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Amir Zonozi @Zonozi Reston, VA

cofounder of @zoomph - moneyball for partnerships for sports & esports | board: @womensportstech | rookie dad of 2 & lucky husband | run to obstacles, not away

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@ArchConfidence Love it, it’s going to be interesting to see how fans return @lolesports @DamwonGaming 👏👏👏👏👏Politics aside, the best part of this creative, it was aired on Cartoon Network which makes you appreciate the jour… @LaydenWill_ Thanks man it’s been a season of Ls before this W💪“We have very small companies but very big brands. Our opportunity to amplify the good is bigger than anyone else &…
In somewhat of a surprise, creators are lowkey starting to make a LOT of 💰💰💰 on Facebook. Check out our video 👇 wh…
Retweeted by Amir ZonoziReplying to a person you don't know on TwitterCongratulations to our friends @TeamLiquid for extending their merchandising partnership with @Marvel through 2022!…
Retweeted by Amir ZonoziNeed to amplify a Gaming #data point. #WNBA fans (11.3%) are... 🎮 3.0x more than general US sports fan (3.8%) 🎮…
Retweeted by Amir Zonozi @mjfreed25 @zackshulk @thesportsatlas @Zoomph @sbjsbd Congrats Michael on the W You can customize, assuming this w… @Bretjust1T @thesportsatlas @Zoomph @sbjsbd lol this is awesome @SportByFort @BodyArmor @AZCardinals @FOS Here’s another significant one, significant, NFLPA is getting equity Monk… @mmcf415 @WomenSportsTech 💪💪💪 @amanouch110 🙏🙏This gets me so pumped for @NASCAR - these guys are going to take the sport to a new level @NHLSeattle_ @BlackGirlHockey 👏👏👏 @SportTechie @WomenSportsTech 👏👏 @Panthers Great content, was that some drone action in the beginning? Tough ass football team with a badass digital team. @katyb_spencer @CBarrows @5FavoritesCast Thanks Katy, always great to have the crew together! @katyb_spencer @CBarrows 🙏 thanks KSJ!! @martinlieberman @CBarrows Thanks for tuning in, Martin - always good to connect with you brother @CBarrows Thanks for having me, Chris - that was a lot of funInfluencer Marketing - A Conversation with Amir Zonozi (Zoomph)
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Great to see @thesportsatlas report on SBJ and excited to see affinity data here by @Zoomph @deearebee_ @GEICO @NFL @WashingtonNFL Absolutely!!EMPOWER a young woman. ENLIGHTEN her with dream career options. INSPIRE her with amazing role models. Share this w…
Retweeted by Amir ZonoziShout out to @stephenperk, @stephensonmc , @RaelEnteen, @AstasiaWill, @ryandisdier & many moreThis is massive, @GEICO wasn't even on the top 10 list for @NFL #SportsBiz partners @WashingtonNFL's activation co… top teams in the #NFL on social media by engagement rate in Week 6 @Chiefs & @steelers go 1 & 2 everywhere.…
Retweeted by Amir Zonozi @hablamos everyone adding value from their part of the process - it takes a village for sureMajor props to @TMobile and their support of @LittleLeague this is the kind of #SportsBiz partner sports needs an… @hablamos Internally we call ourselves 'king of the earned' but you need to yell it like 'king of the north' love… up with the influencer himself @CBarrows and talk to his class. To everyone who comments on my Zoom podcas… @MaxDavidSimpson @Chargers you ain't a poet but you a baller brother! @hablamos Love it - Zoomph displays all over ATL HQ at Coca-cola btw love working with their team, not sure if you… @CBarrows @martinlieberman @HowISocial 🙏🙏 @hablamos man i can't wait to have a beer with you some day lol @Quezzymoto Right on, Nick. I've been preaching sports is the platform, not the product, and that they need to th… #sportstech #womeninsport #BetOnWomen
Retweeted by Amir Zonozi @sydlarge18 Exactly and if long form content doesn’t work then please explain why people binge series on Netflix @dynamicpricers @brianbowsher No worries I’m sure you’re not the first @dynamicpricers @brianbowsher I’m sure the Huskies create great content too, this one is the NFL Washington @sydlarge18 Right? A lot more storytelling opportunities. This is consequence of the league limiting YouTube activ… @AstasiaWill @_jillbeckman @WashingtonNFL This exchange hahahahaha @cyddd18 Had an amazing group of students join us for fellowship 🙌Washington football gets it - look at all these content series. They are packaging their content to fit audience s… that the @Chargers are creating content for their niche audiences here. 1 gives players a platform and allows…
@FanaHOVA @thedatavc @AHolidayiii @meha521 @the_guerin Congratulations Alessio!! @soshnick Awesome, again - great job today. @soshnick @KraftAnalytics @jessicagelman Great sessions today Scott, but I unfortunately missed a few - are these g… who's hiring? Let's go @SeattleKraken! (Are you checking our WiST job postings regularly? These employers ar…
Retweeted by Amir ZonoziGreat points on @Sportico with @jessicagelman of @KraftAnalytics: "not all data is good data." Moneyball referenc… @ariivory @ClioAwards Phenomenal session, I took away a lot, thank you @KeiaClarke I have struggled with how to frame our recruiting focus on diversity, really appreciate you using your… @ClioAwards @brandichastain Amazing quote - going to steal that for @WomenSportsTech - thank you, @brandichastain @AustinKarp I heard they swipe right for the one on the far left @amy_wesson @GreatSmokyNPS That last photo 👏 @esportsobserved @Anzu_io @warriors @FaZeClan @Zoomph @nerdstgamers @PandaGlobal @Populous @EsportsStadium tech job alert~ Intel Sports brings immersive media experiences to avid fans around the world — and we're…
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@hablamos @njh287 @OrlandoMagic Yup here are last week’s NFL numbers showing similar difference in engagement rates @harmophone Give that Dikembe finger wag"Let's Play TOS Violation"
Retweeted by Amir Zonozi @ianrborthwick And dominating NFL partnerships in exposure value, solid team there
It may not be orange @WNBA but this blue hoodie is pretty 🔥 @adidashockey @PWHPA
Retweeted by Amir Zonozi @Costa_Klad I am there with you on physical activity - I think youth sports will do great once we beat C19, but I a…😂🤣 jokes aside shout out to the amazing creative teams keeping fans engaged and the amazing partnerships teams keep… @SNFonNBC LolThe barrier of entry for youth getting into gaming just got increasingly lower. Now pair this with the high possi…
@nicoleloscavio Same and on social posts @AntonioGibson14 I see you throw the 🌪🌪🌪chalk up! Salute and great game!! 🙏🏾👑
Retweeted by Amir Zonozi @TedLeonsis Ted, 100% agree and we’re calculating this value across sports, esports and entertainment at @Zoomph.…
Retweeted by Amir ZonoziSeconds after losing to Khabib, Justin Gaethje consoles his grieving opponent. Khabib's 1st fight since losing h… walk-off like you’ve literally never experienced before. #WorldSeries
Retweeted by Amir ZonoziBaseball, there’s nothing else like it! 🔥 #WorldSeries
Retweeted by Amir Zonozi @NASCARonNBC @JeffBurton @HBurtonRacing Amazing @njh287 Honestly both suck - I would ignore each on my newsfeed
12 years of not giving up on yourself; this is the warrior mindset we all need
Retweeted by Amir Zonozi @FightingIrish @NDFootball 🏠 let’s go! @ShahbazMKhan Same man, tomorrow the score is 0-0 and we play to win again 💪 @MForman5 @MLB I believe that is the wonderful work of @MelanieLeGrande @mmcf415 💪💪💪 @ThatChristinaG 👏👏👏👏Marketers, You don't have to like people but you do need to understand them.
Retweeted by Amir Zonozi @kasideekarsten @AJ_Curry @airtable Oh man this is enticing enough to try @CroninTilt @keiths Amen to that brother
Also there has been an incredible amount of people that have been super patient with me - thank you 🙏 it’s been a l… had no idea how hard (and amazing) being a parent was until I became one You think that is hard until you have 2… 10 MLS clubs with the highest Facebook engagement rates from March 15 thru October 14: 1-@InterMiamiCF 2-…
Retweeted by Amir Zonozi @WomenSportsTech Honored to sit front row and watch these dreams become realityJust got off the @WomenSportsTech board meeting one word: wow. big things coming in #SportsBiz make sure to j… @ImJoshDunham Oh man good memory I think that one was Team Liquid, but have a few more to share soon too!
@ThatChristinaG @BaylorS3 @erinnicoleh_ @kassieepstein @steinekin @natbalda CG flexin with the solid crew! @steinekin that Twitter cover photo >>>Had the pleasure of joining the @BaylorS3 for their insightathon on January - great group of #sportsbiz students.… @Reds @BauerOutage @MLB_PLAYERS 💪💪💪The top teams on social media by engagement rate, per @Zoomph
Retweeted by Amir Zonozi @ProjectLincoln 👏👏👏👏 @JimGaffigan Wow