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zoe (: @zzoooeee_ 17 | she/her | aries | :)


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5 people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by @vinsconcubine <3<3<3 @vinsconcubine im hereSO HOT BOUGHT THE ORANGE HOODIEEEEEE LFG @yslophelia u make me sonhappy ophie
@sleepsbad u got this jd<3 @yslophelia love ui want to rip out my uterusi want to rip out my uterusi want to rip out my uterusi want to rip out my uterusi want to rip out my uterusi want to rip off my uterus. @anaalieseee @VlNN1ES ANA??? HDHAJSHS @vinniehacker no🀨🀨 @iAM_trixTV @vinniehacker @vinsconcubine @sweetsaltysavge WHAT LBDSHJASHXH @yslophelia caring<3 @stonelistt EWlive late night!! twitch . tv / saulsrevenge
Retweeted by zoe (:ep 1: i like fez started euphoria (:
@yslophelia i love u so much @paindrian @yslophelia @yslophelia i love u @vinniehacker whole family prettyi always feel like people don't mean it when they say they love me or that they care
Retweeted by zoe (: @vinsconcubine hot @yslophelia :( @vinniehacker yes. today is one of those days actually. i hate everything and everyone.y’all ever just feel like complaining. like you just want to sometimes.
Retweeted by zoe (:goodnight <3 @rachejd69!rachel @anaalieseee hi ana<3 @vinsconcubine slangin???????????????????#navforvip
Retweeted by zoe (: @vinsconcubine i am... in love with u please kiss mei miss vincents streams @vinsconcubine !bitches
@anaalieseee 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 @anaalieseee love u too ig @anaalieseee OCCASIONALLY?????? @teenyyy__ @vinniehacker i hate u @teenyyy__ @vinniehacker i hate u terny @teenyyy__ @vinniehacker that is not me @teenyyy__ @vinniehacker NO @deIilqh hii @vinsconcubine ew @ophthemilf hi
@sweetsaltysavge HDHSIAJDH FAMOUS ERA πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ€ͺ @vinsconcubine replying @vinsconcubine trueHARRY ANTHONY & TOM??? GIVE IT TO ME
Retweeted by zoe (: @Saulsrevenge we love u saul and we're all proud of you <3 @vinsconcubine good morning rach! :) @yslarii ily ily ily <333terny. @katie_missimerr think about this edit all the time
Retweeted by zoe (: @yslophelia HI OPHIE @katie_missimerr me hi i want @aysu_akil ABOWWWW @anaalieseee 😁 @teenyyy__ i love u terny <3 @sleepsbad i love u dj <33 @vinsconcubine πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ @vinsconcubine yeah sure
@katie_missimerr ew @iAM_trixTV get well soon trixie dixie @Iovealilmore i love u soph, thank u<3 @paindrian @yslophelia WIFEhola @VlNN1ES zoe @yslophelia HI HI HI HI @vinsconcubine LMDISHDHC @VlNN1ES me me me me @VlNN1ES 17 @VlNN1ES 69 @anaalieseee no u dont @VlNN1ES @VlNN1ES oh @Saulsrevenge just chatting!! @anaalieseee @Saulsrevenge stop it ana @anaalieseee no u dont @Saulsrevenge we love u saul! @Iovealilmore SOPHIEEEEEE ILY @yslophelia yes u are @vhackersk8s pretty<3 @yslnai hi pp <3 @vinsconcubine hi @yslophelia OPHELIA HDUAJS @vinsconcubine HDHKANSXBgn<3 @vinsconcubine hot @anaalieseee @teenyyy__ oh god