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ZUBY: @ZubyMusic Southampton, England

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Logging off for the rest of the weekend. Links to everything here - God bless. ✌🏾 I found my partner my net worth doubled, I got in better shape & we’re dreaming bigger than ever before. Don'…
Retweeted by ZUBY: @mrlukearmstrong Paddy PowerIf simply betting on the winner of the US Presidential Election isn't enough for you, they are running some special… @EllisGoodson All fine bro. It's my second time here. No qualms. @young_geza I've been to Budapest 3 times 😊 @LayahHeilpern 🐂🐃🐂ish @JamesCh89793620 😂 @vegasyak 😅 @LayahHeilpern How does this affect the price of bitcoin? @Silk4Calde 😂Parliament Palace in Bucharest, Romania. 2nd largest building in the world and the heaviest. Communist dictator… @MPolemistis 2nd after The Pentagon @JaazdeJazz @sanjayvallabh Yup @DrAndrewBT People who have experienced true socialism don't tend to be fans... Lesson in there. @HexagonPirate Government stuff mainly @LayahHeilpern What state are you from?Strong Communist dictator vibes in this room... They displaced thousands of people and demolished their homes to… room was originally designed for Communist Party meetings. @sanjayvallabh Yup. But didn't live to see it.I'm in the second biggest building in the world... Parliament Palace in Bucharest, Romania. @ZubyMusic A bit late and off topic, but I finally watched your interview with @DouglasKMurray . Brilliant stuff. A…
Retweeted by ZUBY: @McGriff016 Good luck @TedOfAllTrades Sightseeing @robfnunn Congrats! @DougKlaaJohnson AgreedAnyway... What's everybody doing this weekend? @Bucketnate Governments always seek more power and more control over their citizens. It's just the nature of the be… thoughts exactly. And I don't think they should be mandated by governments. If private businesses want to impl… @politicalpower9 Haha @ShetterlyMark Stop spamming.Yes. I can't be convinced that forcing people to wear masks as they walk down the street alone it backed up by any…'s good to see what's going on around the world to see what's potentially coming down the pipeline... A lot of p… @WillCCunningham 😐 @DickTampon There's a travel ban. Might be a way around it though. 😅 Sweden more likely. @therealmaart "It's for your own good." @_GRlNGO_ Wow... @Tigermark14 This needs to end.If you don't think this can happen in the UK, USA, or any other so called 'free country' then you're a fool. Look… Romania, you now have to wear a mask AT ALL TIMES when outside. Even if you're walking down the street alone. I… @TheGoodTomKing @uk_chamber I don't have the virus dummy. Why should I isolate?This is not about public safety. I don't care. @kwchylinski @dickiebaird It happens in the UK too...I shouldn't have to say this, but it's never ok to physically harm somebody because you don't like the way they think.
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@scottnz411 Don't care @ZubyMusic I really never thought that people would be such sheep and allow their governments (or local elected off…
Retweeted by ZUBY:I rarely go out of my way to antagonise people. I say what I really feel and that antagonsises some, because they'v… was time for civil disobedience a very long time ago. @uk_chamber If you believe these rules are for your own good, then you are welcome to follow them.No. @realryanbooth It's a great question. I'm not sure there is a line.Normalise being normal.Some people legit think the police coming to your house to check if you're isolating is acceptable. I need to move… @jackdcoulson Yikes. @marmee_r This is in Romania @scientificwilly You think this is trivial? @RenVolcanoman I'm out of the country. But they've ramped up restrictions here too. @AdamBrimson Still am @John_Q86 I did. It's worse here. 😂 @mmmichellegirl Yes @CQDave @StephenSmitley *Romania @sonofdrusus This was in Romania @joshlee00 Romania @dickiebaird I'm in Romania. You have to provide accommodation details on arrival into the airport. @winterseyes Yes. Really. @CBotchis 🤷🏿‍♂️ @Onuora Very. Dystopian. @nihilastra I don't like @jackdcoulson Portugal?The police just came to my door to check if I was self-isolating. I don't even have this stupid virus. They're ma… @DaveTrayus I've legitimately never understood this. Definition of insanity. @tperry1134 Only organisation that grows bigger the more it fails. @achillesheels_ Screwball Scramble!After this year, I have no idea how so many people think the solution is to give the government even MORE power and… 116 of Real Talk with Zuby is premiering on YouTube now. With @WilliamClouston, leader of the UK's Social… @OutAmongStars Sad isn't it? @DouglasKMurray Woke Passover @mattizzofitness This happens with every single post I make on Twitter. It does get tiring.When I oppose anti-white racism, weirdos assume I'm cool with anti-black racism. When I oppose anti-black racism,… @MarcLobliner Thanks Marc. I've been waiting for you to denounce it. @GadSaad Intermittent fast until the podcast. You'll be fine. @Mangan150 Trends are awful. @shkuxhhdjgrcrve Many on 'the right' don't care either tbfBe grateful for the fact you woke up today
Retweeted by ZUBY:Ok. It's not just me. do. That's why I don't personally blaspheme. I also recognise that not everyone else follows my religion and thu…! My 'Real Talk with Zuby' episode with @DouglasKMurray has been re-monetised by YouTube. Let's get it to 1… @ryanstephens That simple.This is my Twitter account. I can use it however I desire. Gain 300,000+ more followers and see if you still feel… are having a civil conversation. I haven't seen him advocate for nor condone any violence. If you refuse to spe… @MZA_1999 This is a fair point to make in the UK. And I make the same one. I think the USA has it correct in this regard. @FredyMattyDolly Yes @FlowersHughes They areI don't support 'hate speech' laws. (to the uninitiated, this does not mean I support hateful speech) I think th… @MZA_1999 I was having this debate with someone just a few days ago. I don't think that criticism of Israel and an… @BenthamDale This is a hyper ignorant take. But you're entitled to it.As a Christian myself, I'm personally not a fan of people insulting religion in general. But as I've said, it MUST… @WeTheVoyant And I understand that too... And on that point, I believe that nobody should burn an American flag,… @Ernie12701223 You were directly responding to me blocking somebody who equated Muslim concentration camps with 'ho… all honesty, the inverse of this is the only healthy way to think if we are all going to live in a cohesive, lib…