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Stellanova 26, gay, she/her, Artist and designer currently taking icon commissions! BLM//ACAB//GNWP

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@CaptainSnoop blocked @WerewoofParty @GayestLion @RingtailBear i rt the next day! @WerewoofParty @GayestLion @RingtailBear listen im sorry that my beautiful lion nutt is right and smart and sexy @GayestLion @WerewoofParty @RingtailBear thank you nutt @WerewoofParty @RingtailBear its because you never touch my art <3 @Mechazawa sonic smegma @CaptainSnoop but are you soundwaved for jazz @beetle_fucker hey send me that video.sorry for rt'ing a meme i just shit a lotfor my IBS hotties
Retweeted by stella 🌈shitting my guts out at work love to make my supervisor angry
@jasperrolls if their heads are pointed downwards nthey looked at yojr feet, hope this helps @tmbg13 so did you @tmbg13 peachlorianfor once stop saying weird shit like "I would fuck Winnie the pooh." I don't care that you "hundred acre would"
Retweeted by stella 🌈 @tmbg13 minecraft @InternetSlug all he needed whas some dick but no one wanted to fertilize his eggshomophobix, racist to hylians, hates trans queen urbosa, its what he deserves
@CaptainSnoop hmu i got a big boy maid dresstooooth hurt why @octoling me reading this: haha what the fuck me glancing over to twitter tredning: marky poo lolfinally got terrako.......... egg........... @dorihey oh i forgot bolson. theyd probably avoid him since hes kind of a stereotype.. but it WOULD be interesting,… call him astor because he bottomed for the Great Calamity and got his assanyway im surprised astor isnt playable so im assuming dlc is coming to add him, and maybe a campaign, like what th…*thinks about egg from zelda age of calamity* shez the best character @GayestLion no they just gave me a warning but it was a pretty old tweetbdsidsbsbsuxjdksmsis twitter got mad at a billionaire post of mine
@cassdotwav leave waluigi alonewell botw already showed us gerudo dont consider gorons as voes, and hestu is a tree person, but maz koshia is surprising. non binary kingshuh.... this mission in hyrule warriors is for vai only, so link, revali, kohga etc arent allowed.. but the gorons,… Liberty Commission for @/riversmaster57 ! Thank you!
Retweeted by stella 🌈 @beetle_fucker STOOO[OOPPPPPPPP omg like i fdel this in my core, my essacne is tremmmmmmblinggggggsanta bieserfinally finished age clam story. egg best characterhuh i guess i never thought of that, the reason medicinal syrup tastes bad is to keep kids from wanting to drink to… yall doing @Mechazawa not now,chrusIn Super Mario Sunshine, if Mario collects a Shine Sprite shortly after being hit with an electric attack, the defo…
Retweeted by stella 🌈 @octoling 4lung detransitioned? @RingtailBear heard they were laying pipe in that meadow
@RingtailBear bro.. @tmbg13 eddyyour star sign is a choice @beetle_fucker thats because its not a real star sign, just be a leo or whatever boring @gachimuchisimo both of course @staufdraws i must be a knoll @ramIethaI cuddle magnet @beetle_fucker urinary benus inspector @WKDart im glad he knows his pussy pops @_Bulph i have! when daniel devito starts an of ill lyk @_Bulph hm. *turns around reveailing my assless chaps and angle wings, walks away* @_Bulph i can feel your anticipation, dont play cool. we can consolidate our psychic energy and make it Happen @GayestLion im manifesting @_Bulph its like, one month away from being realjack black onlyfans just droppedPlease forgive me..
Retweeted by stella 🌈 @Stone_Meats cmhere @RingtailBear ive BEEN horny for sumptuous D @RingtailBear the way it slings.... @RingtailBear @cassdotwav whats your guyses ponysonas.
@ostolero i got a britta... picher @beetle_fucker im shit shit shit you up, shit you all up on my clumps @ostolero very usefulcompilation of my favourite sketchpages from november! stay tuned for new monthly special commissions opening in th…
Retweeted by stella 🌈これはいい石化クッパ像案件(違
Retweeted by stella 🌈rabbit girl... is she a real sniper or just a larper? who knows
Retweeted by stella 🌈 @admooosa oh its so much fun exploring certain colors with an oc @tmbg13 you mean minecraft with raytracing @InternetSlug persona 5 available 2014 @diefugger an where can i sign up for milkers classoh yeah link two handed and spear: why did they even add these when the one hands are like, the only thing you needuhh who else, kouga also not fun and bad but on purpose i guess king rhoam black face i think i know who the last… disappointingly unfun even when you get his koroks moving great fairies god i love their designs but not fun…, just as bad as darunia yunobo not much better revali boring and bad why did they do this teba, i honestly fo… sheikah slate stops being good after mid game moveset is so limited, bow of light okay i guess, too slow to b… about age of calamity tier list but i also dont have all the characters or have played them all enough to… @_Bulph honey i have the deluxe queen suite in bowsers cloaca, now if you dont mind hes just got done with his dail… @_Bulph cool! may your hole go unfilled @_Bulph capitalist psyop bulph trying to derail the housing conversation"this meme lives rent free in my head" you SHOULD live rent free in UNOCCUPIED houses owned by STINGY rich people @admooosa love those blues
Retweeted by stella 🌈minecraft steve with his square penixArtistic Liberty commission for @/CutRateLachs of their cool spacey secretary bird! Thank you!
Retweeted by stella 🌈Artistic Liberty commission for @/LightbornSon! Thank you!
Retweeted by stella 🌈 @cassdotwav thanks to biden you willIn Super Mario Galaxy, Mario's reflection acts in the opposite way to everyone else's. Surfaces that reflect Mario…
Retweeted by stella 🌈
@HatokTalk the average kirby song is 200 bpm could you imagine the Strainfavorite thing about that "teenagers should be watching snuff films instead of getting mad about art" meme is the f… @tmbg13 the lunatics unleashed defender has logged on @_kairy_draws_ i love this detail so much like Oh Just Like Bowser... i guess "greater" koopa species can grow hair…
@tmbg13 yeah, dont get em @tmbg13 heard he ate one of spyros subs and got real sick... @HatokTalk Magna Mole @Stone_Meats goth gf and her femmification project @diefugger im the peanut shaped junk @WerewoofParty its up to you bear