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#ZsayCentersHimself. Morehouse. self-taught chef. musician.

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@jay_novacaine she got em shipped from Louisiana. they weee amazing.
my cousin left no stone unturned for this birthday party. snow crab, king crab, live crawfish, shrimp…it’s about to get CRAZY. @jay_novacaine smh wow. @jay_novacaine is that what I am? I never would’ve guessed. @jay_novacaine oh you a crab lol…but shoutout to June babies. @jay_novacaine 6/10 @jay_novacaine not in this case lol @jay_novacaine Twitter is bogus @jay_novacaine AHT. not a chance lol @jay_novacaine children though?! @jay_novacaine @jay_novacaine oop.
@Roberts_Rules what do you know about the skrawburr lemonade Sunkist???????? @_ADFields it’s the beard for me! also, go off, frannnn! congrats!!! @jmill26_ the man is plagiarizing his damn self at this point.idk how many times I have said this/will have to say this, but I am so sick of #ffffff people “””making””” jerk chi… @jmill26_ she gon have to call Neutrogena to clear this one up.I want Dwayne The Rock Johnson to leave us tf alone. running for president??? GTFOH, bro.…does the Black guy on TMZ know that he’s Black? @PrinceyPls these are the new MAGA hats.Excuse Me Masterpiece Forever Don’t Last Veins Good Enough Stuttering Famous @MaybeMorque @msbond2u you gon make me make some of these. @c_drew_ @jmill26_ now you got me wanting to make one of those fortune teller things Prunella made on Arthur 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 @c_drew_ @jmill26_ not you wanting to be a paper plane! @SameOlDarius between him and Kem, IDK whose vocals I hate more. @SameOlDarius I would not want to hear Keith Sweat breathe let alone sing. @ddtchh she said she watched all those Netflix documentaries about the food industry and it touched a soft spot. sh… @talented_TIMMY that bass he hits at the end >>>>>>> @ddtchh she posted a video today about her total switch to plant-based eating 😭😭😭 the only silver lining is that sh… @ddtchh Seonkyoung is gonna be deleting all her recipe videos that contain meat/dairy/seafood!!! 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺one of my favorite YouTube chefs just became 100% plant-based 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 @shernod and they can’t whoop your ass so…drinking gas station wine and watching The Golden Girls. @jmill26_ this ratio 🥴🥴🥴🥴 @rinatenten this ain’t got a pig flying fuck to do with DMX. this is about your spreading ignorance regarding the YOU’RE lame for spreading this blatant misinformation.’all gotta stop eating paste. it says so right on the bottles. gotta be tired of y’all nignogs.I’m about ready to cut my hair now. @NoEmmeG so that explains why my mood has been really shitty and depressed lately.
@chuckietreez sing! @SameOlDarius if it’s the one on Jimmy Carter, then yes. @XavierDLeau one lady said she wears jeans a lot, and thus, her legs don’t “get dirty,” and I have not been at peace since. @jeremymoonmusic @jmill26_ people who are willingly eating hot pudding will steal the baking soda out of a biscuit. I trust none of them.Like if seen people bake it if there’s a meringue top, but just throwing regular ass banana pudding in the oven? Y’all need to be in jail.
Retweeted by Starter Candle in the Dark @jeremymoonmusic @jmill26_ but even that’s done on the stovetop and then refrigerated until it’s chilled lol @jmill26_ like…it’s just layering cookies, bananas (great nana purn uses less of this), vanilla pudding, and whippe… really love this video because it perfectly embodies how twitter activists use language like this and expect the…
Retweeted by Starter Candle in the DarkI’m already tired of the meme of this Black man with the locs yelling like he’s about to burst a blood vessel in his neck. @TeeJ_Mac oh yeah. that grogginess is real. let’s just hope that’s the only one you feel. @TeeJ_Mac what are you feeling? @shernod I want an all-green comforter set, too, but majority of the ones I search for online are either that sea f… @shernod good choice. that’s the main accent color in my bedroom.or as my girl, Jazmine Marie THEE Sullivan, said…”if my tears don’t mean nothin’, don’t insult me with lies…”don’t ask me if I’m upset with you if you know you don’t care either way. @Keen_Man just a minor hiccup friend. @MaybeMorque 😂😂😂😂😂 @MaybeMorque B 3 Y for me. @jay_novacaine clearly, my definition differs from others.reciprocity is a foreign language these days. @falkNERD13 she gotta be riding on a Roomba because wtf @iBreatheReal I’m ya #1 fan…gimme yo autograph…sign it right here on my heart… @jay_novacaine no. NO.people who are cat parents, how long have you been terrorists? @brianollison I doubt it lol @jmill26_ I want them to fix the glitch on the TV remote where the shit will swipe up and down but won’t swipe lef… and Joe’s took ya boy outta here lol
Black people really need to learn how to discover and enjoy nice things without shitting on others who either can’t…
Retweeted by Starter Candle in the DarkOne person is just buying candles and the other person thinks they're better than you because they got a 400 dollar…
Retweeted by Starter Candle in the Dark @_Gambina Hawaiian Punch actually tastes worse when you add ice 😭if you constantly have to tell people how much you pay for everything, are you REALLY rich?I’ve seen people be elitist about a LOT of wild things (mac-and-cheese cheeses, dipping sauces, gas for their cars,… candles. eyes are getting too old for Dark Mode lol @itsKARY_ (Sittin on) Top of the Pearls @itsKARY_ AKAngel in Disguise. @talented_TIMMY that would end me. @TeeJ_Mac listen. these came out 100x better than ANY of the other times I’ve made it! it’s like all that pressure… @TeeJ_Mac it cut off more than 2 hours! there’s no going back!y’all. birria in the Instant Pot is the way to go from here on out. I’m shook.
love this for me. Happy Taco Tuesday!’s giving birria tacos and margs/Modelos/tequila shots afuera for dinner on tonight. @ddtchh says the man who wears sleeveless hoodies 😭😭😭 @KolorsofKeish that part!!! all my first cousins’ kids call me “uncle” because we all know our 1st cousins double as siblings lol @KolorsofKeish right. and it’s only really for people who are in close proximity to your parents rather than to other relatives. @KolorsofKeish @ShutUpMurdy that’s pretty much what I’ve gathered as well 😂 @ShutUpMurdy I am confusion. because like…what is being proven/gained here? and what is the logic?the people who are answering “no” to @ShutUpMurdy’s question are providing some…strange responses. like…it’s getting weird. @kevunn you don’t need any work done boy lol*buys ONE-a-Day elderberry gummies* directions: “take two (2) gummies daily” me: @kevunn what are you botoxing, friend? @Keen_Man I love my two feathered friends though! ❤️Yup and their children are my cousins.
Retweeted by Starter Candle in the Dark @ShutUpMurdy yup. my dad’s college roommate and his neo are my uncles, and no one can tell me otherwise because the… @Keen_Man because birds of a feather…this is the most perfect thing I will have ever watched ever.“ladies and gentlemen…are you ready…to be entertaaaaaaaaaaaaained???” *cues horns* @jmill26_ LATE IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR!!!Fuck them 💞
Retweeted by Starter Candle in the Dark