again! Please suggest a few words, and I'll use some of them as inspiration to design some magic items for TTRPGs. @underscorebooby I believe in you!!!I recreated my Animal Crossing Inventory cosplay in game!! Took me all day yesterday to live this dream, the bell b…
Retweeted by Ham @underscorebooby Grosssssssss @baeoflight That makes perfect sense, yeah!"What have you been up to?" - Vague. - Too casual. - No sense of danger. "EXPLAIN YOURSELF!" - Intimidating. - Imm… left there disappointed✉️🕷️
Retweeted by Ham*asteroid approaches* SCIENTISTS: If we don't stop this, it will destroy Earth. PEOPLE: Oh no. How many people ha…
Retweeted by Ham @heyvalpetrone May have to study some fanart. For research. @heyvalpetrone It's weird that he remains hot throughout. @sunlitshua Aww!!! @StrawVagetarian @aprilsaur @mogwai_poet Thanks for thinking of me, but I think I already have far too many folks I… these are available now
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