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SQOOF. @zsqoof sunnyside, wa 📫

new to twitter ong I have never made a twitter account no cap on my momma

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@andrealan925 I’m built different fr 💯just found out if Kanye wins then the Kardashians finna be in the White House @scahhr nah his music booty @kanyewest HUH???? @andrealan925 W
@brndvx ??? @andrealan925 ? @Jah2Solid everyone and they mom been poppin fireworks the whole weekme after the doctor leaves the room 💀 @jairrdarulah yeah lmaoo @zombzzzzz @aurinisasleep ?this ps5 line go crazy fr better charge that mf wheelchair up for tonight 🤦🏽‍♂️if you actually celebrate the freedom of the US on the 4th of July you weird ☠️ @andrealan925 mm be like “no” or sumn @TTfue Beyoncé @alcantar_vitor 🥺 @alcantar_vitor ? @stereoberrys like subway? @Zooctt Been @jeeklyy ??? @adriancantskate ?wish kid cudi could hum in my ear every night fr @Viperous bro 🥺 @mithellleee LMFAOOOOO bro a clown frnobody: mfs who dont do shit all day 😭:
@SmfhMyv1Head ?my shit don’t get no likes no more y’all be skipping my posts like im ya ex or sum 💔 tf I do to you? 🥺🙄 @CrypticNo ? @CrypticNo ☠️☠️☠️ @LilNasX yo @Whereisblockaye 😅 @nrsuttn @Oreologist @Classify ? @gussbus17 shit was entertaining on snap lmaooo @Jeremiah_jetski LMFAOOOO @CrypticNo ANUEL WIFEY @Oreologist @Classify this fowl ☠️ @iShevy__ @OprahSide Lman’s album dropped and he’s not gonna be here for this hell of an experience that all artists should have. shit is sad bro :/ @CrypticNoOne ☠️☠️when someone asks me how my July is going 🤣 @reminding_2 no @kennethdidthat ?if u go viral on TikTok by literally just standing there in front of my tweet you my son 😐 @jjasrodriguezz she say she at her friend’s house but you at her friend’s house @zombzzzzz @jjasrodriguezz Fr @jjasrodriguezz you killed that shit 🥺
@vesqz999 manwhen you finally realize she kinda toxic but you mad in love already @jjasrodriguezz 🙄 @mithellleee @jjasrodriguezz HUH??? @Slasher :/ @Froste @CouRageJD @ToysRUs @slazerxo @TrickVAL @jeeklyy ? @YngDag24 @alcantar_vitor ? @lilnasxking my bad @CrypticNo @beatsbynav this finna be brick wall city rn @mithellleee @jjasrodriguezz 😅 @mithellleee @jjasrodriguezz DLT DLT DLT DLT @mithellleee LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO @mithellleee he monkey high as shit 24/7 🤣 @mithellleee LMFAOOOOOOO @aurinisasleep fax @MalibuXIV sqoof cares @CrucifiedJew I showed up like half the week for 3 years lmaooo I did notanyone else get butterflies when their homies pull up? @Gunfly teach me @mithellleee WHO @mithellleee gotchu <33 @Toastyyy__ no? @Jah2Solid I’d sit there n re evaluate my entire existence during those 2 minutes fr @BasedSavage8 omg is this real @jonotonn 🧢 @jjasrodriguezz LMFAOOOOOOO ONG @jonotonn say sike rnevery bitch that say bruh arms look like this
@OprahSide I’m finna be 20 years old n be dumb as shit @rxyymond @OprahSide ? @Jizzlain ? @DrewLawDesign What we on @Lakers @OprahSide @TheRealJRSmith LMFAOOOOOOOOO @Oreologist nah bro I know for a fact that was you typing this tweet out rn @ExtendoBans why tf they got tacos ova there it’s not called taco king 😐 @ChronicSwaz @Ninja she all good bro don’t trip 😅"you look tired" bro i am @rxyymond offered boss a lil sumn for a raise 🙄 @cannonpro99 can I pet it @scahhr LMFAOOOOOOOOOO @rxyymond ? @x_Turtlee ? @kanyewest ? @FaZe_Rain We all got mad love for you man fr <3latinas be like “papi why july to me 🥺” first of all bitch it’s July.. @reaperclothes fuck iz u fbi? @dracoinmybutt ?this feature fell off fr @lilflonke BRO❕🐐