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ZyoniK @ZyoniK_ United Kingdom

YouTuber | Go Battle Coach | Shout Caster | Self Proclaimed Leader of Team #DadsThatPvP | American living abroad 🇺🇸🇬🇧🤴🏼💍👸🏼+👶🏼

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@LethalK13 Yeah with similar damage @LethalK13 Leaf blade :) @FPSticksPoGo Lmao yup about 18x today, f that thiccc boy @tgang_29 Not to sure, ranks aren't everything, what I value more is the coverageScizor, you were the Chosen ONE!! #GOBattleLeague Fun :P @ChrisJG1988 That's awesome congrats!! I need to build one! @Cochin0Mum @PoGoKieng @limonlime94 😂😂😂😂 @Cochin0Mum @PoGoKieng @limonlime94 TACOS!!! can't wait! @PoGoKieng let's have a showdown in London! @Chief2Speediest @FLWvideos The acknowledgement of Azumarill doing well vs your team, focusing on that and mastering it was key! @Chief2Speediest @FLWvideos Btw love the team! Having a weakness is also an amazing way to trap your opponent! Watching now with my son :) @Chief2Speediest Congratulations! Also has anyone noticed that @FLWvideos and @Chief2Speediest have the same voice?!Hey everyone, here it is! The video recap of my 6-0 SWEEP through the Tampa Bay Regionals Cup. I hope you enjoy it!…
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@FPSticksPoGo @ShutupToshi9227 @PoGoKieng @Rochababyface1 My vote is still for +2 ->+1 on boost modifiers @FLWvideos Articuno, confirmed goatLets discuss the top teams in the Ultra League! Struggling with finding a team? Then look no further than today's e…
Retweeted by ZyoniK @CoopsTheCasual Honesty is the best policy 😁🙌 @sazabiess GG's! @PoGoKieng @HouseStark_93 Congrats!
@richard74muir @ShutupToshi9227 I wish I had Registeel 😅 @Chief2Speediest @DaFerg4 @PoGoLindenRyu @JEngels21 @stramben @Cochin0Mum @0h0khaha That's so awesome! Congratulations 🙌
Last week I highlighted Alolan Muk, but with the recent meta shift due to the nerfs/changes to grass types, Scizor…
Retweeted by ZyoniK @ShutupToshi9227 @HouseStark_93 Just imagine if he was a Targaryen @REVERSALx7 My wife keeps telling me I have these invisible glasses called "dad glasses" they seem to block out chores around the house 😂. @Deprez76240659 I like the idea behind it! But it might better to lead with kingdra and have the double steel in th…
@Andre09837122 I'm glad I could help! That's awesome 😊 @MrShinx3 Full atm but i'll keep it in mind :) @MrShinx3 GG! :)
I mean, this is a @_ZoeTwoDots outfit if I've ever seen one! @XerenetoxDJ Todays video explains it :) -> site is updated with the latest move changes! Let's talk about the big winners! First up, Ferrothorn makes a bi…
Retweeted by ZyoniKThe update has me not as terrified of upcoming Master League for season 1. LOTS to look into! Sunny Cherrim might b…
Retweeted by ZyoniK @Manaholix Congratulations 🙌😁 @Strawburry17 Venti Iced Carmel Macchiato @pokemon_tcg Congratulations 🙌😁
I'm close to getting an update out, but in the meantime here's a new look at Ultra League!
Retweeted by ZyoniKHODUST!!! Sweet update’d like to highlight some changes to Grass-type attacks and Grass-type Pokémon in Trainer Battles.…
Retweeted by ZyoniK @FitzCity22 @GearsofWar @Halo @PokemonGoApp @CallofDuty @TakashimaAshley @FLWvideos @Lionheart4987 Halo World of Warcraft Destiny Pokemon GoIn #VoyagerCup, EdgeQuake Quagsire can beat Bastie, Probo, Jirachi, Mel, Zong, AND Regi, plus Fisky, Swampy, Lantur…
Retweeted by ZyoniK @MJShafik_ Bro if we can raid together let's do it!Sometimes it can be scary to bring Togekiss in the Ultra League, but it can pay off big time! Using Togekiss helped…
Retweeted by ZyoniK @HeroVange THICCCC BOISTRIPLE TANK TEAM IN GO BATTLE LEAGUE ULTRA LEAGUE! | Pokemon GO WATCH: Please retweet to…
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Want to #GetBeamed? Unleash the beams and memes in this new competitive format! Special thanks to @Cochin0Mum and…
Retweeted by ZyoniKMargin for error can be extremely slim in Ultra GBL! Put some excellent battles up from Monday's stream on YouTube…
Retweeted by ZyoniK @psgjd77 Oh man that's awesome! Congrats! @CookPassTim @richardm88 2 attack is good for pvp :) @richardm88 @richardm88 It'll go above 1500 @richardm88 It's to high of a level sadly :( @SwgTips He'll flatten that Azumarill Registeel Curve in GBL 😂IT'S HAPPENING
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@ChrisJG1988 @pvpoke Congrats!!
2020 @SwgTips @NianticLabs 2020 has been cancelled, stay safe 😊To our Niantic community: Learn what additional changes we’re making to help you play in and around your homes duri…
Retweeted by ZyoniKLandorus will be here very soon in Pokemon Go so let's take a look at it in the deep dive series! Plus discussing w…
Retweeted by ZyoniK @R_Sergeich Send as is, I can speed it up on my sideLet's see who can topple the Elite 4 and Champion. This is my team for those who are interested This is a can't m…
Retweeted by ZyoniK @noey1243 Great job man!!!
@Strawburry17 don't forget nutella :PSunday brunch day party? Come chill 🎶 🏖
Retweeted by ZyoniK @Nick_Harper96 @FPSticksPoGo @PoGoKieng @brandontan91 Nicely done 😁🙌 @pokeAK101 Swampert is goat @ProblemsIRL Set of 5 is perfect @andynben GG's 🙌😁 @R0bst4r22 GG's 🙌Ultra League is in full swing! Would love to highlight the spicy teams that you #Battlers are bringing to wreck th…
Thank you for those battlers who expressed their frustration about the lag issues It is important for @NianticLabs
Retweeted by ZyoniK @FLWvideos Happened to me today as well... @FPSticksPoGo @TheArrohh Thunder Fart @ProdigiesNation Linoone is awesome, definitely has the right coverage and spicy enough to throw Battlers off who a… Raid Bosses - Psychic Spectacular Save a copy:
Retweeted by ZyoniK @DisneyGamer_ That's awesome!! @pvpoke Thank you for calming my mind!Thanks for calming my mind! Great research!
@PopeDave8 Same, I'd like it to just be random, win/lose lead is all apart of the game and shouldn't feel so one sided every time. @PopeDave8 Yeah it's the clustering of win or lead loss that's suspicious @jgmcelwain That's how it should be. 50% roughly but when it happens is suspicious, all win or all lose in one setNote that I'm not worried about win/loss lead, it's apart of the game. But the consistency of it's clustering is od… @Quinby210 Dm me we need to talk. @PaoloRicciuti The consistency in sets is suspicious. 4-5 lead wins one set and 4-5 lead losses the next @Quinby210 I'd rather it be random of 2/3 than 5/5 @Quinby210 Recognize what I'm trying to say before you speak. The consistency of clustered leads is suspicious. I d… @BBaolam Yeah it's not the lose lead win lead that bothers me, it's the consistency of when it happens. Instead of… @gazsa_gergo GG's! @ShadowcoldMFG They did something in their matchmaking system. @LegendaryEevee1 AZ recorder#GOBattleLeague matchmaking is feeling controlled over random. Set 1 today, I face neutral/winning leads and go 4-1… @ReginiceM GG's! @MYSTIC7 Love the idea! Just missing GBL wrecking hour 😁🙌
@Eric_M_Aguiar nicely done! haunter is a beast :P @richardm88 @TheArrohh @ash_valor lol i've been a secret gamer this whole time :P, just got time to play now with lockdown @niclas070588 Not exactly sure, but I believe just 1, charge tm @JSondheimer @TheArrohh @ash_valor All systems can play together 😁 @Matthewbabybaby @TheArrohh @ash_valor you can play on xbox or ps too with me @marcg1710 when i get some extra resources I'll invest in electrode and try it out!