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jungless. 🇯🇲🇧🇸 being human as praxis. I only talk music, art, socialist, and womanist tingz.

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In 5 min. Let’s ki.’s get it. 4:30 ET. you trying to align the aloe hive’s obvious now that I think about it. In an effort to separate ourselves from WW we need to think about who else is being harmed.I really wanna thank @DaShaunLH for pointing out that womanism is inherently transphobic yesterday. As a person tha…’s listen to TW speak when she saw the cranes in the sky:
Retweeted by evIs Black Bri’ish Twitter more chaotic than Black American Twitter? 😭WHAT @okaykesia I see now. I’m a young parent so I get it but I understand why folks are annoyed song can’t come on without me playing it 30 times @Mylifeischaos Same. It’s so corny. And you’re not about to make money off my thoughts @okaykesia Wait there was outrage? LmaoMy elephant ear’s inner thoughts is nothing under my bed and I’m really proud of this. blacks are arguing over kettles. The white man’s whip is heavier than before.
Retweeted by evLet me set a calendar reminder chile everyone please take a second to read and retweet my fundraiser. Anything helps. ❤️
Retweeted by ev!!! Starving yourself does not make you an expert Jackson in "Love Will Never Do (Without You),” 1990.
Retweeted by evThis has me weak @AfroJediii Yes I’ve been thinking about getting a subscription to criterion for a minWHERE is this nigga??? Put out an APB need to watch this @earringdealer A whole country mad @TLB8275 There’s still some bops 🥴since uk niggas got so much to say 🤔💯😂🙄 @earringdealer
Retweeted by evI really hate to do this but I’m in a really fucked up position & I need help bad. I dont wanna lose my car & apart…
Retweeted by evI’m day drinking and listening to music. My neighbors should be glad I don’t have a sound system yet but it’s coming. @courtdanee2 And is complaining 🙃🙃Y’all remember this? is that an Etienne? Sister are you not embarrazzed?Oppression in color 🥰 @iTerryTommy LmaoooNature and The Mothers of Nature. Depicted by Justin Hardiman
Retweeted by evMy shuffle is playing a lot of Mali Music today and I’m not mad.I really do believe that women, like all women— even the ones who are attracted to and date men, need to shift thei…
Retweeted by evWILDE WILDE WEST, Otis Kwame Kye Quaicoe, 2020
Retweeted by evIn today’s edition of everything is racist: mom: come here me:
Retweeted by evOh wow. This is amazing. @sweetbtchesbrew Same. Why hasn’t it happened yet? 🥺Departamento is my most recent fave can beat a bear but can y’all beat a kangaroo??More reasons why Australia ain’t never seeing me that I have to stan in the shadows now kettles return I should be director or VP level by then. I can’t wait. kid is gonna be 18 going to college (if she wants) when I’m 40. I can see the hoetivities I’m gonna be partaking… number of people currently serving a life sentence is greater than the entire prison population in 1970. If you…
Retweeted by evIdk about the UK but on the islands most of us drink tea for breakfast. Americans drink coffee. West Indian self does not have a dog in this fight. It’s funny what ppl can be elitist over. @Karamelioness Omg👉🏽👈🏽 got two choices’all so fucking corny. Why can’t you ever @ with your chest?🥺 trying to understand how we dream about people we don’t know. Have we seen these faces in passing before and… @TheAiguStays Idk why but she had that comingWe need to talk about how babysitters are severely underpaid.’m crying at her shoes getting knocked off Combinations
Retweeted by evWhy’d I dream about being on the beach making out to James Fauntleroy? I’m starving.I wanna talk about this album on CH.Y’all lied about Steve Lacy dropping new music? @cynfinite 😂 @sweetbtchesbrew I hope so sooner rather than later.I refuse to watch those videos with young lady getting condescending “advice” from that man. Why do women ask men f… me though. Y’all be blessed.Ok who doesn’t Ashanti and Keyshia have blocked at this point??? 😭 forcing y’all to watch? and all these flows>>>Lmaooo
Lmao next CH event “Each One, Teach One: Bro, it’s your duty to love trans people” with @GregoryCurtisJr, @DrTGIF,…
Retweeted by evPeriod. this picture 😭 I’m coming they have 20 hits a piece? f’ing snapped on the Smack a Bitch remix 😭😭Collab please? @Rico_nastyy @TierraWhack 🥺👉🏽👈🏽I know Rico throat be on fire.This is so much better than her last project alreadyI gotta blast this one in the car be thinking a lot about how mixed race people (in general) make up like 3% of the population but are vastly over…
Retweeted by evLet’s see what she’s giving. Goldlink goes. @AsiaChloeBrown Is it an official thing? Lol I don’t think I am. I just remember you talking about this egg nog before @AsiaChloeBrown one put it on my TL today bitch is so weird that!!! did all this stem from the Grammys? Black artists need to move on from them.I’m not seeing where she said she’s retiring from music. about this video today
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