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PR Professional at @TeamWaxman. Pop culture junkie.

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I hate that I know what Cliff Wife is but also, I want someone to mash up Cliff Wife with Free Solo @austin_walker I was gonna say Incognita is just a better name than Invisible, Inc and as I typed it I had a "Ooooh…
Well, turns out that 5 year olds in 2019 still think Road Runner and Coyote cartoons are the funniest thing they've ever seen @dialacina @antumbral Best tweet I've seen in weeks @WillCarpenterJR Also people liked there murderous droidCanada was nice but it's good to be back home.
@plante Jesus, why does his head look like a deli ham!?Good News: KOTOR movie in the works at Lucasfilm. Better News: D&D are NOT the writers. Best News: A WOMAN IS.
Retweeted by Nick Horowitz @PateraQuetzaI There's basically a version of this conversation in DS9 about why Sisko's dad chooses to continue to… @inmostlight Yeah, it's such a bummer that it's tied into All Access in the US. It's on basic cable in Canada and A… there's a mirror: and now that trailer is gone?I still can't believe we're getting a Michael Chabon-written Captain Picard series.
You love to see it @transgamerthink Yes! Also, the decision to tell a fantasy story that stretches over time, not distance is unique and cool. @kshipwhitecat Yeah it is disconcerting @kshipwhitecat I mean I did walk directly into this yesterday @James__Carey DamnitBeing in Canada for a few days has had the effect of making a bunch of Barenaked Ladies songs make way more sense @WarrenIsDead They're not native English speakers and k think it might all just be a mistake and no one has told them somehow @WarrenIsDead Except it just seems to be an alarm clock that lets you send video messages to people to wake up to @WarrenIsDead The marketing copy.... The line about the boyfriend.... Someone must know @WarrenIsDead It's supposedly a "social alarm clock app" but they have to know, right? @WarrenIsDead Can't be worse than the company I discovered yesterday @alex_navarro @jonbernhardt Season 3 is pretty good! @alex_navarro Star Trek Rewatch Podcast Please @kshipwhitecat Hmm I wonder if that's jsut because you're closer to Canada or because I haven't looked for them. Ei… Canada, why have you been hoarding All-Dressed Chips? These things are deliciousTyrion Lannister is a content marketing thought leader now
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Continuing my Canadian culinary tour testifying is also political. Leaving the important decisions resulting from your investigation to Congress and…
Retweeted by Nick Horowitzlet's hear this guy out
Retweeted by Nick HorowitzI think this is the thing to do in Canada
Do you all know that Canada is real cold, even in May? - The person who forgot to bring a coat to CanadaToronto reminds me a bit of Philadelphia so far. Mostly in that they seem to share a dedication to finding new way… exposition, tension and pacing Dany's character deserved this season but #GOT failed to give her, articulated 👏…
Retweeted by Nick HorowitzWhat's up Toronto? one minutes. what a city
Retweeted by Nick HorowitzMy favourite commentary re: the #GOTFinale is the irritation on Medieval Twitter that after nearly a decade of this…
Retweeted by Nick HorowitzThe con of Billionaire philanthropy: it *will* improve lives w/in the faulty system but it wont attack the faulty s…
Retweeted by Nick HorowitzThis seems like a weird choice to advertise in an airport considering how much of it is about plane crashes If you are applauding Robert F. Smith's incredibly generous decision to pay off Morehouse College's grad…
Retweeted by Nick HorowitzLiving that Gate 35X life todayI do have very, very serious doubts about Bronn's qualifications to serve as Master of Coin.Really though, how can any show have a satisfying ending now that The Americans is over and did it objectively the best? @AlexJArmstrong @sethdmichaels @arresteros I liked that moment just for the "There and Back Again" of it all @mccanner Pod, obviouslyGOT Spoilers: So like, can they just hook Bran up to a Weirwood tree like the last three eyed raven and does that… Tully is the Seth Moulton of Westeros
Retweeted by Nick Horowitz @AlexJArmstrong Look, give me basically a mission of the week show and I'll watch it. Like Star Trek but on a fantasy boat could workAlso, I'd watch "Arya has boat adventures: The Series"I liked it more than I thought I would
@brockwilbur Kind of that role in American Hustle tooThis is great but... imagine being in the class of 2018 or 2020. How pissed would you be? In some ways, this just…
Retweeted by Nick Horowitz @brockwilbur Yes, but, Alpha Protocol prequel set during the cold war. @IndiaHistorypic @betterthemask Reminds me of the photo of the delegation of Samurai from Japan posing there in the… the key to making Paul Rudd age is to make him play someone 13 years younger than him @austin_walker @BooDooPerson @Dauragon Yes, his wife runs a charter school IIRC
@Nicole_Cliffe Tried to eat the corn husk on a tamale at a high end Mexican restaurant1. It's really worth paying attention to Biden's words here. “Some say Democrats are angry...well I don’t believe i…
Retweeted by Nick Horowitzthere's a lot to love here, but I think my favorite thing is how much effort Stephens puts into trying to insist th…
Retweeted by Nick HorowitzMan, it's really crazy how much "centrist" politics is seemingly driven by an unabashed hatred of anyone younger than 40
I can report that this is a real Chris Cillizza piece. It’s not a prank. It’s not a joke. There won’t be something…
Retweeted by Nick Horowitz @brockwilbur I did not remember this but thank you for putting it back in my brainThe new tweetdeck interface is obnoxiously large and I dislike it immensely.Please let this turn into one those cruises where everyone gets norovirus list of top tier lacrosse players names is destroying my life right now
Retweeted by Nick Horowitz @PateraQuetzaI we can only hope this works as well as their "Against Trump" coversubhead: “for barbarism”
Retweeted by Nick Horowitzgrumpy cat dying just minutes after I.M. Pei is big Veep finale energy
Retweeted by Nick HorowitzWhat the hell did they do to TweetDeck? @PateraQuetzaI @kobunheat @austin_walker I mean if you showed this to me in like 1992, it'd make total sense. Ninte… @kshipwhitecat Congrats. We're actually in the middle of a "should we?" phase about maybe looking for a new place.… @kshipwhitecat We have one of their 4K 65 inchers and love it. Can't find a better deal on a TV right now @kshipwhitecat Is this too big? @BooDooPerson Every single thing I see from this show makes it look like a completely different show. And none of t…
”Democrats could never win Alabama so why even try!!” is the kind of statement that ignores extremely recent history.
Retweeted by Nick HorowitzHaven't seen this talked about much: the Alabama state legislature was controlled by Dems up until 2010, when the G…
Retweeted by Nick Horowitz @mudron I know the music is hard to find due to some rights issues with Robin Williams' estate IIRC @alex_navarro I just want one of the other campaigns to hire someone to dress up as a groundhog and shadow all of his campaign events @kshipwhitecat @kobunheat Mario Land 2 or 1? I feel like there's good arguments for both @kshipwhitecat I just thought there was too much Origins and the world wasn't super diverse. After a while, large e… @kshipwhitecat I've been playing it after not really liking Origins and, despite it being kind of the same game I k…
@thedextriarchy It's this but you have to salute the flag I have high hopes for this B) Patrick Stewart has not aged at all "War! Good or Bad for Stocks?" My PR emails are turning into a Paul Verhoeven movie.
Retweeted by Nick Horowitz @edzitron Yes, it's utterly baffling. @edzitron They cue Ostriches to the exotic mammals line! Does Guy Ritchie know what a mammal is?this pro-biden anti-busing article in the national review is extremely racist. who would have guessed
Retweeted by Nick HorowitzLemme tell you, a constipated 1 year old and a broken garbage disposal in one night is a recipe for some real gross… @AthertonKD We got helicarriers now?
@vogon It's honestly depressing.Wait, where do I sign up to be a space pirate? a PB&J considered a non-breakfast food? Because I sometimes start off the day with one. deeply hope this is true Biden's father's Republican Party literally included Joe McCarthy.
Retweeted by Nick Horowitz @CIAGoFundMe @tomgara What's funny is that never really crossed my mind. I mean I knew that Russia had them. I actually weirdly… @tomgara That said, I'll caveat this by saying I was a kid who was exposed to a bunch of mid-century pop culture li… @tomgara As a kid. I was born in '85. I specifically remember laying in bed in the early 90s and being worried that…