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Alvin Kamara is good at footballYikes. Gotta do better than that. #InterMiami🤦‍♂️🏝 my God Pipita....🤭
@rodasstronger Hulu Live 👍💪 PIPITA!'re Live 🚨 Only sniping in WZ and not talking about my fantasy team at all @pugsnotdrugzz Can you please wake Adam Thielen up I think he’s asleepI’m so trash at fantasy football 🏈Josh Allen>Incredible 😂 luck with your fantasy games today dudes. I’m starting Stafford over Wentz. Please don’t let me down #9. save all my credits tbh. Ben Yeds un TOP MEC 👑 so lemme get this straight. We could potentially be seeing a Ben Yeds and Alessandrini IF squad in #TOTW1 ????Just woked up and I see this. WTAF happened????? @charlesmaidhoff Left one 👌I haven’t been following basketball at all but what are the chances the Heat can beat this Lakers team assuming they make it through?LeBron is not human.
On the next episode of Vikings: dear god that vision from Ribs. What an absolute legend. 🟪"In today's video, I'm going to introduce the concept of MY FIFA 21 RTG STARTER SQUAD"✅💦 👇👇👇… love to see it. vs West Brom today tbh 👌 some inspiration for our #FIFA21 starter squad! Send me some links (squad building site links preferably and not screenshots). 🤝Easy, they don’t start Lingard one of the most promising young talents in Europe who would probably do a 20 G 20 A… main takeaway from the Chelsea match so far: 1. The Premier League is incredible. 2. Building team chemistry ta… Robinson’s current wage is €7,000.00 per week.🚨Public Service Announcement: this dude is 37 and has 87 pace. Sleeps. Til. #FIFA21 💦Things you love to see. Stuttgart winning 4-1 Vs Mainz and Wamangituka getting a goal and MOTM. #TOTW1
We're Live! 🚨 Doing CRAY Snipes. That's it. CRAY SNIPES. didn’t play today but they took another massive L the way they handled Suarez’s departure."In today's video, I'm going to introduce the concept of the Return of Icon SBCs in FIFA 21" THEY'RE BACK! ✅ 👇… I still haven't pre-ordered #FIFA21I think the FIFA 21 hype just reached it's climax tbhICON. SBCs. Are. back! #FIFA21 your daily reminder that this should be Lahm’s Prime Icon card #FIFA21 @NepentheZ Here’s a hint: his last name is Lahm Days. Till. #FIFA2191 🤝💉 @Fred_Mire @UnfitFUTCoach that caption starting Gaskins tonight???
We're Live! 🚨 Zwesley Snipes: BEST SNIPER NA @chrilleberlin Damn look at those 🐓 legs on @ItaniName a keeper you want in net that’s not named Manuel Neuer. I’ll wait: @AirJapes Tweets that you not only love to see but are also 100% factsThis is from the actual broadcast @bmines10 Congrats on the goal dude but please never do that again against #InterMiamiCF plz 🤝😂I stand corrected. AZ announced a Swedish player by going to Ikea, getting a box and then inside that Ikea box was… @ZwebackHD a swedish new swedish player got announced like this
Retweeted by Zwë 👑 @aa9skillz Being a liquid, water is not itself wet, but can make other solid materials wet. Wetness is the ability… @Futhead @BruceCFCHUN @FUTWeeklyPod Best. Dynamic. Pic. Ever. @Nick28T @MattHDGamer get readyA rare 2020 W 💪 got real at :23 my god what a vid me a better player announcement than this. I’ll wait 🤣 @louiecocca Days. Until. #FIFA21FML...
More like Thomas Mulldiñho. Needs 5* skill moves in #FIFA21 you’re a manager and you sub on Olivier Giroud in the 77th minute he just is going to score a goal for you. That’s how it works.King Kai hat trick. That’s the tweet. #FIFA21 moves and weak foots fixed 👌👇🤝 App confirmed for October 30th. What’s the first thing you guys are doing? #FIFA21The only stadium you’ll ever need tbh #FIFA21 AN. ABSOLUTE. MAD. LAD. are getting YEETED from this bag and it's honestly not even close.
We're Live! 🚨 BEING. INCREDIBLE. AT. VIDEO. GAMES. OVR Lingardinho"In today's video, I'm going to introduce the concept of a promising young talent named Jesse Lingard who's 19 that… United profile pics>👀 Adapt. Overcome
Retweeted by Zwë 👑 @ZwebackHD Or this guy...plays for River Plate
Retweeted by Zwë 👑Pipita? More like, Pipinho amirite??'d love a 5* skiller Le Big Mac but skill moves/weak foot are glitched atm 🤣 very satisfying about Davies' dual 96 pace stats. Won't need to boost his pace at any stage of FIFA 21. are some of the crazier cards you've seen in the Top 1000?? Hidden gems, cheap beasts, unfair downgrades. Send it all.RB Leipzig in FIFA 21. That's it. That's the tweet.Mukiele swaps places with Klostermann and gets an RB card for 21. Nice bit of pace on the lad as well.… Boys, assemble. CB Klostermann looks MAD!👀 you’re fighting for that Xbox pre-order, good luck my dudes. It’s scary out here.Comunicado Oficial: 🇳🇴💉 @HomelesPenguin Oh my god that’s intense 😂I needed 29 points tonight from these three and we just clutched up the W. 2-0 🤝 Waller for President
🦁👑 need 27 points in half-point PPR from Latavius, Tre'Quan and Waller. Think I get it?? #MNFYou haven’t really lived until you’ve loaded up a cream cheese bagel with half a bag of cheddar and sour cream ruf… @HashbrownUtd @tottenham__1882 @amrx11x Just a general rule for life brochacho but let people enjoy what they enjoy 👍 @Fuji720x’VE ONLY GONE AND DONE IT! @hashtagutd #UpTheTagsCOME ON HASHTAG!!I could care less about a demo I just want that damn full database do you know what I mean???October 1st plz hurry up 👀