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"Music is the best" Guitarist. "Now things are really what they seem. No, this is no bad dream."

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@tedandharry .My daughter lives in the Forest and my brother-in-law lives about 10 minutes away. @gmai_sutton 12 quid lunch menu...hardly the high life... @gmai_sutton A meet up with family, so a bit of a treat. @Carol_Monroe1 Me neither.Rag and bone man (dunno what else to call him) in Newent. good value - £12 lunch menu.Lunch...lamb kofte, chili con carne, sticky toffee pudding... @margarance @BasedPoland Quite. I'd also like to see details about those clips. Context is needed. @TomLondon6 Because the UK media is UKcentric. Listen to the world news on the BBC World Service and you'll hear al…
Spud from "Trainspotting"...that right wing actor type... Makes you think... @489Marsh We were just passing through and had to stop for a loo break. Drive through them every time we visit the… @BrandonLewis @UKHouseofLords Why don't you listen to what people want, you utter tit?I You might disagree, but it… @adrianclark You're OK. That's the main thing. @adrianclark Blimey. Glad there was no serious injury, Adrian. @PAisthorpe @theJeremyVine In the case of this story, there was no one to stir up. It was just totally shit intervi… anyone else hear @theJeremyVine this lunchtime. His interview about yobs lobbing turnips at passing motorists m… you're tired of being called racist, perhaps you really are racist.Stow-on-the-Wold! But not there now.Free WiFi! We're at Stow.
@twangit16 Big snarl up driving up from Portsmouth last Thursday. No hard shoulder due to smart motorway work. Car… @DrewLawDesign That one the Talking Heads sing about. @gmai_sutton Oh yes, Stoppsley WMC in Luton was a really classy place... @gmai_sutton Ooh...don't knock the WMCs. I've made quite a lot of money playing them in the distant past. @gmai_sutton When I say "tour", I mean a dozen gigs in small venues up and down the UK. And, yes, singing. @OscarNMFranklin Yes, that's more or less it. The appearances on various right leaning media outlets are the bad pu… this Laurence Fox bollocks... Great work by his PR team and agent getting him the BBCQT appearance, prior to n… @Otto_English Bruce Willis' second album. Good bluesy soul stuff. @h_ludington @skiologist @LozzaFox To quite George Michael, "Listen Without Prejudice". @h_ludington @skiologist @LozzaFox Basically, yes. @h_ludington @skiologist @LozzaFox isn't fit to lick the shoes of the creators of the greatest outsider recording ever. @rins2pworth @LouiseRawAuthor Yup. New product to push. @LozzaFox - the Lee Hurst of singer songwriters.
Everyone here has just agreed that Philip Schofield is "a jumped up little shit". @Dancross55 I think the rooftops give it depth and context. @richardjbellamy Deliberately deficient. @richardodurrant Baba Yaga.No play areas... Not so much design flaws as deficient planning.
Backpfeifengesicht.The absolute state of this... ambled down to the local Co-op, had a good look at their range of stuff, marvelled at the low prices, ambled back…"The Masked Singer" - absolute crap or total shit? As a guest here, I can't turn it off, so I guess I'm going to ha… @Thegeorgelayton At last, a chance to thank you for your stories. They never failed to be the kids' firm favourites… @margarance @ChrissieGrech He's not stupid. No matter what we think of him and his ilk, they're clever enough to be… @margarance @ChrissieGrech Basically, people are stupid. @margarance @ChrissieGrech It's not him being naive, it's him being aware that people will accept anything - no mat… @margarance @ChrissieGrech Naive? I very much doubt it.Beyond insane.
@DominicTkaczyk @CatsInFrance Annette Mills - John Mills' sister. @LozzaFox Didn't you used to be an actor? @DominicTkaczyk This? @DominicTkaczyk I'm not sure it was ever a TV show. It was a road safety club for children as far as I know. Auntie… me chuckle...until I remembered I've been being fucked too. @thequentinletts You don't need to be elected to public office to be involved in politics, you frothing moron. I me… news for any Tufty Club members. There's a very good chance you may not be viewed by your government as an ext… love this reasoning. have gone to...
@davidqhog Teachers will know what I mean...Just met someone I taught about 40 years ago - a bit of a shock as he was bigger than me. He was only about 8 when I taught him... @TiceRichard You're just a rich yobbo. @BattDavey @trumpy675 @BrittanyFerries This was the Normandie. @goodclimate A Soylent. @BattDavey @trumpy675 @BrittanyFerries It's free as we're Club Voyage members. Seemed silly not to take advantage o… @NormandyMary @BrittanyFerries These were from the self service restaurant.Ah...the soft white underbelly of Sutton Scotney Services... How I have missed you.However, they have just redeemed themselves by playing "Mississippi Queen" by Mountain over the ship's tannoy system.Congratulations to @BrittanyFerries for serving up one of the few sausages that I've found inedible.
Mark Francois...just like a kid whose mum says he can't have any sweets*, so he throws a mardy strop. "No, you can… @QuislingT After about 5 days I'm climbing up the wall and hating almost every moment of it. @TiceRichard You don't care how dishonest you are, do you? @BobBurgher @trumpy675 And, yes, I know Crocs aren't cool but I don't care. @trumpy675 Oh, wet here, too. Got some firewood out of the barn last night and it was a tad flooded. Walked in with… @GeoffBarton9 It no longer feels in the least bit friendly or welcoming.Oh well, off to the UK later. Usual route - Caen>Portsmouth>Milton Keynes. Great to see family and friends, but th… @BVDBABY @BrokenTwitty A. Definitely A.An act of desperation - moving the goalposts.
@panamadip @BBCNewsnight @Fox_Claire No thanks, we're already there. She can go somewhere else. @MartinDaubney @brexitparty_uk What a truly little man you are. Petty and small-minded. @KitCatK I have nothing but gratitude for those people who do jobs that I wouldn't want to do. For her it would be… @alanjstedman @Captn_Hurricane @KSouzai One seemed to be a bot. I blocked it and also reported it. Just blocked the others. @Captn_Hurricane @KSouzai I had a pop at her earlier and got more Leaver responses to it than anything else I've po… @myroelad Ooh, another bot. @GuidinoGuidone I'm not, I'm demeaning her.In other words, #LiarJohnson lied again. well, c'est la fucking vie. Back to pantomime soon for Ann Widdecombe - cleaning the theatre toilets, I hope.In 5 years' time, no one will want to be friends with the UK. On second thoughts, make that in a year's time. @GoodwinMJ @thesundaytimes Utter arsegravy. @RupertLowe10 In other words, don't upset a shower of Brexit pissheads or things will not go well for any protestin… @mrdanwalker @BBCBreakfast @BorisJohnson If the BBC wanted an in-depth interview, why were you involved? A reasonab… Conference...nothing contradictory there, Bazza... @DPJHodges That's what you and your ilk get for encouraging them over the past three and a half years. @boulezian Just google 'EHIC january 31'. Hundreds and hundreds of results all saying the same thing, the EHIC is v… @boulezian @h_ludington You were told wrong. @PhilWat09037421 This is just a very short drive from where we live. It's very impressive.
Made me guffaw! @FenCoul I don't have to know how high a dung heap is in order to gauge how smelly it is... @FenCoul I don't think it would trouble my conscience in the slightest if I read these individual's tweets - likewi… @CharlotteCGill What are you looking at in your profile picture? Is it your journalistic integrity disappearing int… @RomArchable @BlatantLie Prone to fire and collapse.What's the point of blocking creeps like Hopkins and Grimes when people post their stupid bloody videos? @billiebobs66 @DrewLawDesign Just typed 'wall spacers fridge' into Google image search, after a hunch about what the mystery objects were.