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Nick Horowitz @ztiworoh Alexandria, VA

PR Professional at @TeamWaxman. Pop culture junkie.

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@atebbel We just went down the rabbit hole of learning that that actor and his dad are major funders of Scientology… @hypercubexl I was already excited for it and it surpassed all my expectactions @kshipwhitecat Do we?I have just been made aware of the fact that there is an official Marvel continuity for things that take place in t… @sepinwall So when do they find a place for David Tennant in the MCU? @PateraQuetzaI That is cursed. @alsovogon honestly, respect @PateraQuetzaI Yeah but I can watch TV at home and don't need a baby sitter. @inmostlight I wish I could get into comics but I can never commit to them. I like graphic novels but runs of stuff… @RobZacny Yeah, I don't know if I love the movie as much as I love Gyllenhaal's performance in it. I felt even more… it. @inmostlight I feel like I need to actually read these comics. I literally know nothing about Hawkeye outside the MCUOh oh ok, now this logo I can get down with. This logo is better than half the MCU movies, I know it's from the comic run but also, why does this logo look like Hawkeye is the next big location based… @kshipwhitecat @PateraQuetzaI I say this as someone who was literally going frame-by-frame in the Star Trek trailer… @kshipwhitecat @PateraQuetzaI Yeah I figured as much, I just think it's funny as someone on the outside seeing peop… @PateraQuetzaI It's the time of year when I'm reminded that there are dozens of Marvel characters that people have… @mudron One thing I noticed was that that exhibit at SDCC for Picard, they have the Borg queen's skull and spine on…
!!!!!!!!!!! really try these days to not get overhyped about tv shows and movies but THAT PICARD TRAILER!!!!?!?! @mudron A guess that is probably wrong: it's DeLancie's voice through Picard's dog @charlesv It's extra weird because they have Veronica Mars themed commercials on it now and product placement insid… proven otherwise I'm going to assume this headline is literal
@vogon I will never not enjoy how deeply cranky Aldrin seems @alsovogon ooof yeahoh no, but where else can I see what trenchant insights come out from putting Dr Oz, Malcolm Gladwell and Beto O'Ro… @vogon @antumbral Im going through this hashtag and im just more confused and I think maybe actively losing braincells @antumbral wtf is a gopcommunist? @plante My kid is now at the age where we're getting invites to birthdays there and man, as a parent that experience is way different @plante Have you been to a Chuck E Cheese lately? That place is bleak. It's just like, a bad casino for kids. All o… (2019) @JeffGrubb Same. I chalk it up to being a permanent East Coaster for whom the midwest barely registers @JeffGrubb Same score, same question wrong. @jowrotethis, same energy energy @sokareemie i hate it so much
Why did they make the cats all look like the middle step of am animorphs cover? @ashleydc Yes but now it's also the stuff of nightmaresOh no, why did they make them look like real cats? @AthertonKD Or if they're realized the dream of Star Trek is a world where everyone gets to do what they want becau… @kshipwhitecat @alsovogon I understand why people liked that scene, it has its charm. @kshipwhitecat the "You've Lost that Lovin Feeling" bit, the beach volleyball and the inverted flight with the MiG.… @hypercubexl @WarrenIsDead I mean the whole thing sort of feels like an extended music video @alsovogon Right, it's the beach volleyball scene, the "You've Lost that Lovin Feeling" stuff, interminable shots o… @WarrenIsDead Yeah, it's a movie I didn't see until I was an adult and I was BAFFLED how it had been lumped in with macho 80s action stuff @WarrenIsDead It almost feels Lynchian when they just keep playing those first few synth notes to "Take My Breath A… take: Top Gun is a bad, mostly dull movie but people pretend it's good because it has a solid soundtrack and like 3 good scenes @brockwilbur I mean, I'm not a huge Wings fan but that song rules @brockwilbur TBF, you could get me to cycle hard if you threatened me with playing Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime @plante @Polygon @chrisgrant Congrats!!Why is Bloomberg doing sponsored Instagram posts that are just context-free photos of Jack Sparrow? I'd like to report a homicide.
Retweeted by Nick Horowitz @vogon Oh God, he's that guy? @WarrenIsDead This is some prime, uncut boomer behaviorwhat if, and hear me out on this, the whole party unity thing meant standing in solidarity with the members the pre…
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imagine thinking racist violence and deportation campaigns aren't a "bread and butter issue"
Retweeted by Nick Horowitzimho the vote that would properly show the Democratic party’s rift on the issue would be one to instruct the Judici…
Retweeted by Nick Horowitz @antumbral @patrickklepek No but Voyager had bioorganic circuits so Voyager is an Eva @upstreamism Right. I'd have a blanket policy not to use any apps that were not 100% trusted and verified if they a… @upstreamism I get it, I do, but I also think there's a real "red scare" aspect to some of this stuff that honestly just seems sillyLook, being concerned about data privacy and who has your info is good. Seeing anything that comes from Russia and… @ksheely But like, it's autumn in the game now and I'm driving a 1960s Jaguar that I've customized with a dude dres… @ksheely No, sadly, you see your character in the car, in pre-race cut scenes and then in these post-race podium th… @ksheely But you also get to outfit your driver with a bunch of unlockable clothes and accessories you win by doing… @ksheely And literally hundreds of real world cars to collect through a bunch of different things you can do in the… @ksheely And then yeah, you can tune and mod the cars in dozens of ways that affect the visuals, but also handling… @ksheely Oh man, so there's a really crazy detailed car livery editor to start and people can share their car desig… @ksheely I've become obsessed with Forza Horizon 4 for the same reason recently. It's a really good fantasy car-collecting and modding sim. @xpatriciah Yeah I found real diminishing returns in this trilogy. Would have rather just stopped at AnnihilationPlease stop with the faceapp filter. I don't like it.Thanks, I hate it
The whole internet loves Milkshake Rocket Scientist *5 seconds later* We regret to inform you the Rocket Scienti… @alsovogon I find the whole Gravel thing to be super uncomfortable tbh @sepinwall Is it because his episodes aired after the cutoff?Absolutely despicable @grmartin Sadly I have a computer that barely runs YouTube videos at this point @grmartin I remain bummed that that game sunsetted right as my kid got way into both video games and DisneyStuff like this is one reason why single-payer has become more appealing to progressive Democrats since the ACA. Th…
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@VinnyCaravella Have you seen this? @skrattybones I mean MASH was more like a black comedy about the toll war takes on people and it was set in a field… mean people don't know that America had a long running sitcom about wacky antics in a Nazi concentration camp? @dannyodwyer It got both my wife and I into it and we've watched every race this season. I can't get enough of a sp… if you've fallen off the F1 bandwagon, or are half interested in jumping on, the previous race in Austria was a…
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@PateraQuetzaI This whole discussion makes me happy I work in a field with a bunch of liberal arts major typesJust a reminder that there no more meaningless words than “Never Trump.”
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It is becoming ever clearer that a sizable fraction of our border patrollers are not patriots but sadists who enjoy…
Retweeted by Nick HorowitzDemocrats are united in their righteous hatred of Trump but a faction is too scared to act on it by confronting him…
Retweeted by Nick HorowitzSeriously, though, the squabbling within the Democratic caucus right now is referred pain from the fact that Trump…
Retweeted by Nick HorowitzBut it shouldn’t, because even if you choose that inhumane standard as your version of righteous, you know full wel…
Retweeted by Nick HorowitzMake no mistake, there will be somebody who says “well, those were adult men. Not kids. So see! It’s not so bad.” A…
Retweeted by Nick HorowitzIt’s telling that Pence’s propaganda tour included this. Not because it was a failure, but because they knew this w…
Retweeted by Nick HorowitzIt would be cool if @HouseDemocrats got this worked up about @RepCuellar who has an A rating from the NRA,…
Retweeted by Nick HorowitzWhere was the House Dems twitter account when Ilhan was getting death threats.
Retweeted by Nick HorowitzThis is bonkers. What does this do for anyone other than make people angry whose votes you need.
We have reached the "play Baby Shark on repeat" phase of this road trip @inmostlight For no reason at all there's just like 20 minutes of the camera being pointed at the craft services tent @inmostlight Dozens of hours of nonlinear footage with no post production at all is the only way to consume film imo @Campster I read the mall as being nonsensical on purpose because it was only there to be cover for the facility un… @antumbral Rotissererie killed me