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Tobi. 29 he/him artist, animal lover, oddity collector. commission me!🐅 💀

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@swordgoblin She wants you to EAT and be big and STRONG and have enough blubber to swim in the icy sea and not freeze @KhalilVivo I notice a lot of doll and toy makers are Russian. If I see a really really almost scary well done art…
Clams and shellfish comprise the main staple of their diet, however eels, fish, octopi, squid and edible seaweeds a… perfectly content to eat raw seafood, the dobarr are also very accomplished chefs. Their cooking even by huma…, 1896 #bocklin #arnoldbocklin
Retweeted by Zooophagous @DrJenGunter @Medium @MediumSupport What a heinous woman, and what kind of editor would have let that kind of piece… @GoshRae This is hot @FamiliarAlien No kidding. Like he presided over multiple terrible things and somehow managed to botch all of them… mom and dad he lost because he's deeply unpopular thats it. He's just not liked because he's a monumental fuc…"Heres how Bernie can still win" but its Trump now lolWell, never buying anything from Lush ever again.
Retweeted by Zooophagous @CaseyExplosion Oof. Yet another reason to dislike Lush. I'll continue to steer clear. Plenty of alternatives anywa… head too big @sciencewithtyus It seems like it's discounting the importance of oral tradition. We have poems, stories and observ… @sciencewithtyus For much of human history NOBODY could ever write things down. These people still managed to learn… @Dangerwood6 @craniatology Personally I think its more stupid that they gendered the helmets lol @craniatology I get the hatred of "boob armor" that exists to be sexy but at the same time, if someone has a bust,… @Gwenda @jodyvanb Sure wish a trust buster would wreck the Disney monopoly. Their cutesy crust over a thick magma o… sketches (she's a pretty small jaguar compared to her big sis Cejo..who is a little large for a jaguar)
Retweeted by Zooophagoussince george carlin is trending, here's that time he talked about why he is put off by comedians who target and bas…
Retweeted by ZooophagousLangolier enjoying a good worm. @serpentiss @CopingMAGA Its like seeing a mad scientist get attacked by their own monster @DesignByZoe A titan arum! Great choice @Crooked_Waters Well that will go over like a lead balloon
@OakyDeer @slimyswampghost @larsaddams @CanisInfernalis It is pretty cute. It used to be boarded up but it decayed so much that there's really no stopping…🧿 character randoms (she/her)
Retweeted by ZooophagousAbandoned schoolhouse/public building. The graffiti says "we thought the place could use some colon" which is a fun… world's dumbest person, rattling the stall door in this public restroom: "Why is this locked??"A sea of pink in some mutual's styles @DeadwoodDross @JayRock5858 @griefgoose @rudeposting @KingOfSeagulls
Retweeted by Zooophagous @dimetrodont @DeadwoodDross @JayRock5858 @griefgoose @rudeposting @KingOfSeagulls @BridgeOfFaust @vatterju @larsaddams Sounds like a good day
Just leave this on your racist uncle's Facebook wall
Retweeted by ZooophagousWhat animal is your heart? Is one of my favourite poetry questions. But I've never had an answer like this. Kyla is…
Retweeted by Zooophagousmolting is an interesting process for isopods. they molt the front half and back half separately
Retweeted by Zooophagous @crevicedwelling @Simpin4Fulgrim I... I'm obsessedI watched the national dog show with my parents yesterday.
Retweeted by ZooophagousThe wastelands @Palaeopoems Did they know they would unearth a monster Buried in the bottom of the sink hole? Of stone bones of cl… shitzu is a strong contender but I always have been a cat person... small animals are competing for my affection. I feel important. @PlBBLE Comfort has always been king for me, and lingerie just doesn't look comfortable. Its hard enough to get me to wear jeans tbh. @bhramarii They have a great sense of style and emotion in their art.A clearing in the middle of a forest behind gas chamber and crematorium V. A place of burial of bodies in the initi…
Retweeted by Zooophagous @BlairBraverman I love seeing updates on your dogs so much. It makes me want to get into mushing so bad ;_; (I'm… @inforum I'd read the article to find out but I'm not paying for a subscription just for that lol @inforum What differentiates a "nuclear scientist" from a "nuclear mastermind" ? @feralworks @eliciadonze Uranium glass! @cyelatm You're rightOkay y’all want to make it look like you care and say “haha fuck thanksgiving for my Native Americans” without actu…
Retweeted by Zooophagous#Arachtober Feast your eyes upon this stunning spider. Liphistius desultor belongs to the family of our most primi…
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Spring in the forest, 1892 #ivanshishkin #shishkin
Retweeted by Zooophagous#AnimalArtistsUnite I draw critters well enough. Pick a beast, any beast. @MooseSmol You got further than I did! The last line I think is "of the one we loved so dear," or similarChildren's graves, while some of the most sad, also usually tend to be the most visually interesting. Many symbols… most impressive stone belongs to 5 year old Troy Lawrence, who has a broken-tree cross and a dead dove adorning… is a LOT of badger activity in the yard and multiple setts can be seen easily. American badgers are common in… main attraction is the only tree in the middle of the yard, around which several 1890s era graves are congregat… "abandoned" Bullis-Wilbur cemetery. Most recent interment 1930. I say "abandoned" because while it isn't used,… @peripendrake I'm glad to hear it! 💜Petition to rename Thanksgiving Indigenous people's day 2 @BoyzMagazine @ALLIANCELGB Make no assumptions? Bro it's literally the name of the organization. It's a hate group… @crevicedwelling He got ratio'd pretty hard by every animal and science loving Twitter user, who have all told him… @madrichmudrach Here's hoping. I've only ever spotted it from a distance so it's anyone's game.Turkey day is a bullshit holiday but I have an abandoned cemetery on a lost highway to visit tomorrow so weather pe…✨GIVEAWAY TIME✨ Here’s a chance to win a custom design by me! Just retweet to enter. Follows aren’t necessary bu…
Retweeted by ZooophagousSo was it a boy or a girl
Retweeted by ZooophagousI draw once every decade or so lol #AnimalArtistsUnite
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@Faijanopsi Cute whiskers and bad kneesStephen Gammell illustrated a book of Thanksgiving poems.
Retweeted by Zooophagous finds a novelty t shirt man I guess just no matter how vegan cruelty free parabens free microplastics free a beauty product is I still… comics are the best vehicle for social commentary, actually. a sorceress resurrects an ancient bird, it finds the weather too cold and cruel to bear, much to the dismay of…
Retweeted by Zooophagousno bargains
Retweeted by ZooophagousHe doesn't know what a purpose is me if you want oneTrying something different. For 8$ you can have a clean file for this monster horse base. Available in procreate or… @conduit_7 Take care :< @BarghestBlack Haaaaate UG. Hate em. @CopingMAGA This looks like the cover of a really niche romance novel
Rio Tinto, a anglo-australian mining firm recently made famous for demolishing a 40,000yo Aboriginal sacred site, i…
Retweeted by ZooophagousCandace and Zeugma. Both werewolves that belong to the same lore but the tone of their story arcs is quite differen… @serpentiss They won't punish it because they're not actually all that opposed to itA bit of Arctic gossiping... friends from the Yamal peninsula, pictures by Nechey Serotetto
Retweeted by ZooophagousMy INPRNT shop has *finally* been updated with some dark & spooky stuff just in time for Halloween! (including one…
Retweeted by Zooophagousattaqué! Not-so-fun fact: many animals, especially small ones like snakes and lizards, do not use overpasses.
Retweeted by Zooophagous @crevicedwelling This guy sounds weak
Retweeted by ZooophagousMarker page commissions open! 3 slots available. I can't provide shipping because of the lockdown, but you'll recei…
Retweeted by ZooophagousCurled-up Zephronia (giant pill millipedes) from South & Southeast Asia.
Retweeted by Zooophagous @Unykness Bless💜 @dimetrodont Dare ya to stipple @Crooked_Waters I feel like someone invented it out of nothing just for me as a surprise @VampirikArt Thank uExcuse me, why haven't I heard of this and where can I go to rectify that mark fuckerberg im not sorry and I'd do it again