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Karla 💤 @zusty Delta City

Cofounder of Fullbright - We made Gone Home and Tacoma! A little living animalcule, very prettily a-moving (icon: @nwelli!) she/her

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I just had occasion to relate this to some friends so it's fresh in my mind, so - my favorite Anne Rice anecdote, a…
Retweeted by Karla 💤 @hentaiphd Oh my god I wish I knew
@cabel FILLOWS, good heavens, jeezBRING ME… THE ASS… OF THE “BAT MAN”!!!
Retweeted by Karla 💤 @jesawyer The auto translated version is pretty fun to read, tbh @asponge Ah well, I think all I've got is coupon redemption, so I hear ya @zusty This definitely beats when the copy of Hyperion I bought at Half Price books had “Let’s stay together foreve…
Retweeted by Karla 💤 @hypercalcium Wowwww @Beetlenaut Oh yeah, I used to take advantage of those especially when I was in school! @paniq I know, right, fuckin mikeyEnvironmental storytelling is pretty ripe about now dollars, same as in town??? Is this a trick question
Retweeted by Karla 💤 @cabel I feel like it's fine, but it isn't particularly standout.
Boys just wanna have case you hadn’t noticed, we had a blast making this picture. Happy 32nd Birthday Rob…
Retweeted by Karla 💤
@iocat Oh nooo!! @hypercalcium they're some kind of outsource house, apparently, and I just love that this is their pitchsweetie I'm sorry, but I have some bad news for you, given that thread I just posted, here's a thought or two on putting easter eggs in your level/game. I'm actual…
Retweeted by Karla 💤 @HilariousCow God damn it bez @pizza_for_free that's a hell of a question. Not sure if I know, myself.
@waltdwilliams @waltdwilliams look buddy my pinpoint pupils are focused only on Colin, okay @ADACTIVITY where'd you get that Tony veneer, friend @ADACTIVITY fuckI too dream of Colin @jimrossignol @Oniropolis right there with ya @mrvelocipede @RealSardonicus good lord, if there's one guy I don't want to have access to the school intranet
Retweeted by Karla 💤CBS is live broadcasting the ENTIRETY of the Apollo 11 launch coverage, including all of the commercials, local ne…
Retweeted by Karla 💤 @spinooti I need it!!
@KathrynHamon @PateraQuetzaI absolutely @zusty tag yourself, I'm "Geniuses Are Dumb"
Retweeted by Karla 💤 @PateraQuetzaI I'm Bodies Torn From Gravesso I know you've all been craving Bobby Sherman's vital statistics, and also a themed maze, a coke ad that consists entirely of delineating that coke is trademarked, those sweet bygone days
Long awaited follow up to “What’s He Building” off of Mule Variations (1999) wherein Tom Waits, as the neighbour, d…
Retweeted by Karla 💤 @salmonmyrtlepi also NOT REALStruck him!!'m very happy to announce the release of the Gold Mountain update for Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, including…
Retweeted by Karla 💤 @kshipwhitecat Well, wouldn't you
My friend, Danel, really needs help with Sickle Cell blood transfusion treatment. He's one of the most selfless peo…
Retweeted by Karla 💤 @Beetlenaut Sold
@Beetlenaut I want this @LiToast @endearingbrew Man, I dunno, did penthouse have copyeditors? @ThisIsBryan I mean now that you mention it @AndrewElmore I'm just really angry at this sentenceUgh, why am I reading Vanity Fair
2019 @GaryBuh I'm goin thru a reference folder! @jesawyer @bombsfall Bless you
@GaryBuh Wow, what a whole thing. If I had parents in law like this, and they lived across the country and I only… @waltdwilliams also: yeah apply that ice cream @waltdwilliams as I was once reminded by a nurse, if they're coughing, they can breathe!
Hey there! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'metathesis'
Retweeted by Karla 💤something unsettling about the new seats at the airport
Retweeted by Karla 💤 Who wants to learn about Four Thieves Vinegar, the concoction you make to steal from plague victims! @nullspeak @planarbindings @vandroidhelsing MORE @WarrenIsDead @bombsfall This is why I left Boston, what a buncha jerks @planarbindings @vandroidhelsing >_> @nullspeak
@tinysubversions @ibogost She's the nicest! @anamericanghost v goooood @ibogost Here is an extra double weird fact: there is also a VO actress who works in games sometimes called DB Coop… through old 1995 gone home reference again
Retweeted by Karla 💤 @kandapik @hypercalcium @GaryBuh Not the Star Trek Magazine clock!! @GaryBuh I mean it's not like it's a time-sensitive decision, I imagine @GaryBuh it's at house of vintage, I could not bring myself to listen to twitter @mousefountain Yeah no I get ya haha @AndrewElmore Do you want it?? I feel bad leaving it here but also I don't really need another t-shirt tbh @mousefountain I will buy it and send it to you if you want!! It's very big I buy it @WillWArmstrong Yeah, naval platform or bustI absolutely believe that somewhere in the Culture universe there's a ship called Mediterranean Restaurant & Social…
@evandahm This is very solid workheraldry
Retweeted by Karla 💤Wanted to remember my favorite @GoneHomeGame character and all the fun times we had on our adventure together. Ar…
Retweeted by Karla 💤I'm betting everything on these. Every purchase goes toward keeping this artist off the street.…
Retweeted by Karla 💤 @rwilson_design comes back bloody, fingers bent and twisted
Retweeted by Karla 💤 @johnnemann @SevenCubed Do you recognize the haunted blankness, because I do @108 Strong agreement!!my therapist back in chicago refers to all major u.s. holidays only as "mattress sales" and i've never looked back
Retweeted by Karla 💤 @UnusedPotential @SevenCubed That's a real good name tbh @hypercalcium @SevenCubed ?? Hydra (~?-2011ish) Little Tokyo (2011-2015ish) Spinner [laptop] (about ~2014) Arrakeen (2015-present…