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Guitarist. Self-isolating since 2010. Please sign my petition: "The map is not the territory."

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@Simon4NDorset So, you're not voting against breaking international law, just sulking about it? You need to look u… @Pat_O_Tuathail @VintiquesMark "This mortar's terrible - I must have put too much semen in it." @bbclaurak More soon as Cummings tells you what to say. @tomhfh Cheaply *produced*, you raving pile of putrid offal. Besides, UK food is already cheap (and of a high stan… @0m4rk @RichardTraynor6 @JohnWest_JAWS And the pay's better. @Otto_English @Sigbertganser Tell them 6G's coming and they'll all stay in their cellars...It's just struck me that @JamesCleverly has been very quiet lately and hasn't cracked one of his pant-wettingly amu… @TheMenFromUGLY @drphiliplee1 Fine! And mustard...only the wholegrain stuff. And even then, very rarely. @lynnietay @mojos55 @celtjules66 I remember community based groups very kindly providing a lifeline for people duri… @TheMenFromUGLY @drphiliplee1 Only as an ingredient. I'll have barbecue sauce on occasions.Good to see Bootsy dressing down for a change... @TheMenFromUGLY @drphiliplee1 Nope. Brown and red are both out for me. @drphiliplee1 I don't have ketchup. It's the condiment of Beelzebub. @BremainInSpain @bertdove Laurence Fox with a bad wig. @Sandiescot44 Aretha Franklin. No contest. @MattHancock @NadineDorries It's not a pan-European competition, you brainless lump of rancid protoplasm. @Speedcuffs1 Yup, he never changed them. @BFinham Any-fecking-where. @Speedcuffs1 Great bass line. Sounds very James Jamerson with that "dead" sound."They sailed in the shallows now they've paid the price The captain drank the champagne but it tasted like Old Spic… @dwatchorn @philleehh @ajohnduncan @patrobins40 @GuitarmoogMusic @SimonPease1 @RobWhitelock @JonathanRiffman @SuneAuken @SimonPease1 @philleehh @ajohnduncan @patrobins40 @GuitarmoogMusic @RobWhitelock @JonathanRiffman @NadineDorries @MattHancock There's no statute of limitations on world-beating idiocy. As both Hancock and you demonstrate so ably.Johnson is now talking about training "boot camps". And, of course, these will be "rolled out". I despair, I really do. @VintiquesMark Peppa Pig has infinitely more charm, charisma and competence, and tells far fewer lies. @NRoolz And also the scarcest. We don't see many of them here. I think this is the first bird they've caught. I hope it's the last.Just rescued a goldfinch from one of the kittens. @D40Nav2020 @Diana_Kempster @TheBatman1961 You've attained a peak of sheer idiocy that might well be world-beating.… @JonathanRiffman @philleehh @GuitarmoogMusic @RobWhitelock @SimonPease1 @ajohnduncan @FrankinGerrmany @dwatchorn't it be great if there was a government minister responsible for universities? ...wait... ...there is...… @sazmeister88 When I first glanced at this tweet, before reading it properly, I thought you were talking about usin…
@itvpeston Have you run out of your own words? @Windwatcher3 @g_louise02 @iQstudents @LeedsCC_Help @BBCLookNorth It's definitely illegal. @HLThompson93 Found any integrity or competence yet, Gavin?A lesson to the UK. @GreaterSurely It's an insult, but it's not swearing. @GreaterSurely An idiot.I've just called somebody a "dolt". It's a good term. I must use it more often. @itvpeston You should be questioning the government's actions, not talking about further bans. Dolt.This. @sazmeister88 @bertdove Spot on. @welshandbearded I joined ages ago, because I got an iPhone, but left. I then rejoined to try and get in touch wi… of this by a question on "University Challenge" just now. Beautiful, beautiful stuff. @realDonaldTrump WARM DIARRHOEA! @IL0VEthe80s William Shatner @adrianclark Actual coley. We can get it very cheaply, so we decided to feed the chaps on coley and good dry kitten… stuff from one of the ERG's many Wormtongues. @philleehh @GuitarmoogMusic @JonathanRiffman @FrankinGerrmany @ajohnduncan @dwatchorn @SuneAuken @pvandck"The Oxford Cambridge Innovation Corridor" - just heard this on BBC Look East. Blimey! @MMcminty Just over 6 months and really small cats. They're lovely. Good company and very affectionate. @2ears2wheels @MoiraWebster Because there are too many people who will vote for anyone of limited intelligence an… three boys tucking into a meal of coley. @vivamjm Even in wartime? @Schadenfury @mavisluvspeas Only ever had it in bottles. @Schadenfury @mavisluvspeas My brother-in-law always has Doom Bar in, and a friend usually has some in that he asks… @D_M_Coombes I think I'd rather have any track from "Club Ninja" 😉 @Schadenfury @mavisluvspeas Great choice, but I'll have a pint, please. @doodleslave @florencerounda2 @DrewLawDesign Gimme half a dozen! @kronosarm A beautiful song. @kronosarm Yes, I love Albert's voice.One more! another BÖC vampire song... *this* is a proper BÖC vampire song! sure about this at all. I'd rather hear Eric or Buck on vocals. This really could be any MOR band, ap… @gentlemanjackmk Mine is a reissue. Not bad for the money. I'd hate to think what an original would cost. @sevanslux @JohnRentoul It has to be said that it doesn't feel that great here in France. Lots of infections. @JohnRentoul @JoRichardsKent It all goes back to Cummings and his jaunt north. Had Cummings been sacked, people mig… given my PRS Santana a good blast through the Hayden Cotton Club combo via a Big Muff. A mere 7 watts of valve… @docrussjackson @Ricochetrabbitt "Controversial actor"? Does that mean that it's controversial to call him an actor? @Santilespr @BrexitBuster I knew someone would say something like that... some Right Said Fred, Ian Brown, Noel Gallagher, Van Morrison or Laurence Fox albums you're tired of? @BrexitBuster He has more teeth than he should have.Our neighbour hired a 20 tonne digger to dig out a hole for his new fosse septique. He's still got it, so he clear… @LoubinWally @DPJHodges Why let facts get in the way of another daft tweet? Mind you, it's infinitely more sensib… bars and restaurants in the Lords shut at 10PM? After all, we've just sunk £2 000 000 into them, so we have a…'d have thought someone close to the PM would have thought that leaving the Commons bars open after 10PM might h… the rolling Guardian UK news feed just now. U-TURN!'ll just park this here., I'd like senior ministers to be included. It would be very interesting to see what conflicts of interest a… @DrewLawDesign They could all fit in New York, apparently.Why not publish UK PMs' tax returns? @DaveCampaigns @CpmGray @StephenOld @Blatehelm Don't forget Keef! When someone gets on *his* stage, watch out.'s one of those days when I start writing a tweet, then have to abandon it because it'll either get me banned or… @JimMFelton @BowenWoods A spectacular lack of self-awareness. @ScotTories People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.In other words, the 10PM pub curfew is totally unpoliceable and thus unenforceable. (From today's UK rolling news… band has made virtually everything they ever recorded available for free download on their website. I recommen… underappreciated band. "Blow it all up, start all over again." can't test you, but... LOOK! SHINY NEW iPADS! @nigelsutherland Many people have - they went on a mad blocking spree yesterday.With the news that Parliament's bars don't have to obey a 10PM curfew, this may be of interest. Please sign and sha… @ij_ford His other hobby is skydiving... @BeDigby @ij_ford Can't think of a comment about this that wouldn't get me banned from Twitter... @Matthew82069336 @BorisJohnson Are you sure? And are there sources for this? @DrewLawDesign By several lengths... "Answers Questions! Questions Answers!" by Focus. @BettsHelen Thank you!
@odlinz Not whichever - which sell. @odlinz See if you can find it being sold on the www. You'll not only find a few places whichever books, you'll als… @3x10tothe8 I'm not sure that matters too much, to be honest. @Lapsedcat Byrds Richard Thompson