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she/her, mwana wevhu, fallist | writer, medical sociology PhD at @UCSF studying the Herero + Nama genocide, research fellow at @PRAEyesRight

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How do I combine and bottle the individual feelings of finding out about this leaked spreadsheet of would-be black… @ddhewty Oh my god this is gold lmao @SorayaMcDonald This is a song about autumn and I can’t be convinced otherwiseIf it really wants to, the state will find a way to kill black people whether or not our politics are explicitly ob… we’re talking out our asses about gun politics and dead black people, do Dr. King next. @angelicabastien “It is achingly sincere” sounds like the very worst part of this! Half horror movie half after school special 😩
@quintabrunson @jennydeluxe Hella of them are just voting for Trump/Republicans in quiet lol @jennydeluxe I wish they’d stop acting like we don’t know they’re like this because they’re rich?“He listened to what we had to say” is one of the mustiest sentences I’ve read in a while @duckrabbitblog I did! I was jotting some notes and looked up confused when I heard my name 😂 Appreciate the shouto… @keguro_ Truly. I also hadn’t thought about the destruction of the archive happening parallel to the democratizatio… was such a rich conversation and I’m so glad it’s recorded so I can go back and watch it again!! Thank you… @keguro_ I’ve been reading a lot about the visual making of the so-called “Bushman” and I still don’t know what to… @formerlocal I def will, I think this would rupture my stomach otherwise lol @iseawhales I mean I just go get Lactaid but it’s the pain and regret that lets you know you’re still aliveAnd yes I’m lactose intolerant, we’re going full Catholic self-flagellation on this oneLike 5-7 grilled cheese sandwiches scattered throughout the day. @TaylorRAldridge When I saw your name I got so excited to share print space with you ☺️ @thetrudz This is literally peak nightmare fodder but I cannot stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣 @artistmarciax Ahh please let me know when it’s ready, would love to read your thoughts on this. @artistmarciax Not "eyetalian" 😩 but you're exactly right; I'd be interested in thinking more about the element of… @bridgetgillard Slightly more posh Richard Spencer, right? @SamiGrover “How can you hate capitalism whilst using an Apple computer” etc etc etcTrying to make a point about socialist hypocrisy while still parroting the capitalist idea that asceticism and depr… if people did keep the designer threads they wear in photo shoots, I’m going to go on a limb and say that ever…
@sarahrhamburg @TheWayWithAnoa This speaks pretty clearly to his conceptualization of Jewish identity (ie a refusal… @adamjohnsonNYC I read this 3 times before I realized you were being serious and remembered this is actually an ide… @adamjohnsonNYC I truly don’t understand how police violence + racial division are Trump’s fault as though this epo… @adamjohnsonNYC Can’t ever just leave it at the first paragraph huh @N_S_Dolkart LITERALLY. I wish cancel culture were as real as they continued insisting it was! @SultanReina @NicoleFroio We’ve already talked!Fuck you, Andrew Sullivan. And fuck every whiny solipsistic piece of shit like him.Whether someone is “a racist” is inconsequential if their actions actively contribute to the maintenance of white s… + “suspected communists” were literally being blacklisted and driven underground, and somehow that’s ana… were getting arrested, maybe deported; white people continue to be racist, often violently and fatally s… an interesting and important ethical project!!! @tropigalia A word!!!! @DrVictoriaFrye1 It will genuinely never stop being funny @sindivanzyl I can’t even be mad because it’s always cute lmao @ShaquilleHeath Rich people are PURE CHAOSMe on a Zoom call with friends: My mother:
Retweeted by Zoé @profdanhicks Booked! So very excited for this :) @KatieAlbitz The very peak of luxury! Happy early birthday to you, I’m sorry for all the looming bad vibes surrounding it🧡 @crookedroads770 The resort employees were probably forced to make it lolMy birthday is next Thursday so in humble acknowledgement of my privilege, I’m gonna pack the local Ruby Tuesday ju…’m sure the people who waited on them were absolutely thrilled to do so, I hope they were also regaled with lesson… honestly truly gotta keep the words “humble” out your mouth after describing treating your closest friends to a… @Vanessa_ABee More than I have regard for my own life, I can't bear the idea of her being left to pick up those pieces @Vanessa_ABee I’ve been trying not to think about it because it’s making me feel so sick to my stomach.The horror of a video circulating of your child crying out for you before they’re killed, the unpurgeable image of… mother has told me multiple times she wouldn’t be able to emotionally/psychologically endure losing a child and… @MichelleHux What if we imagined agency not as "black people being used" but black people willingly engaging with n… @keguro_ Yhuu I got some indignant emails when I wrote a little about PVs after AOC called detention centers “conce… @keguro_ One of my absolute least favorite euphemisms! @victorerikray @EndofSportPod @JohannaMellis @nkalamb @Derekcrim Ahh I can’t wait to listen to this one! @sethisnotmyname No prob. It took a couple passes and some research to realize what was going on with Prop 25. Too… use of racist algorithms + discriminatory risk assessment systems is not a positive alternative to the awful sy… if you’re in Cali, vote YES on Prop 17 (restoring voting rights for those w felony convictions), NO on Prop… absentee ballot, requested with way more than enough time to spare, still hasn’t arrived and it’s impossible for… @Tilley101 Exactly this. Like the head of the school of public health literally said this. He’s known. that’s what makes its actual institutional disavowal “so difficult”: there’s an enduring value in “population i… the tricky & dangerous thing about “eugenics” is that so many things — from how “population” is defined to…’t stop thinking about this. I’m wondering how we (as in sociologists, historians, bioethicists, geneticists, an…’re 4 days from November 1 and Congress is in recess till after the election. There hasn’t been any economic reli… struck me most about this is the line about how missing rent payments can damage financial history/credit so b… @ReelTalker Off the cast alone, I really hope so. I’ll watch with an open mind but I generally trust your tastes @blacklikewho @SamTecle Ed psych, evo psych; somehow, so often, it’s psych and far too few people blink an eye. @ReelTalker REALLY?! 😩 @SatansJacuzzi As with Beyoncé’s “to the left,” “jump to the left” is about communism and not a barely effectual ba… @blacklikewho @SamTecle It’s ubiquitous!!! @PatBlanchfield Honestly. I can’t imagine the political naïveté of believing the Democrats wouldn’t simply let this… @tnflorvil Yeah I’m just gonna go have a shower and a cup of tea because I have a whole day of eugenics reading and… @tnflorvil I’m a little stunned at this honestly. My first question being is there just so much money floating arou… @SamTecle Absolutely. Really it’s the way the head of the school of public health knew all about this and then wait… @Sugarintheplum An annual payout of $70k! And despite using it for “a genetic counseling training program, among ot… @EmmaSaltzberg @beanevangelizer Correct! @SamTecle I think what really got me (other than the whole thing) was the insistence that eugenics can be a force f… at Berkeley.... know Abigail Fischer is watching Amy Coney Barrett get sworn in by Clarence Thomas and just seething that she fum… white folks realize their country is not legitimate. welcome.
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@rafi_dot_net But repro justice folks have been discussing the pretty vast implications of its overturning wrt crim… @HarronWawker The last time I was *truly* happy was when “These Words” was a chart topper 😂 @PatrickClaybon To be all that and also co-founder/editor/columnist of a prominent news site is also extremely explanatory @juddgreenstein How close were you? are usually wrong with their “nobody is paying attention to this right now” but he smashed this one right out the ballpark“Right now” as in the past several years as people have been wondering when RBG was going to resign, but okay Matt @euphorliyah Foreshadowing for her National Anthem lmao @Ethnography911 Definitely. She’s still got that Hannah Montana “I’m grown” throaty disney warble that teenage girl… @marcusjdl No way they did. No way the overwhelming majority of them would make time for this lmaooo @pamnonga Miley is me starting an assignment at my new job after having told me boss I can use excel @Ajzionts Narrator: Things, in fact, didn’t get better. @jackremmington Pinnacle of “too many of a good thing is actually very bad” lmao @marcusjdl The raggedyness of this harmony has me in tears because most of these women individually are great singers 😂What was the belt budget for this performance, this is a non-rhetorical questionIt’s Miley’s confidence at stepping foot on that stage for me"One of the largest studies ever conducted on the health of #intersex adults is shining a light on the serious disp…
Retweeted by Zoé @femmina Ooooh this is a BJ throwback and really not in a good way