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Cofounder of Fullbright - will lure you to a grotto where the only air is pastiche. she/her

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@mousefountain high five @the_strix ~wouldn't say no~
@WAHa_06x36 @typhra_ @OutsideXbox @TacomaGame it super is! My friend @IggyMeansHeroin kindly lent her recipe to us for the game @MilfParade high fuckin fiveSpeaking of, need contract pro game writer support. Mystery or Horror + tabletop or improv theater experience prett…
Retweeted by Karla Z @0sn out of the mouths of babes @OutsideXbox Some more recipes for you from @TacomaGame 🍹
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I forgot that David Caruso’s somber final ep of NYPD Blue also includes this even more somber storyline.
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Retweeted by Karla Z @jwghaller hahaha, you know what I'm proud of!! @flangy hey look at when we were very small @mcsurics NICE
@Pentadact Hello! @3liza I find tom hanks sort of... saccharinely distasteful in general. I don't think he fits super well into this one by default either. @matthewseiji I have worked on a fair number of audio diaries and god help me a lot of them need to be cut @matthewseiji god the annihilating truth35% of all audio logs in games are the one that goes “We call them the Seekers, and we believe they play a role in…
Retweeted by Karla Z @Urbeatle fuck!! a rookie mistake! @zusty
Retweeted by Karla Z @_r_o_n_e_ niceTomorrow is the biggest fundraising day of the year for my theatre company. A donation from you would help sustain…
Retweeted by Karla Z @legobutts hell yes, monsieurBette said it: Claude Rains was gorgeous. Gorgeous voice, gorgeous face, gorgeous talent for inhabiting every kind…
Retweeted by Karla Z @waltdwilliams aphasiacation @JoelBurgess i bite my thumb at thee sir
Witches with balconies. #witch #conceptart
Retweeted by Karla Z @WillWArmstrong wow GISing 'snake tits' is an experience @WillWArmstrong oh yeah snake tits, the ever popular @TheCoachMcGuirk big cartoon wink @kcgreenn OH NO @BrittSabo quiet, you @CosRyan frontier anatomy @ADACTIVITY I like it NOWI was innocently looking at pictures of skeleton robots and then this came up is a beautiful, walkable town in the Netherlands. Very close by train to Rotterdam, if you need somewhere mor…
Retweeted by Karla Zanyway here's me
Retweeted by Karla Z @lentilstew extremely excellent @vandroidhelsing god for realwitcher 4 teaser: a cross eyed man with a bowl cut and in a dunce cap says "Doo hoo hoo, witcha, welcome to my pis…
Retweeted by Karla ZIf you own a deck of cards, have some friends and an imagination (and also have $5 to give me), you could be DYING…
Retweeted by Karla Z @tef love the slightly puffy headshoot BIRDS with the KNOWLEDGE GUN to learn more about BIRDS
Retweeted by Karla Z @tef they know what's up!Happy Arthur Rimbaud Death Day! Take some drugs, get bone cancer in France, run guns to Yemen. Whatever you gotta do.
Retweeted by Karla ZThinking about this 17th century boomer comic
Retweeted by Karla Z @kshipwhitecat heck yes @dphrygian stab, you dumb phone @dphrygian I totally had a stash of fear when you brought it up that I'd gotten it backward @kshipwhitecat books are the move killerit's from Hausu and it rules unmitigatedly @the1kim @gaffe_tape well YESWoke up feeling nostalgic about FROM EROICA WITH LOVE again, the best 70s gay thief series (that’s right Lupin, I s…
Retweeted by Karla Z @tonitonirocca thank goodness for that @tonitonirocca rude @hypercalcium @Harvey1966 Brendan is an ooold something awful friend of mine from like 20 years ago, haha. Harvey a…
@tef oh man that fully rules @tef oh!! @tef ahhh I could see that. @tef sort of DEVO's cover of Coal Mine rather than Satisfaction, perhaps? @tef I hadn't thought of it, but I absolutely wouldn't rule it out.this is full of meaning
Retweeted by Karla Z @tef amazingDepiction of the Holtwood Testing Horse from 1830s, suggesting that tradition was extant in the locality from at le…
Retweeted by Karla ZJug with Design of Five Sphinxes and a..., Persian, c.1150–1300 #museumarchive #slam
Retweeted by Karla Z @hypercalcium @SleepawayChamp I endorse this heartily @SevenCubed tattoo time imo @jacob_s_pumpkin @flangy I'm in @SevenCubed see especially the peacock!! @dicewithdeathtv @SleepawayChamp you are the teeth solution @zusty That bathroom's gonna get patched out in two weeks, consigning that pin code to GameFAQs
Retweeted by Karla Z @SleepawayChamp I'm going to register that and enjoy it @Wanderlustin it's... part of the code? I hope? @kungfusquirrel (the door opens)i just came across the most stunning manuscript. this is the beatus of facundus, painted in 1047.…
Retweeted by Karla ZI found some kind of unhinged video game graffiti @JoelBurgess 💛💛💛 @hypercalcium @Harvey1966 Harvey, is this the gospel??
@Lulu you are allowed! I have also had wild rats show up in a basement, but it was after I'd had them as pets for… @jimrossignol also I can tell you've got dad skills by the way you're actually answering the questions I'm pepperin… @jimrossignol maybe it's a personally toteable tall mouse @_sulcata strong agreement @jimrossignol so if I had one of these, ungulate mouse? is that too fancy @jimrossignol that's very validating."GREAT NEWS: You Can Now Pay $50 to Hang Out in a Cafe Full of Live Rats" I love how they… @jimrossignol Oh crumbs, so what's this guy then? @jimrossignol yeah, you know, the big mice. Not the medium mice, those are these ones. @nuns_on_film ick, jesus! @jimrossignol they're LAGOMORPHSI made these Fake Oyster Card stickers to put over your real Oyster card so it looks fake but still works. It's a m…
Retweeted by Karla Z @mxrk what a good fella! @ADACTIVITY I remember being in a gangLovely piece about queer relations, using Lobel's Frog and Toad.
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@scumbelievable @ADACTIVITY villainRetweet, then reply to this original tweet with "monster" or "villain", and I'll write up a D&D antagonist or creat…
Retweeted by Karla Z @ICELEVEL every aspect of this image disgusts me @0sn I regard bulleit as Perfectly Good!