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Tommy Paparatto @ZooMaa New York City 🗽

Pro COD player for The New York @Subliners | @Andbox_official | Use code “ZooMaa” @DrinkCTRL & @ScufGaming | 🇮🇹🇺🇸

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@michaelaaann Visit me 🥺👉👈 @ProoFJC @NAMELESS i'm so confused @ProoFJC @NAMELESS Wait who tf is lil Zooma lmao @JoelJewell34 @SibDMDL This impresses you? Man you must not know much about me 🤣 @Rallied You’re a good man 🤝 @hutchinson I think it’s beautiful @Methodz always think of you when I take the first bite @JoelJewell34 @SibDMDL I’d smoke this clown @SimpXO 🤝 @SimpXO Wtf Chris thought we had somethin @OctaneSam Was thinking about doing a 20 hour drive like yourself, but I may chalk it 🤣 @Subliners I’ll be back 🥺👉👈 @hitchariide moving to Texas for next season 😤
Shout out to @GameFuel, they’ve been an amazing partner. Go vote for them now! #Vote4GameFuel Alert - 100T back in COD?
Retweeted by Tommy Paparatto100T back in COD? 👀Good morning
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@SlasheR_AL @ACHES Dev support is a powerful thing 🙌🏽 @ACHES @SlasheR_AL The fact we’re still using button combos makes no sense to me @DashySZN I agree double sprint sucked, but CW needs a lot of work on the movement and I hope to see that change going into the game @ACHES @SlasheR_AL I agree, but you can’t tell me the movement in CW doesn’t feel clunky. Sprint speed is too slow,… @SlasheR_AL Both games have the same movement but one was smooth and one is clunky. Not saying I like slide canceling. @Parasite Agreed Chris @EnigmaAMC Wait what? Is this sarcastic? 🤣You guys realize the movement in MW is the same as CW except MW was smoother right? CW you sprint in slow motion &… @Attach I miss you 🥺The movement in MW is better than the movement in Cold War, as of right now. That’s a fact. @SaintsNato It’s okay 😊 @SaintsNato Relax man @DrinkCTRL 🤣🤣🤣
@Temp I’m cryin bro 🤣🤣🤣I am in TEARS they have to be trolling there’s no way 😭 @chhlss Why would anyone wear this 🤦🏽‍♂️
@The_RealDeeJ @andbox_official You know I love u @EndeavourOG @andbox_official Head over to and give it a look @CodCastPod @andbox_official @ShadyG @andbox_official 🤝The new @andbox_official drop 😤🍁 @NioRooch 🐐 @Mcrading @NioRooch Nvm then what a goatControl is coming back to Call of Duty. Don't know Control? Coach @Boble has all the tips and tricks you'll need to…
Retweeted by Tommy Paparatto @JhbTeam One day 🥺
@THA_SWEED Remember in Vegas when that lady threw her drink at her man and she smoked us by accident 🤣 @John287 Proud of you brotha, excited to see what’s next 😤 @JKap415 You’re an animal @SaintsNato You never knew what was going to happen in the Hilton lobby, it was unpredictableTake me back @MikeLaBelle Aye you still made good contact 😤 @MikeLaBelle Get your chest over the ball!!!!Andbox is proud to announce our new partnership with @draftkings, together we are building the most epic challenge…
Retweeted by Tommy PaparattoWhen you see Control is back in #BlackOpsColdWar
Retweeted by Tommy Paparatto @KurlSs__ LMAOOOO @DuneHaggar @michaelaaann ✈️ @MJCheen @michaelaaann Of course $Cheen I got you @michaelaaann I’ll grill you a burger if you want the best experience @NottSpicy I’m too lazy to do wire management 🤣 @LuckyMiniMatt Fantastic
@SibDMDL 🤣🤣🤣Ready to game. 😤 @Decemate On behalf of the east coast we don't want them @TJHaLy LMFAO @andbox_official @SaintsNato BO CW Camo - @Subliners
Retweeted by Tommy Paparatto @Subliners Angry corpse 😤 @scump 😍 @Huke Happy Birthday Cuyler hope you have an amazing day champ 🥳 @FaZeTass He shouldn’t have head butted until after the match 🤣 @JoelJewell34 @SaintsNato 2006 World Cup Italy team has to be my favorite team of all time, in any sport.🐐 talk. (via @CigarAficMag)
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@KrypticInk Goat @R0ryMclaughlin 😞USE CODE ZOOMAA 😤🐎 attachments on my primary with Gunfighter like...
Retweeted by Tommy Paparatto @TheStocksmen LMAO “ZoomDaddy was ejected.” 🤣Can’t play me brother @ZooMaa
Retweeted by Tommy Paparatto @Enable @Attach @INTELCallofDuty I just remember so many people getting sick that event @Attach @INTELCallofDuty Dude I wouldn’t doubt it I never felt so sick in my life after that event @iLLeYYY Happy Birthday brotha @Bricetacular Nope what’s that and how do I do it? @TJHaLy @Huke Cuyler*
@Arcitys @GameFuel Nice shots, AlecYoung men: if you wanna play video games, play some video games. Have a nice day.
Cracked open a Gamefuel ready to play the Cold War Beta w/ @MackMelts! Come hang out! #Gamefuelpartner #NYSL @NYSavages @Subliners @Shaneskiii Had fun playing with y’all 🤣 @MikeLaBelle @andbox_official @OvidiuPatrascu You’re the 🐐 Breaker GA'd confirmed @ZooMaa.
Retweeted by Tommy Paparatto @Class @Viperous 😘 @Just_Lunes That’s the OG Cod player right there @Viperous Smacking your BFs assSunday at Nonna’s 🍝🇮🇹 @michaelaaann That’s a vibe @Swagg I fuck with this 🔥 @Parasite Agreed!