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The average person after death fails the trial of Productivity where Anubis brings them before Osiris, Thoth, and M…
Retweeted by Karla ZLife cereal implies the existence of Death cereal
Retweeted by Karla Z @tonitonirocca sometimes they have vestigial leg bits! friend ❤️💛💚💜💙 #animalcrossing
Retweeted by Karla Zthreadddd
Retweeted by Karla ZGood lord. This is just a regular-ass door. Look at the craftsmanship here. Gorgeous. I'm going to like this game.
@remoteryan @coaxialarts @tm_meandcat oh my goodness, woww!! @ChevyRay @leightonnight @graylish Hell yes @mygothlaundry Oh god, poor you!![[8 HR WOLVERINE Snikt Snikt Bub Snikt Bub Bub Snikts You To Sleep ASMR]]
Retweeted by Karla Z @monosynth oh damn, shit, I WISH @bombsfall mine are currently thick with cat floof or I'd show you @bombsfall I love a good persian rug tbh. @bombsfall I got a nice iranian type rug on ebay? Etsy has em too.
F821.1.4 Wooden coat.
Retweeted by Karla Z @SevenCubed I know you would have seen this on your own, but I cannot resist rting this to you I: Dungeon Dressing, Unexplained Sounds and Weird Noises (AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide by Gary Gygax, TSR, 1…
Retweeted by Karla Z @nullspeak @radiatoryang oh shit, hell yes
@tonitonirocca oh hey I saw a lady with tights with bears printed on the front of them today! They were like this: @pamwishbow shit if I know.These are the kid starter classes. Dinosaur kid usually goes on to multi class as Art Teen / Science teen. Bug kid…
Retweeted by Karla Z @pamwishbow At some point a couple of years ago I remember looking in my closet and just thinking 'why do I even have any unpointed shoes' @pamwishbow I respect this image very muchFun fact: Today's the five-year anniversary of my sophomore slump game, TONIGHT DIES THE MOON. You can play it for…
Retweeted by Karla ZI drew a rat because a significant portion of my life involves rats right now and I’m ok with that
Retweeted by Karla Z
@bombsfall @Campster yeah I gotta go with Scott on this oneEveryone on site loves Slippery Sam, the friendliest and yet most slippery lube dude
Retweeted by Karla Zwas cleaning out closet & found this vhs tape that preteen Brendon recorded very very cool things on
Retweeted by Karla Z @selmaleh EXTREMELY GOOD @SamanthaZero <3 <3 <3
@hypercalcium Well, okay. @nickfolkman Hell Yes @gaffe_tape we aim to hell
@gaffe_tape into it @ICELEVEL I agree @pizza_for_free valid point @hypercubexl not I, that would be counterproductive @JoelBurgess hooraaaay @eaton yeeeekpeople saying 'hecking' makes me want to say 'helling,' can I do this legallythe two genders
Retweeted by Karla Z @Urbeatle @_r_o_n_e_ Dream Rone did not see fit to inform me, regrettably @BantamSam13 @TheAliciaKraft yesThis VERY LEGAL web app turns almost any song into karaoke—ripping the audio from YouTube, splitting it into isolat…
Retweeted by Karla Z @Fireproof_Barry I agree with you FULLYJust as I’ve always feared.
Retweeted by Karla Z @_r_o_n_e_ I had a dream the other morning that you were telling me about having playtested an ill-favored (obvious… @Wanderlustin with corn, no less! or possibly wheat @elsplice he's just not into muddy sons @elsplice I know, right??? @flangy naw man that's great"Angry, he cursed them to have no more grain, since they were not worthy of it. Bystanders pleaded with him to have…, the story of how corn came to be regular "Corn (wheat) used to produce many more grain…
@nuns_on_film ~anytime~ @nuns_on_film Andrew Robinson did so much fuckin work for that role and I love it @nuns_on_film !!! @nuns_on_film have you read his in-character novel?? I ..want to read it @ja2ke @legobutts I'm gonna have to make my horrified face for this oneThe Winchester Star, Kansas, October 3, 1930
Retweeted by Karla Zsaving my twink from peril
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Retweeted by Karla ZThis wasn’t a dream
Retweeted by Karla Z
@HTHRFLWRS @deathpigeon sorry for trying to talk with that dude in y'all's mentions, it was a Waste Of Time ha @Skrazor this is a philosophical argument that is not really about game design. You are talking about games holisti… @Skrazor @HTHRFLWRS @deathpigeon You can say that your enjoyment is intrinsic to a task, that's totally fine, but i… @Skrazor @HTHRFLWRS @deathpigeon What you're saying is true if the game rewards you in some way that isn't the experience of a task. @Skrazor @HTHRFLWRS @deathpigeon Oh, no, perhaps this is a terminology problem. You're talking about intrinsic rewa… @mcclure111 @HTHRFLWRS (like, as a term - I'm not trying to restate what you said!) @rxysurfchic @ZacharyWhitten @fullbright we are SCOUNDRELS @Skrazor @HTHRFLWRS @deathpigeon you don't think you can set your own challenges within a framework? @mcclure111 @HTHRFLWRS oh yeah, I def think of that as player knowledge gating @rxysurfchic @ZacharyWhitten @fullbright oh gosh! thank you for playing it!!Whale Day
Retweeted by Karla Z @ZacharyWhitten @rxysurfchic @fullbright :0 @arranseaton High five~ @arranseaton yeah I was really pleased that something of this nature can get made and released widely these days @arranseaton same tbh @arranseaton absolutely
i'm two minutes away from sending out a newsletter about weird cities (and i guess grass?) that has absolutely noth…
Retweeted by Karla Z @keightdee CHECK @rafcolantonio @Harvey1966 HELLO @ICELEVEL so like when will ai/deepfakes be good enough that we can have this @ICELEVEL that is exactly what I was picturing honestlyStrange creatures with no eyes love to wash up on the beach
Retweeted by Karla Z @ICELEVEL I would, yesCauses of death in London, 1632. I can't decide if I like "planet", "teeth", or "sciatica" the most.
Retweeted by Karla Z @mcclure111 I watched it! it was fun, thanks for the rec!Hey since everyone is talking about Korean movies today: I think you should watch The Villainess It is a very good…
Retweeted by Karla Z @BrittSabo haha bless you @BrittSabo Grendeline rules. Sort of. @BrittSabo I had a rat tail, haha @BrittSabo my d&d fighter teen Grendeline has a brown horse called Darkness. She is like 50% self portrait. @BrittSabo oh fella I never had the guts to become goth until much later. I was just a weird creepo as a teen. @BrittSabo I do, I do that
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Retweeted by Karla Z @tef PUPPPPPPPETS @stirpicus oh hell yes. you can get Nero Wolfe on, I think! sidney greenstreet!"You made my stubborn heart believe in you."
Retweeted by Karla Z @BrittSabo damn this is v real