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Senior @bbctech reporter. Also covered Covid19 @bbchealth. Kettlebell enthusiast. Agent - @RivaMedia Lego always underfoot.

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@harry_bligh @YorkshireTea It's a deal! @AggieCrank @DeborahSuggRyan @jennyeclair Hello, it's this: @Kathryn_Hearn @YorkshireTea Highly recommend! @harry_bligh @YorkshireTea If only we could, I would being some in to NBH for you! @TheNextWoods @Pheecetious @YorkshireTea All of life is in that tweet, Ben! @Rich_Gibbons @YorkshireTea It's awesome ☕ @Pheecetious @YorkshireTea It's delicious!I spend most of my life being underwhelmed by flavoured teas but *this* is a real winner on a cold wet Saturday aft… @brackb01 Don't you startI've had an email which has left me seething. Using the sort of childish, defiant, tit-for-tat whining that I tell… @BritishInde @WillardFoxton @ajcdeane Perhaps I need to work for a less prestigious publication 😂 @ajcdeane @WillardFoxton
@sima_kotecha I do the same! @ythos Ha! I love that @NeilWalsh_UN @itvpeston Rock n roll!Chilling out with a g&t and a documentary about North Korea 😱 @WillardFoxton @ajcdeane focused. It needs another "s"!Here's a lovely example of a simple bit of tech being put to good use @ryancapperauld not yet! have some in the fridge toocrikey. Supermarket in Wales covering up "non essential" goods. "Firebreak" lockdown starts at 6pm phones, frozen chips... this article is making me hungry @LeoKelion!'m quite sure my local MP did not just mean to tell me in an email that the county has secured "£1.07" to distribu… @Cable_J Never too soon to start....! My kids have gone from "OMG people send you free stuff" to "why don't people… @Cable_J I'm sure they cover how large companies re-think innovation in Key Stage 1 @mims ha that's a good idea, will have to see how I can re-deploy them as monitor stands, door stops etc. Might kee… unsolicited press preview books about business, management, Silicon Valley etc have started finding their way t… @MarinaKoytcheva you email your editor and get an out-of-office reply referring you back to yourself @CIRUsoton ah thank you! @NifS nope me neither. Have reported us both to Ofcom @simonmigliano It's very curious @joedaviesnews @hollyeforrest @ruskin147 Yup! I don't get those anymore but I do get the little shield symbol pop up regularly @hollyeforrest @joedaviesnews @ruskin147 Exactly right 👍
@rachelkennedy84 Yes! @Mandy_MooMoos Oh no 🦠 how are you? @katebevan Oh god @rbrookes! @marypcbuk Very true! I *did* like it there but have never felt the urge to try to recreate it 😂 @Candlelands Indeed....I can't retweet as this person has a private account but they say maybe the password was correct but Twitter's "spe… this story about Trump's Twitter account has divided the infosec community it seems to me! The researchers say… @parkscarla I threw away 11 odd socks @KatHarbourne He is the reason I had to take the explicit filter off my Echo the other day. I had forgotten about t… @parkscarla I've been strong. They are all in the bin. Which means their other halves are now all going to come out of the woodwork... @division6 You know what, I do need to check that out!Managed to get the kids to a trial karate lesson but I am not allowed to stay so I have no choice but to indulge in… @MigsterMMA @TheVioletBlonde I know right @garyschwartz I did once, about 2 years ago, get a note through my door saying I owed some bloke £28 for window cle… @Philly_Spurr Oh no 😔 I am so sorry. 2020 strikes again 😡 @jasonoflondon Perhaps that's why they left @jgrahamc Ah yes it's always followed by a request isn't it...!Why are people 😑 @jgrahamc I also hope you are well 😁So, fashion twitter (looks hard at @TheVioletBlonde) I've just discovered M&S lounge wear and now I don't think I w… @dancondon89 In my limited experience, more followers brings more grief...! @lhknightbbc Like those people that break in and tidy up 😂 @simonmarkstv Haha nope @joncard Ah that worked out well then. Maybe this one will adopt me too. @geoffwhite247 😱 @HonestFrank Hmm yes I reckon so. Tis the season. I also keep getting this irritating recorded phone call from "my… @SilentLokusT I may well follow up again - I am hearing from so many people. Please DM @Leod_UK 🙈There's a man cleaning my windows. I haven't asked him to. Is this how one acquires a window cleaner - do they choose you?😂 @jessbrammar How very helpful 😑 Nelson's Teetha and amber necklaces seemed to help mine a little but who knows...… @teddemop Very stylish isn't it! I didn't have my children with me, they would quite possibly have jumped into the water features 😂 @SheyMouse This was the most recent, in August 2019. Other drinks are available (but not there) 😂 @davemolloy Omg the heads on some of those 😂I've only ever had 2 pints of Guinness, and both were at the top of the Guinness factory museum in Dublin - not sur… @reesmf @15minutegamer @ironic_jenn I want to read it @alistaircoleman That's cunning. I'm not sure when or how patterned socks became a feature in my life, but here we are 🧦 @dancondon89 🤞🤞🥂 @15minutegamer Same here. The kids' socks are too small to get confused with mine. I am the only grown-up who lives… @alistaircoleman THAT is what I fear @15minutegamer Where DO they go?!Currently tidying my sock drawer, because these days that is what passes as a day off and wondering... at what poin… @marxculture I wonder if I'd be allowedInteresting!’s frustrating to see that #brushingscams to illicit fake reviews are making headlines again, see -…
Retweeted by Zoe Kleinman @LisaForteUK @FLAnderson @SarahASmith75 *Katharine. Damn you autocorrect! @LisaForteUK @FLAnderson @SarahASmith75 Oh wow that's a tough one. I love trailblazer women like Katherine Whiteho… @PaulbernalUK I love it so much @PaulbernalUK Wow. That's sobering. @PaulbernalUK I agree. I just found it amusing, i am not seriously having a pop at twitter for daring to not recogn… @drewsonix Ha! Yes quite @PaulbernalUK Irs a mixture. We do write headlines but don't necessarily have the final say. Plus there are charact… @DylanReeve Wait for it....Well that's me told (fortunately I wrote it!)
@charlottewest I was chatting to a friend last night who told me about a relative of theirs who reads the Express.… @AndrewRWhite Oh my gosh Andrew, how awful, glad she is home, hope you are able to get some answersIncredibly powerful statement from Marcus Rashford after the government voted tonight against providing free school… @NinaWarhurst @BBCBreakfast Yes Nina! Go you 💪💪 @wrobinson101 @BBCRadio4 @ruskin147 I sit on the stairs in my pyjamas if it's early doors (and radio...!) @MigsterMMA I won't tell you what she said about you 😂 @k_j_butler @soozysee Oh my goodness - hello! I'm so pleased I was able to help. @MigsterMMA Update: I've had a lovely chat with David. He's blown away by all the support and messages he's receive… @k_j_butler @soozysee Is these your parents? @rachelkennedy84 I can think of occasions when i would have liked to use it certainly 😂A fab lady is trying to sort out a pass for me for a military building. I need to do some extra stuff. She asks me…