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she/her, mwana wevhu, fallist | writer, medical sociology PhD at @UCSF studying the Herero + Nama genocide, research fellow at @PRAEyesRight

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@blgtylr You don’t need to be good at everything, blow us away with visuals and celebrate your work especially if y… @natalieweiner The thing about vinyls is that they’re very light until all of a sudden they weight 600 pounds phew @blgtylr I think a lot of visual artists should use this indoor time to think about and improve on the way they tal… @KHandozo Absolutely yes!!!! And part of the reason I won’t be baited into debating is because of their enthusiasm… perspective—and a history lesson—from the matriarch of the movement to change the name Suzan Harjo.
Retweeted by ZoéAs Katherine McKittrick teaches us, “the repetitive circulation of Gordon’s pain” — which is to say “the visual arc…
Retweeted by ZoéHartman’s notion of this “second order of violence” directs us towards the symbolic order of representation that re…
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Retweeted by Zoé @AdamantxYves I wish some people would just leave us with images and not talk so much about their work lol @sethisnotmyname It’s all public domain! It’s truly my favorite thing to say, except when I’m in a wonderful mood a…
@sethisnotmyname Hard same lol @anaserhall You never miss!!!!!I can’t agree emphatically enough with this thread!!! we could collectively stop doing dark skinned black women so damn dirty, that would be great.I’ve been thinking about this all day and not in a good way. “Extra black” is doing so much, again not in a good wa… gave the 19th c. bust of Cecil Rhodes on Table Mountain the most beautiful makeover 😍 (Photo by Mike Hutch… @SorayaMcDonald I would personally intervene long before it got to that point, I love your writing too much lol @justiceaudre Oh sis I’m sorry. This is honestly horrifying and so much worse coming from another black person. The… @justiceaudre Are they white??? @polumechanos Wow @LkjonesSOC Lmao you’re my inspiration @NoahHurowitz 😂😂😂😂😂 @Ethnography911 I need to lie downI’m— celebrated WAY too soon oh no @imposterism I’m worried lol @alexkotch Yeah I can’t imagine they’re not pivoting to something else but we have so little to celebrate these day… @arunadsouza He’ll be back, I’m sure of it lol @arunadsouza I would never joke about something like this lol Sullivan is resigning too? @EvelKneidel 👀👀👀“Self-expelled” @prisonculture She trends weekly because she's really *really* absurd and not in a good way lol @prisonculture Literally no, ignorance really is bliss @imbobswaget The sound I just made again @imbobswaget The sound I madeOf all the images to replicate.
Retweeted by Zoé @lolaolufemi_ "Many members of the art world rallied around Leonardo in support" I'd be interested to know who honestly lol @pamelacouncil Honestly every single part of it was upsetting, but her “as a mother” really pissed me off. And of c… @MzAmaGirl I’m weak at “jenny says kwah,” you’re beautiful! @lolaolufemi_ Totally yes. Why do you feel compelled to do this when and if you didn’t know Tamir’s mother has been… because you *can* make something doesn’t necessarily mean you should. @pamelacouncil But she isn’t his mother, I think the invocation of Mamie Till is what made me extra mad. And it fel… creation is underrated. Shrinking the deliberately vast separation of the art world from communities… @pamelacouncil Tricky as in less glaringly straightforward (I think there are people who’d back him that wouldn’t b… can always assume museums will move mad. But it feels quite gross to me to create an image of a dead child when… question isn’t the reductive argument of who make art about what: rather who is making the art about what, and… one is trickier because Shaun Leonardo isn’t white like Dana Schutz: he’s Afro-Latinx. He’s accusing MoCa of c… @saeen90_ @nerdosyndical Or in this case, someone else’s opinion lol @degendering It’s actually kind of uncanny hahah @aescalante0 *curtsies* @nerdosyndical If this isn’t actually the whole thing in a nutshell idk what isGlissant‘s “Poetics of Relation” (1997): @haaniyah_ Sis pleathe @joeyayoub Color me surprised that you scratch under the surface of any given white libertarian and probably find a racist lol @WrittenByHanna Racism, 100% @offbeatorbit Ok but DARE worked on me and even though I knew out people do drugs (I briefly lived in a place nickn… @offbeatorbit Me in the LSE library 6 years ago 😂 @LetMicahDown All day I hoped the headline was fake lol @EmilyDWarfield Empirically 🧐 this argument doesn’t hold up lolI became a sociologist specifically so I could make enlightened suggestions like this one! deep respect for black scholarship. @hoodqueer I’m not the target audience because I hate the founders and musicals, but nothing about this has ever looked appealing @hoodqueer If I wanna hear someone talk real fast I’ll put on some Busta Rhymes @SultanReina I thought it was going to be a terrible video about the letter, this is cruel @SultanReina I quit I hate this
@ASPertierra This shook me, especially when you consider the administration’s quite virulent denialism + refusal to… president is literally siccing the Joint Terror Task Force on “antifa” but by all means appropriate an Angela D… the US isn’t anywhere close to communist — and in fact the state is waging all kinds of wars against the left… @jaykayg Yes!!! Be very wary of people who cultivate a dogma and a cult of personality because my word it’s so many of them @taylorcrumpton Lmao nah that’s straight up embarrassing, at least I knew this album @cocoazafreen I’m not a Jay-Z fan so why would I own an album if I could just stream the couple of tracks I enjoyAm I almost 2 decades late? Yes, shut upI’ve never listened to one of Jay’s solo albums all the way through because I cba, but I got “The Blueprint” on vin… @branfire Literally no one made him do this, I don’t understand lolLandlords don’t have jobs either 🤷🏾‍♀️ @zakareeee I felt your tweet in my chest @YakovPettersson I watched a doc episode about them and it sounds so horrible, this is just the worst turn @hoodqueer 💀💀💀💀 @DanielleDASH Ok wait a second I like this too! @BeeBabs Sis when I tell you I am READY🥳🥳🥳🥳assemble!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳 @judeinlondon2 @C_GraceT Lmao okay well that’s that on that!*what are we, whatever. As a stan my energy is dedicated to stanning, not grammar!! @C_GraceT Wasn’t sure if I missed the meeting but either way I’m preparing to stan even louder and we need to resolve this quick!Bolu Hive, what are calling ourselves? @awkward_duck You’re so right! I mean it’s enlightenment thinkers who locked in the working definitions of race we… @awkward_duck Ahhh adding to my list, thank you! @zunguzungu Is this "affection economy" stuff? Not super familiar but I hate the words together lol @sillyhead Completely agreed!The idea of capitalist laboring producing health and strength and self-actualization (one’s Gattungswesen, if you w… think it’s scary to me because it’s a bit innocuous, a little quieter than some other words in genocidal lexicons… appears in an Economist article from May 30 about COVID19 & black communities: “The virus afflicts the industrio…’s always a particularly egregious justification for enslavement or sterilization that follows, whether it’s N… are few terms that genuinely make me anxious when I encounter them like the word “work-shy.” My heart starts racing every time.I talked with Léopold about my piece in the newest issue: I tried my best to describe the 1904-08 German genocide a… @jh_swanson The last one feels especially important, I think, especially in reading flows of political funding in IJAN’s 2015 report.“Kitchener’s policy was that black refugees were to grow food for the army departments and pay for their food. If t… this paper and what’s most notable in the difference in the “total war” internment of Boer civilians vs. bl… blessing!