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@Nick28T @DailyRender @AirJapes is the song with the best vibe on the new Bieber album and it’s not okay to have a different opinion @UniqueRiggers Ribs or RIOTIs this card RUUD? 87 Winter Refresh League SBC Cyprien Zweview! 👇💪 stress this match is causing @IamFrench_ will paypal 1,000,000 respeks to anyone that does that Neymar POTMCommunicado Official: Kuntleton FC will not be signing POTM Neymar because we have 561 coins on the account and los… like there are positions etched into the splash screen. Position change promo? guys taking a stab at that Winter Refresh SBC??? 85 rates quad steep but seems like a less scary Guaranteed Ico… of Thieves/FIFA collab??? much we saying that POTM Ney is gonna be? 1.5 mill???? Lainer 🔥 Gonna be patient and wait for my Mbabs to get the upgrade but damn this card looks like it's gonna be… Luck with your rewards bois 🤙We're Live! 🚨 Completing Hummels Maybe Shaqiri Dinner @WatchMixer I’m not live in the next 10 minutes I’ll use that IF Klostermann at striker in WL
@oeste Me when I’m told there’s new Westy content @BEANONTOAST619 home. Gonna hit Le Gym really quick and then we fire up the stream for a long one. Any must do/purchase player… @Zelonius @AirJapes How are you finding Ikone?? You using him at striker?? He was SOO bad for me. Any tips? just spent 20 seconds creating this HD wallpaper for all the Konate SBC owners. It’s free to use. are my Papu Gomez SBC owners at??? landed and this is the first thing I see. @AD0LFZ @DricoGamer_ @fifalize @rodrigol_fc @MuuhPro Xicara Sinceremente, El Gringo @LeoF53 @rodrigol_fc ❤️ @ErlingHaaland FANTASTISCH @Camlongstaff2
@guille_hess Claro 👌Looking at this menu and need to chose the most bangin cut. What are we doing?Erling. Braut. Haland. In that order. LEGEND of Salto Klose! 93 PIM Miroslav Klose Player Zweview! 👇 @IamArenas @AJ3 see this on the Squad Screen, what you doing?’m gonna ask you guys a question but you gotta promise you won’t get mad deal?80 positioning 78 finishing VERY meh but everything else looks really solid. GREAT dribbling stats paired with 5*/4… new Shaqiri looks really good compared to his FUTMAS card. Don’t like that he’s RM especially with James just h… @GCIIMessi I mean the League SBC card is a MUCH better card tbfCruising El Barrio loooing for snacks and I’m confronted with a choice. Ayudame chicos.’s only one right answer @ZwebackHD Kids these days will never know 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Zwë 🍟Meat in Argentina hits on an entirely different level. you could have any player/players from a South American club get a special card in FUT who would it be????Buenos Dias Muchachalatas @CapgunTom dude for Arsenal just got destroyed in the box and had the most blood I’ve ever seen pouring out of his head.…
ANNOUNCEMENT: I’ve signed for Buenos Aires based club Independiente. It’s a 1 day contract and I’m being paid in Al… @ZwebackHD Nah I'm doing this zwe!!
Retweeted by Zwë 🍟 @ZwebackHD
Retweeted by Zwë 🍟Anyone else doing this?
2020 scored 7 goals with Klose in this epi. I couldn't get his somersault celebration to activate until the last one a… @IamFrench_ @TheGloverinc a really good answer tbh @ZwebackHD Losing 7-1
Retweeted by Zwë 🍟 @Kazooie94 @MussieBJK see this on the Squad Screen, what you doing? @alex66099779 next tweet is gonna be a question I've never asked you guys before. It's really gonna be a special tweet.I just scored with PIM Klose and held down X (PS) to do the flip but it didn't do it. Am I doing something wrong? @bateson87 K @ParrettGost Trick - Surrender is an absolute bangerWe're Live! 🚨 things we're doing: not discarding a shadow chem style NaPOLITANO Weekend League Experience…
If I’m not live 8 minutes from the time of this tweet I’ll delet 1x shadow chem style you get the 89 and keep the 87 Legend of NaPOLITANO. Is he worth the "grind"? 89 Storyline/Milestone Politano Player Zweview! 👇… @ninjaciego @kaufsports @InterMiamiCF @PhilaUnion @HeraldSports things you absolutely love to see"It's not a goal, it's a GOLLLAASOOOOOO" @ZwebackHD About to send these boys, all untradeable, into Rivals to bring 88 Verstraete home. Tough times ahe…
Retweeted by Zwë 🍟In the last 24 hours I've made profit on Winter Refresh Ibra and PIM Klose. I'm living my best life and tbh this might be the peak.If you guys have 87 Poli are you grinding for Napolitano?? @youngGINGERALE @biasedbellerin @RJTribb1e Looks sweet dude. You grinding for that 89 Poli yeh??? How’s Toma??I think I secretly want to be a TikTok dancer @Itani @Itani you invest in Apple in the late 80s???? @bateson87 dude you're an absolute mess. Just go to the damn hospital.Napolitano what are you havin a laugh for?????VERSTRAHLT! @Kazooie94 @IamFrench_ Lille Games starting now kidding we're still live the stream gets so nuts the only option you have left is to hit END else stressed tf out right now because there's too many cards to chose from???That Fanta Rebic 👀We're Live! 🚨 Some Packs Ikone/Osi Weekend League! Other stuff @Manny_Official You’re gonna stumble when you see these prices and then your mom will tell you to get up 💪 @Castro1021 @GFuelEnergy the flavor is called Watermelon WEYYY and it tastes like a McDouble with no pickles 😙If I’m more than 15 minutes late from the time of this tweet I’ll delete FUTMAS Rebic like 10-12 mins running late just injecting a meal directly into my forehead @MegaBit98
I haven’t checked the RTG yet but am I correct in understanding that the 87 Timo got jacked off to an 89 and the 89 went to 90???YSTOTSS,WYD? King you mean that 84 Orsic?